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Mon 23rd Sep 2019
Ben & Stu's Most Excellent Muddy Duathlon
Held on: Sun 23rd February 1997

The Organisers: Stu and Ben, two renegade members of Black Country Tri who's membership was suspended for the duration of the event to limit BCT's liability in case of injury or fatality.

The Mission: To discover if a rag-bag assortment of triathletes could safely negotiate 12km of The National Cyclo-Cross Championship course without major loss of life or limb.

What Happened: If two things could have been safely predicted before the day, one would have been Chris Ray's stellar performance and the other would have been Black Country Triathlete, Allen MacDougall's, inability to remain in contact with his bike during the "technical" (ie vertical) drop offs on the course.

Top runnist Paul Rodgers flew through the first 3km run in a shade over 11 minutes with Chris Ray a scant 9 seconds behind a good 45 seconds clear of the rest of the chasing pack.

It was on the bike though that Chris, a veteran of The Annapura Triathlon, pressed ahead with his superior bike handling skills. Although to be fair, Paul Rodgers was riding like a man possessed considering that he only got his hands on his borrowed steed the night before. His MTB experience to date consisted of a 15 minute spin around the course some 30 minutes before the start!

Although Paul posted the fastest run again on the final 5km section by exactly one minute, it wasn't enough to get back on even terms with Chris who finished some 25 seconds clear.

The day really belonged, however, to the rest of the field who battled their way round the muddy course despite the near gale force winds using some of the most unusual bike handling techniques that anyone had seen for some time. Indeed when we asked a very experienced Nationally ranked cyclo-cross rider if there was anything he had learnt from watching the proceedings he replied "Yes, keep out of triathletes way when they are on mountain bikes!". Surely sound advice we would all do well to heed!

We are sure that these events will flourish in the future. It represented a return almost to the early days of triathlon where nobody really seemed to know what the hell was going on! Watch out for the rematch we already have planned for October and next January (by which time Allen will have fixed his bike!).

PosBibNameCatGenderClubRun OffroadBike OffroadRun OffroadTotal
1Chris RayOpenmaleR N R M00:11:1900:40:5600:17:4001:09:55
2Paul RogersOpenmaleB C T00:11:1000:42:3000:16:4001:10:20
3Paul AskeyOpenmaleChase Tri00:12:4200:41:1900:19:3101:13:32
4James GilfilianOpenmaleWorcs00:12:3000:42:5500:18:2701:13:52
5Andy MounceyOpenmale00:12:1600:43:3600:18:1001:14:02
6Steve LumleyOpenmaleB C T00:12:3700:43:3800:19:3801:15:53
7Dave RowleyOpenmale00:12:0800:47:5100:18:1001:18:09
8Andrew GrierOpenmale00:11:5500:48:2500:18:2801:18:48
9Clive MiddletonOpenmaleB C T00:13:4700:45:2800:20:1101:19:26
10Chris PedleyVetmaleB C T00:13:5500:43:5200:21:4201:19:29
11Dave EggintonOpenmaleB C T00:13:1900:45:0400:21:3101:19:54
12Andy ShawOpenmale00:13:2500:45:3400:20:5901:19:58
13Chris HortonOpenmale00:13:5100:45:4800:20:5601:20:35
14Bill Mc LellanSuperVetmaleChase00:15:0500:44:1100:23:0801:22:24
16Glen HusslebeeOpenmale00:14:3200:45:0800:23:3601:23:16
18Niel WhitehouseOpenmaleAldridge R C00:13:0700:49:0800:21:2401:23:39
19Rob BowenVetmale00:13:1900:49:5600:21:2001:24:35
20BrendanO NielU-18maleB C T00:13:5000:47:0900:23:4401:24:43
21Spencer SkeltonOpenmale00:14:4000:47:3600:22:3401:24:50
22Joel SchofieldU-18male00:15:3500:39:3500:30:0301:25:13
23Andy SouthallOpenmale00:14:2000:49:0900:21:4801:25:17
24Graham BallOpenmaleB C T00:13:1800:51:0600:20:5901:25:23
25Roger CraggsOpenmale00:14:0500:48:2500:22:5601:25:26
26Rich GreenfieldOpenmaleB C T00:14:1400:50:5700:22:4001:27:51
27Andy PriestOpenmaleB C T00:14:5900:49:3000:24:1701:28:46
28Andy WhilesOpenmale00:14:2900:51:5300:24:1101:30:33
29Simon JonesOpenmale00:15:3000:50:1100:25:3701:31:18
30Dave WalkerOpenmaleB C T00:16:2800:49:0200:26:1301:31:43
31David RoseOpenmale00:14:4400:55:1100:22:1601:32:11
32Pam MurrayOpenfemaleB C T00:16:1500:55:0100:22:5001:34:06
33Des O NielVetmaleB C T00:15:5400:55:1000:24:2301:35:27
34X TaitOpenmale00:16:0300:55:0200:25:1401:36:19
35Malcom HarrisonVetmaleB C T00:16:2000:54:1200:27:2001:37:52
36Sam GardinerOpenfemale00:15:3800:57:5700:24:1801:37:53
37Maurice CraggsOpenmale00:15:4500:57:1000:26:2001:39:15
38Mark CartwrightOpenmaleB C T00:15:2701:00:0900:23:4701:39:23
39Nick DraperOpenmaleB C T00:16:3000:55:4500:28:0401:40:19
40Alan Mc DougalOpenmaleB C T00:14:3001:03:2500:22:3101:40:26
41Mike CairnsOpenmale00:15:3601:00:5200:26:4401:43:12
42Dave CatesOpenmale00:17:1500:57:5100:33:3001:48:36
43Craig TuerOpenmale00:17:0100:58:1800:35:5601:51:15
44Barry Mc GowanSuperVetmale00:17:1001:12:3500:27:1901:57:04