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Thu 18th Jul 2019
Review: AudioFuel TriHarder
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 27th January 2012

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Chrissie Wellington may be taking the year off doing Ironman but one thing's for sure, she's not standing around twiddling her thumbs! When John Levison interviewed her just before Christmas she was finishing up the production on her joint venture with AudioFuel and Universal which has now been released as the TriHarder package. Our resident ironwoman, already a big fan of the AudioFuel concept, has been testing the bike and run sessions for us.

If you like the AudioFuel concept you'll love the TriHarder sessions with Chrissie Wellington for both the bike and the run. I do these on the treadmill, and turbo sessions will really push you to your limits. As always, Chrissie's voice is really inspiring and she actually sounds as though she's enjoying talking to 'you' - it's a much more personal experience that I had been expecting. As well as the session focussed content there are plenty of Chrissie tips about how to get through the pain when training and unlike some of the other AudioFuel sessions I use there's nowhere to hide with these. There's certainly no feeling that the rest periods are a bit on the generous side, something I commented on when I reviewed their Power Blast turbo session a while ago.

It's probably worth making a point before I start on the review: these are sessions controlled by you with encouragement from the music (in terms of helping you maintain a specific cadence) and Chrissie (in terms of motivation and direction). They are not linked to or dependent upon power meters, heart rate monitors, speed readouts or any form of feedback from instruments - as is often the case with programmes like CTS and Coach Troy. That said, there's nothing to stop you recording all your exercise data and looking at it afterwards - just don't worry about it while you are doing the TriHarder sets. It's all about you and your motivation (assisted, of course, by Ms Wellington and the music...) and not about raw numbers. You may well be surprised by the results!

The longest of the three Ride Harder sessions is 97 minutes pyramid interval set and if you do this correctly you'll definitely be in need of a recovery drink and the 20 minute Relax session afterwards. For time challenged athletes there are shorter 60 and 40 minutes sessions that also punch well above their weight.

Run Faster also comes in three lengths, 52, 40 and 25 minutes and again I tested the longest one on the gym's treadmill. Designed to help you increase your pace with the usual AudioFuel music mix driving you along it's another proper workout that'll have you reaching for the compression socks once it's done.

If you need motivation there's also a 12 minute Lace Up module with a music track designed to get you pumped up. AudioFuel's Music Director, Howie Saunders, worked on the Matrix soundtrack so between him and Chrissie you should be ready for anything. Half the revenue from Lace Up will be going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Chrissie's an ambassador, so you'll be helping others as well as yourself with this one.

Worth it? Definitely, if you like working to a session plan and are OK with audio/video coaching products like AudioFuel, Coach Troy, etc then these will fit right in with what you're used to. If you're unsure of the concept have a quick listen to the samplers on AudioFuel's website and I'm sure you'll become a convert. But, please, don't ever think of going out on the open road for your bike sessions with headphones!

Prices for the TriHarder modules are as follows, the two bundled packs offer a cheaper way to get multiple modules:

Lace Up £3.75
Ride Harder £19.99
Run Faster £19.99
Relax £4.99
Iron Pack £29.99
Podium Pack £39.99

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