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Sat 17th Aug 2019
IM Austria race-day postcard
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Sunday 4th July 2010

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Despite being up since stupid-o-clock, and manning the Ironman Live keyboards, Henry Budgett has managed to bring us a few words from a historic day and a stunning performance at Ironman Austria.

OK, that's it... I'm cooked!

I'm not sure which is hurting most: my head from the booming Euro disco funk that's pounding out here at the finish line or my foot from the attentions of the rather angry bee which invaded by sandals yesterday... It has certainly been a day worth suffering for: you don't get to seem many performances like Marino's 7:52:05 in a lifetime. Set against that was the disappointment of watching Bella retire for the second time this year; this time after a still-unexplained 6-minute penalty call, although Stephen battled through for 6th after a solid bike in the top 5 throughout.

The British pros had a bit of a rough day overall with both Bella and Toby Radcliffe ending with a DNF but Dion Harrison made the top 20 with a 9:01:44. In the age group races the only stand-out I can find at this stage is Laura Trimble who is listed as third in the F25 category but it's still a little early for the older categories to be signed off yet.

Vancouver PodiumOne (adopted) Brit who has been working hard all day is Silke Pichler, a name well known to members of the Cambridge Tri Club and no slouch herself when it comes to Ironman racing. She had been volunteered to look after my linguistic needs and is now trying to translate my IronmanLive wrap piece into her native German. That's a job which might take a while given that it might not have even been written in English in the first place!

Of the various people I've been keeping an eye out for I'm delighted to see that Karl Strauss, the man who has prepared my supper a couple of evenings this week at the local pizzeria (famed for its Ironman arch and custom menu in race week) has turned in an 11:44:39 and is presumably on his way back to the kitchens for tonight's service. I'm still waiting for Bernadino Coto, a name you won't know but a face anyone who has ever taken a bike through the airport at Lanzarote will be very familiar with. Yes, he's the Guarda Civil officer who looks after the big scanner and he's no stranger to Ironman racing himself. Looks like he'll be about another hour or so as he's well into the final run loop.

The numbers of finishers here are scary: 2299 started at 7am and by 12 hours into the race 1269 had already finished. We are just past 13 hours here and that number is up to 1653... At this rate we'll all be home before 10! Except, of course, that we won't be... If only because we want to watch the fireworks over the Wörthersee at midnight (and drink some of that VIP tent beer which has been circulating past my bench for the last hour...)

So, before my head finally drops off from the din, I'll sign off and wish you all a quiet couple of weeks until I'm back for the next one in Switzerland.

Marino Vanhoenacker, 7:52:05 ©Bolwein

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