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Sat 21st Sep 2019
Meet the Outlaws: Diane Hamilton
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 19th March 2010

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In the lead up to the Outlaw Triathlon (, we will be running a monthly feature highlighting some of the athletes taking part on August 8th to... 'Meet the Outlaws'.

Diane Hamilton will be 43 when she starts the Outlaw Triathlon on 8 August. She'll be seven years ahead of the game, because she hadn't planned to do her first iron distance race until she reached 50.

The mother of two is a Derbyshire police officer who completed three half ironman triathlons last year. Eldest daughter, Rebecca, 8, did her first Tri Start Triathlons last year and mother and daughter have joined Absolute Triathlon Club in Nottinghamshire so that they can train together. She should be relatively easy to spot on race day - her bright pink Ceepo Vixen bike will certainly stand out on the bike course!

Diane Hamilton and the pink Ceepo!

How are you feeling about doing your first iron distance race? I am absolutely terrified!

Tell us about your sporting background? Until about five years ago my main training was aerobics, circuit training, the gym and a bit of running. I then started working in my current role as a training officer with Derbyshire Police. I couldn't help but get hooked into triathlon as everyone in the office was doing it.

I had to learn how to swim, which for me was the hardest bit as I had never done a length of front crawl in my life. I remember panicking about whether I could finish 400m at my first sprint triathlon in Derby.

After a lot of hard work and training I have now competed in lots of races from sprints up to half iron distance. Last year I did three half ironman races in the same number of months, which is what probably gave me the confidence to enter The Outlaw.

Diane regularley trains at Holme Pierrepont

Why did you decide to do The Outlaw? I have always wanted to do the full iron distance, but had planned to wait until I was 50 when the children would be older so training and recovery would be easier, and what a great birthday present! However, when Ian Hamilton announced he was arranging The Outlaw I just had to enter because the bike course literally comes past my house.

I also train in Holme Pierrepont lake with the club and the race will incorporate the first Police iron distance championships.

How do you feel about the route going right past your house? I think it's fantastic, it means my family and friends can support me without having to travel to the event at a silly time.

How is your training going? My training is going ok, I can't really say it's kicked in properly yet. I've maintained a level of fitness over winter but not specific to triathlon. I have trained on the Concept2 rower a lot for the past few months as a couple of friends and myself set a challenge of doing a marathon on the rowing machine, which I completed in 3 hours 34mins.

A Club la Santa triathlon training trip in March should get me kick started into specific training!

What's your rough plan for training? I don't really have a training plan. I'll just try and do what I'm told by my coach, Del Pitcher!

What attracts you to doing the full distance? I think what attracts me most is that it is a huge challenge and having the overwhelming sense of achievement if I succeed. Also I think I am better at the longer, slower stuff as it seems to suit my mindset.

Have you thought of a race plan or is it too early? It's a little early yet, but whatever I put in place on the day will be a reflection of the time I have been able to put into my training!

What are you most looking forward to during the day? Sharing the experience with so many other like minded people and crossing the line to see the smiling faces of my beautiful girls, Nicole and Rebecca!

What are you least looking forward to on the day? It's clear to me already that there will be times of suffering during the day – I'm not sure when or how these will occur as yet but I plan to have many strategies on the day to help me ‘embrace' these moments rather than dread them!

Best achievement to date? Second place in my age group at the Barcelona half iron race in 2009. I also came second in the inaugural Police & Fire World Champs within the same race. It was a very special moment for me as some of my closest friends were there to share it with me.

Diane is looking forward to the Outlaw finish

What do you hope to achieve at the Outlaw? A positive experience, a personal best (guaranteed when I finish), and bragging rights for a week or two!

What about stopping off for a cheeky sleep or snack at your house as you pass it three times? Well… I won't be telling coach if I do that's for sure.

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