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Sat 21st Sep 2019
Dann Brook: post race Abu Dhabi fun
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 15th March 2010

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Now back on home soil in the UK, elite athlete Dann Brook concludes his Abu Dhabi diary, after taking part in the inaugural Abu Dhabi International Triathlon ( on Saturday. As well as racing, Dann also managed to brush up on his Spanish, and hit the desert for some serious off-roading which you can read about below!

This is the fifth and final update of Dann's Abu Dhabi diary. If you missed them, you can find part one HERE, part two HERE, part three HERE and part four (race day) HERE.

A big thanks to Dann for providing the 'elite' perspective on this new event, which we're pretty sure will continue to grow in stature after an superb debut.

The evening of the race I went out for dinner with Eneko Llanos and his Spanish chums, I was invited to join them via Jose from TriGrandPrix (, so after a few hours of down time my brain was back into full action working double time trying to translate what was going on and think of how to express myself in my second language. It's been a while since I’ve spoken Spanish and believe me it was a big struggle to get through the evening!

I had a bit of a chat with Eneko about his training, race schedule, history in the sport etc and it struck me that his consistency has really been key to his recent success. The thing that differentiates the Ironman boys from the minnows is their years of consistent training, racing, and literally hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the legs. Maybe the difference between him and me is his switch to longer distance occurred later on in his career, so he has that muscular endurance to hang in there when it gets tough. Hopefully with a few more seasons of training and racing in my legs I will be able to match the strength and endurance of the guys at the top of the Ironman game.

Reflecting on my performance though, it proves a point as to how useful bike set up is. Last year I went and had a Retul fit done by the guys at Velomotion and used this set up in Clearwater. I've since changed bikes, and the front end on the new machine was slightly lower than the Retul suggested. I'm not sure if I had been on the exact setup prescribed I'd have managed the entire course without reaching that level of discomfort, but I'm sure I could have made it a little further through before suffering. It's something I will definitely have to look at before I race again, even though I will be racing over the 90km half Ironman distance and I was fine up to 120km in Abu Dhabi. I still think that it could maybe make that vital 1% difference we are all in search of.

Other than that I just have to take the race as a (very) solid training day. I'm not sure what I will have gotten out of the run side of things apart from very sore feet, but I'm sure the swim and bike gave me a good solid tempo workout, which will set me up well for the season.

I'm now back on home soil after an overnight flight back into Manchester. I'm now heading over the Pennines to Yorkshire to get in the recovery and get my head down for the next races. Yesterday I had a full day in Abu Dhabi which I spent mainly hanging around the Media centre looking at some amazing photography, and then hanging by the pool with Fraser Cartmell and his younger brother Blair. At around 4pm I got bored and said I was going to "go find something fun to do" to which he replied "I doubt you'll find anything...". As I headed through the lobby Eneko, Jose and the guys I had dinner with the previous night were just leaving on a 4x4 Safari into the desert and had a spare seat! Perfect! We spent two hours being driven around the sand dunes at breakneck speeds and mostly at more than 45 degrees of pitch, then got the opportunity to ride quad bikes around the dunes (the Arab way - no helmet, no shoes and no insurance!). After the second time I crashed I started to ask whether or not what I was doing was safe...(before kicking it down a gear and accelerating over a dune!). After that the evening got a bit more chilled, dinner under the desert sky, a belly dancer for entertainment, and then a leisurely cruise back with our driver, who I'm fairly confident had the coolest job in the world. Here's some pictures from that anyway...just in case you were wondering whether it is all work and no play :-)

Dann hits the desert...

That's about it from me, thank you for reading this series of posts; I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them! My next race is going to be the Outrageous Half in Kent on May 30th, where I am going to be up against a strong international field racing over a challenging course near Maidstone. I've got some time to get a bit more form before then so hopefully I'll have a strong day and be up there with the big boys!


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