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Mon 16th Sep 2019
Hotchkiss forced out of The Vitruvian
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 27th August 2009

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Health issues put Hotchkiss out until 2010

Jonathan Hotchkiss has been in touch with us, announcing that he has had to withdraw from The Vitruvian, a race he has dominated for the past three seasons, and hence won't get the opportunity to race Spencer Smith and Thomas Hellriegel next month. Further, he's had to call a complete halt to his 2009 season, as he explains here:

Jonathan winning Éireman middle distance"It's something I'm completely gutted about, not only as it's a race I love and seem to do OK at, but also given the added challenge this year of Spencer and Thomas on the start line. However, I have suffered some pretty inconsistent racing this year - with some good results and some shocking implosions, eg. IM Switzerland - that I just couldn't understand."

"I have also in recent months, battled once again against fatigue and inconsistent training of great days and days of enforced, complete rest. Taking the advice of those around me and in the know, I've consulted some specialists and it would appear that I am suffering from stress induced over-training syndrome along with (and possibly more critically), adrenal fatigue. Something that now I can see has been building for the last couple of years, dating back to when I was working in early 2007."

"All of which amounts to my body's slightly turbulent performances both in training and racing. As I'm sure you're aware, the only cure is complete rest and so I've decided to end my year's racing and training now. This will mean I can take the next 10 weeks completely off (ouch, that's gonna hurt!) and return to training by November in order to build, properly, safely and strongly towards next season and hopefully restore some consistency to my racing. I'm even going to take a holiday too… though I had to look that word up in the dictionary to know what it meant when it was suggested ha ha!!!"

"Anyway, I'll be blogging about things as I try to recover and I'm already researching and planning for how to do things next year in such a way that I prevent this occurring again… as a full time athlete, something that could easily happen, but I can't afford to let do so. I'm also working with the England Rugby Team's nutritionist in order to resolve all the hormonal issues that have arise as a consequence of it all."

However, while Jonathan won't be racing this year, he will still be present at Rutland Water in September: "...I will still be at the Vitruvian however, but in a supporting and marshal/volunteer role, rather than a racing one."

The Tri247 team would like to wish Jonathan all the best, and we hope to see you back at full strength for 2010.

You can follow Jonathan's recovery via:

Website -
Blog -
Facebook – Jonathan Hotchkiss
Twitter -

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