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Thu 19th Sep 2019
© Henry Budgett
A hot day in the lava fields
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Saturday 8th October 2011

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At today's Ocean Lava (did you think this was an early Kona story then...) the start of the run leg for the men made it look like we were headed for a two-way tussle between Thomas Hellriegel and Sebastian Kienle but by the time they returned from the far run turn Hellriegel was nowhere to be seen and Kienle was clearly in the driving seat where he remained through to the finish. Hellriegel looked a spent force for a while but regained his momentum and ended up in a full-on sprint finish for second place with David Rodriques which he held by two seconds. Nicholas Ward Munoz was seen propping up a lamp post just outside town and never featured on the run while Joel Jameson ran a solid 21k to finish fourth.

The women's race started around ten minutes behind the men and by the halfway stage in the swim it was clear that four of five of them were making some serious inroads into the men's field. Tamsin Lewis was well up there with Michelle Vesterby but a penalty, hotly disputed by her after the finish, on the bike leg blew Lewis's chances and she slipped to third after the run while Vesterby came home five minutes clear of second placed Eva Calvet.

Overall the conditions were pretty much what you would expect from Lanzarote: choppy sea, heat and wind on the bike and then more heat and wind on the run! This is one mother of a tough race and the tail end of the field suffered with a couple looking likely to miss the 8:30 cutoff. If you are looking for a stripped-back, no frills end-of-season race that offers a genuine challenge then mark this one down in the diary for next year - you can even get in some late season sunbathing while you're at it!

Pos Male Female
1 Sebastian Kienle 4:14:40 Michelle Vesterby 4:52:02
2 Thomas Hellriegel 4:21:34 Eva Ledesma Calvet 4:57:30
3 David Rodriquez Rodriquez 4:21:36 Tamsin Lewis 4:58:41

Full results are here.

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