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Tue 18th Feb 2020
Timex Multisport Team Camp
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 7th March 2012

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British triathlete Melissa Brand was recently announced as a new member of the Timex Multisport Team, and that meant a recent trip to the U.S. for her initiation at the 2012 Timex Mutlisport Team Camp.

Melissa reports here on her experience at the Timex Performance Centre in New Jersey in February.

Team Timex Media Camp 2012

It wasn't that long ago that I stepped off a horse and into some lycra. Liking the experience (the multisport and the lycra!), I thought "I might do some more of this"! Fast forward a couple of years and I found myself boarding an aeroplane bound for New York and the Timex Mutlisport Team Camp.

Before camp I felt very fortunate to have been invited to join the team for 2012. Now having been to camp, I feel more than fortunate, I feel thoroughly spoilt! Timex and the team sponsors treat the athletes like royalty.

The camp ran from Thursday 16th February to Sunday 19th February and provided an opportunity for the team to meet sponsors, the team managers and each other. I had only met one of the other team members (Toby Radcliffe) prior to camp and I was really looking forward to meeting some seriously impressive athletes.

Timex  Mutlisport Team Camp 2012

The camp was based primarily at the New York Giants Timex Performance Centre in New Jersey. The Performance Centre provided a base where we attended sponsor presentations, focus groups, performance testing, and where we ate and trained. The Performance Centre itself is very impressive, with all of the kit you would expect to find at the training facilities of the Super Bowl Champions.

Some of the highlights of the camp were the cocktail party, dinner and awards ceremony at the Metlife Stadium, where the Giants host home games. We were honoured to have guest speakers including Karen Smyers (former World Champion), Steve Weatherford and Jeff Feagles (both NY Giants). Karen and the Giants shared some interesting and inspirational insights with the Team.

Timex  Mutlisport Team Camp 2012

The first evening of camp we played some team games, to get everyone ‘warmed up' and raring to go for the weekend ahead. The games included wearing a pedometer on your head and seeing who could rack up the most ‘steps'. Wild head nodding, jumping and bouncing ensued. Other games included the Swiss ball push up challenge and squat thrusts wearing full New York Giants pads and kit. Prizes included the new Timex GPS bike computer (Cycle Trainer 2.0 with GPS, HR and ANT+ power); copies of Iron War and full box sets of Kona DVDs from the first race up until 2011.

Timex  Mutlisport Team Camp 2012

Of great benefit to the athletes was the involvement of the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI), from the University of Connecticut. KSI offered athletes the opportunity to undertake performance testing during the course of the camp (more on this at a later date). This involved detailed analysis of fluid and sodium loss through sweat at a controlled temperature of 35 °C. Almost the best element of the performance testing process (read most amusing) was seeing all the participants arriving for the cocktail party and dinner clutching their urine collection pots (a necessary requirement for measuring hydration and fluid loss). Only athletes would do this surely!

Timex  Mutlisport Team Camp 2012A number of the team sponsors came to speak with us, including Mac McEneaney and Brad DeVaney both from Quintana Roo. Brad is the designer of the Quintano Roo Illicito and the CD0.1. Brad and Mac spoke to us about the Shift Technology used in the QR designs; yaw angles and all things aero. They also and gave us a useful insight into the bikes the team will proudly be riding in 2012.

Shimano spoke to us about their current line of products and some exciting developments soon to be released (mark your diaries for the 1st of June 2012!). One highlight was seeing the prototype Shimano C75 wheels which look great.

Other sponsors that took time to come and visit us included Challenge Tyres, Nathan Hydration and Native Eyewear. We are a very well supported team.

One product that caught my interest is the smart phone/GPS touch screen friendly glove that Nathan is currently working on. Living and training in the climate of the UK, I spend several months of the year very reluctant to remove my gloves in order to use the phone. I look forward to not having to take my gloves off in the really cold weather in the future.

Other activities that took place over the weekend included focus groups on GPS product development and educational social media group sessions (check out your sore if you're interested in knowing your level of social influence).

As Team Manager Tristan Brown told us prior to camp, ‘'camp is a time of giving'', and this certainly seemed to be the case. During the course of the camp each athlete received a package of kit. In true Timex style, we weren't just handed a bundle of kit, but we were invited into the NY Giants locker room. Look what we saw when we stepped inside:

Timex  Mutlisport Team Camp 2012

Each athlete received a backpack from Thule, a wind jacket, race and cycling kit from Champion Systems, a t-shirt from the NY Giants and a bagful of Tri Swim goodies from SBR Sports Inc.

Of course during the weekend there was also training to be done at the start (05:45 am) and end of the days, as well as some more going out and having fun!

After a hectic but very enjoyable weekend I was sad to leave the slightly unreal world of multisport athletes and the never ending round of kit and goodies (like Christmas every day!). I made my way home with a large bag and some lovely Shimano C50 race wheels.

Please feel free to follow the Team Timex blog for an insight into the Team, the athletes and what they are up to.

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