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Thu 23rd May 2019
© Richard Stabler
Alistair Brownlee: beyond normal limits...
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Sunday 25th July 2010

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Top age group Ironman athlete Richard Stabler was in Hyde Park this weekend, with camera, and has provided us with some stunning images that we shall bring you very shortly.

For now, just one image that captures a significant part of the men's elite race. Today, Alistair Brownlee may have been defeated for the first time ever in a Dextro Energy Triathlon World Championship Series event, but, in doing so he showed incredible bravery by pushing himself to a place that an athlete will not want to visit too often in their career.

I don't think I have ever witnessed an athlete give quite so much in search of victory, and this image captures a snapshot of that. That effort may not ultimately have paid off a win today, but the desire and passion he showed will live with everyone who saw it for many many years. A true champion

Alistair Brownlee ©Richard Stabler

Alistair Brownlee ©Richard Stabler

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Re: Alistair Brownlee: beyond normal limits...
Posted by paulfitz
Posted at 11:24:16 26th Jul 2010
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This might be a controversial viewpoint, but I don't really agree with this 'brave brownlee' sentiment. If it was someone who you would not expect to be in this position (like Johnny for instance), then running yourself to a standstill, going beyond what peope think you are capable of, would definitely be brave.

However, for a current world champion, who should resonably expect to be in the position he was, at the front of the race, it is more a case of poor nutritional planning and youthful naivety than bravery.

I love the way he attacked the race by ultimately, the leading the swim, and charging out of T2 took its toll.

Both Brownlee's are amazing talents, but over that course on only a mildly warm day, Alistair should not have got it that wrong, unless perhaps he was ill, which would make sense. At least he won't do it again in 2012!
Re: Alistair Brownlee: beyond normal limits...
Posted by AquaPete
Posted at 21:38:25 26th Jul 2010
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Don't fully agree with the last comment. There are so many factors that could have caused this. Nutrition, weather, your tactics, combating other athlete’s tactics, slight illness that has not been detected, and many more. Getting it right is like walking on a knife edge.

For example if you drink to little you will have performance problems, drink too much and you will have to carry the excess weight effecting your time.

Alistair is only in his early twenties and is still learning; even very experienced athletes get it wrong sometimes.

Remember Mo Farah in winter doing cross country and collapsing after crossing the line. It happens more often than you think to top athletes.

Both Alastair and Jonathan are going to be great athletes because they push themselves to the limit. Maybe if a few more of the British triathletes that have been to the Olympics had pushed themselves like this the we might have an Olympic medal in triathlon. Please let’s hope Alastair and Jonathan qualify for the 2012 Olympics and one of them wins a gold medal.
Re: Alistair Brownlee: beyond normal limits...
Posted by paulfitz
Posted at 22:33:51 27th Jul 2010
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Just to respond, I completely agree with you AquaPete. I was just taking slight exception to the 'plucky brave brit' line we sometimes roll out as a cover for underperforming British athletes when they come up against world class competition. I just didnt feel it applied in this case. I will most definitely be lining the course in 2 years! :)