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Thu 18th Oct 2018
Weekend roundup
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 8th June 2009

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The Mazda Blenheim Triathlon was the biggest event on a super busy domestic calendar this weekend. For the elite, Stuart Hayes and Jodie Stimpson, much as we predicted, came out on top with hard fought wins, while Tom Bishop and Sophie Coleman (also third overall), were the first juniors, in what was also a selection race for the European Champs.

We have a full report, with comments from all of the podium athletes HERE. Full results should be available in due course on the race website.

Pos Men Women
Elite Seniors
1st Stuart Hayes 1:01:10 Jodie Stimpson 1:08:24
2nd Jonny Brownlee 1:01:15 Non Stanford 1:08:39
3rd Aaron Harris 1:01:20 Sophie Coleman 1:09:12
Elite Juniors
1st Tom Bishop 1:02:41 Sophie Coleman 1:09:12
2nd Josh Daniels 1:03:10 Lucy Hall 1:12:06
3rd Rob Bowles 1:04:21 Holly Lawrence 1:12:11
Elite Youth Super Sprint
1st Will Johnston 43:31 Sky Draper 46:52
2nd Cameron Milne 43:50 Maddie Winzer 49:24
3rd Patrick Hough 43:59 Alexander McKibben 50:28

We had two events taking place on Friday evening this weekend, and we have the results of the Surrey Summer Aquathlon Race One HERE and the Canford Evening Aquathlon Round Two HERE.

Also as we predicted, Team Outrageous were as reliable and fast as ever with the results of their Saturday Morning Sprint Triathlon, which we have online HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Paul Finch 52:49 Samantha Broadfoot 1:17:03
2nd Steve Hyett (Hillingdon Triathletes) 53:46 Mandy Richmond (Greenwich Tritons) 1:19:23
3rd Barry Scott 55:26 Alice Robinson 1:19:45

The Big Cow Trifest kicked off (in better weather than Sunday...) on Saturday, with the Big Cow Aquathlon (Results) and Big Cow Swim (Results). Greg Cherry and Emma Joyce were the swim winners, with Adam Bowden taking third overall, having also won the aquathlon on the first day of a busy weekend. First lady in the aquathlon was Karen Price-Lyall.

There was also a 'swim-only' in River Arun, this time over Ironman distance. We have a full report, pictures and video HERE, and results can be found HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Nick Finch 46:35 Teresa Dray 48:50
2nd Andrew Allum 48:35 Kirstie Jarrams 50:40
3rd Gary Kurth 48:48 Kate Butcher 51:16

Fritton Lake also played host to a weekend double, with the Fritton Lake Super Sprint on Saturday. Oliver Milk (Tri-Anglia) and Julia Green (Ipswich Triathlon Club) were first across the line there. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Oliver Milk (Tri-Anglia) 48:15 Julia Green (Ipswich Triathlon Club) 1:01:18
2nd Mark Nowell (Tri-Anglia) 51:38 Anita Buxton (Cambridge Triathlon Club) 1:01:57
3rd Phil Jarvis ( RT) 53:36 Rachel Pearson (UEA Tri Club) 1:02:01

Kudu Bikes Tri Club ( had a busy weekend, with the Consiton Standard Distance (results HERE), on Saturday, and the Old Man Tri (Results HERE) on Sunday. The Old Man is a seriously tough event, and yet there was less than 90 seconds separating the top three finishers. Julie Finn was the sole ladies finisher, but recorded a fine time on such a challenging course.

Pos Men Women
Coniston Standard
1st Rodger Wilkins (Tri Clan/Sweatshop) 2:17:49 Fay Cripps 2:42:18
2nd Neil Mercer (GMC Fire Service) 2:18:46 Alison Morton 2:47:45
3rd Paul Sanderson (Tri Preston) 2:22:15 Sarah Smith (Tri@TeesdaleCRC) 2:52:35
Old Man Tri
1st Colin Moses (Bingley Harriers) 5:44:54 Julie Finn (Ashurst Bike Club) 6:46:48
2nd Gareth Huxley (Ryton Tri) 5:45:50  
3rd Philip Addyman (Ryton Tri) 5:46:17  

On to Sunday, and aside from the elite race at Blenheim, there was a National Championship - Sprint Distance - at stake at the Big Cow Sprint at Emberton Park, Olney. Reports are that it was seriously cold, wet and miserable - the weather, not the always excellent Big Cow organisation! Results can be found on the Big Cow website HERE, and Adam Bowden completed his busy weekend, and after winning the National Duathlon Champs at the same venue earlier in the year, added the Sprint Triathlon title. It looks like a close run thing - literally - too, with just three seconds gap on silver medal winner James Ratcliffe (Ceepo TFN RT). Less than 30 seconds separated the top three women, with Eimear Mullan taking a narrow 12 second win.

Pos Men Women
1st Adam Bowden (Team MK) 58:29 Eimear Mullan 1:08:50
2nd James Ratcliffe (Ceepo TFN RT) 58:32 Louise Bardsley (TVT) 1:09:02
3rd Chris Stuart 1:01:08 Karen Axelsdottir (Optima RT) 1:09:19

Sunday's winners of the "amazingly fast results prize" goes to TriFerris ( / Will Whitmore ( for the Cotswold Ladies Only Triathlons. Will had the draft results in well before midday - impressive stuff. We have the results on site for the Novice, Super Sprint and Sprint events.

If I'm not mistaken (and the bike split would suggest I'm not...), sprint winner Ceris Styler, may be best know as Ceris Gilfillan, the multi British, European and World medallist at time trial, duathlon and triathlon in the late 90s, as well as a 2000 Olympian (cycling) in Sydney. Great to see her back, and hope she's enjoying it these days!

Pos Women
1st Ceris Styler (Worcester Tri) 1:06:28
2nd Tracy Weimar (Bath Amphibians) 1:06:44
3rd Deborah Evans 1:10:04
Super Sprint
1st Maria Hobbs (BAD Tri) 55:39
2nd Elaine Pye (Banjos Cycles) 58:25
3rd Nathalie Vafiadis (BAD Tri) 58:46
1st Sarah Smythe 54:38
2nd Alison Fryer-Jones (Hereford Tri) 57:40
3rd Louise Burden 57:53

Also swift on the results front (thanks Henry!), was the Weymouth Middle Distance (Results HERE) and Weymouth Sprint (Results HERE). The prolific Tracy Cook (Tri UK) once again managed a weekend double, after winning the Canford Aquathlon on Friday night followed by the sprint here.

Pos Men Women
Middle Distance
1st Edward Charlton-Weedy (Army Tri) 4:04:59 Yvette Grice (Bodyworks XTC) 4:33:31
2nd Matt Hammerton 4:10:19 Lucy Hawood (Staffordshire Tri Club) 4:36:46
3rd Jonathan Heasman (Thames Turbo) 4:14:25 Sarah Lovelock (Bodyworks XTC) 4:44:30
Sprint Distance
1st Patrick Newman (BAD Tri) 1:05:54 Tracy Cook (Tri UK) 1:11:15
2nd Alex Hopson (bustinskin) 1:07:17 Lorraine Ayres (Somerset RC Tri) 1:20:06
3rd Tom Wilson (Chichester Westgate) 1:07:30 Alex Pettitt (Shrivenham Triathlon Club) 1:24:30

Stuart Steele ( has the results of the Bartin Marina Triathlon HERE, where Doug Hall won by almost six minutes! Club mate Nicole Walters took the ladies win.

Pos Men Women
1st Doug Hall ( 55:29 Nicole Walters ( 1:07:32
2nd Nathan Hughes (Tri UK) 1:01:13 Grace Hobbs (4 Life Tri Club) 1:08:47
3rd Troy Thexton 1:01:36 Hannah Mulcaster (Mansfield Tri Club) 1:09:51

Results for the Braintree District Triathlon can be found HERE, where Glyn Painter (Army Tri) and Annabel Gates were clear winners.

Pos Men Women
1st Glyn Painter (Army Tri) 59:11 Annabel Gates 1:11:44
2nd Mark Eden (Born2Tri) 1:02:06 Sarah Wickes (BRAT) 1:15:26
3rd Andrew Jopson (Blackwater Tri) 1:04:08 Maxine Burgess (Newmarket Cycling & Tri) 1:15:39

Busy times again at Dorney Lake, with the Eton Dorney Windsor Half Marathon, and the Half Iron Aquathlon. The aquathlon results are available HERE, where the winners were Harry Johnston and Jenny Gowans, last weeks winner at the Swashbuckler.

Pos Men Women
1st Harry Johnston 1:48:03 Jenny Gowans 1:56:44
2nd Matthew Gallop 1:50:13 Penny Mccrabbe 2:04:54
3rd Deon Coetzee 1:51:57 Libby Cameron 2:09:44

The Half Marathon results are available HERE, and was run in perfect conditions.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Miles 1:06:49 Rebecca Robinson 1:14:13
2nd Grzegorz Sobczyk 1:07:46 Lucie Custance 1:29:21
3rd Garrett Ash 1:10:12 Josephine Bettles 1:30:02

Day two at Fritton Lake saw the Fritton Lake Classic, and the results for that can be found HERE. Born2Tri supplied both winners in Roy Young and Melissa Dowell.

Pos Men Women
1st Roy Young (Born2Tri) 2:01:13 Melissa Dowell (Born2Tri) 2:19:43
2nd Matt Chandler (Cambridge Tri Club) 2:01:23 Sandra Levet (Chiltern Harriers) 2:24:40
3rd Matthew Ellis (Tri Anglia) 2:02:54 Wendy Staines (Discovery Tri) 2:30:07

There was a close finish at the Rossendale Triathlon, where Stuart Stokes was just seven seconds faster than Marc Laithwaite, and Phil Ellison just five seconds further back. Michelle Dew had a more comfortable three minutes on Kali Taylor. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Stuart Stokes 1:04:29 Michelle Dew 1:19:06
2nd Marc Laithwaite 1:04:36 Kali Taylor 1:22:00
3rd Phil Ellison 1:04:41 Charlotte Edwards 1:22:11

No results yet from the Rother Valley Festival, though we do know that Dann Brook of Team ActivInstinct won the standard distance race.

International Racing

We predicted that Matt Reed (USA) would run down Chris Lieto (USA) to win the inaugural Rev3 Triathlon. Well, that didn't happen... but only because Chris Lieto didn't race! Matt Reed did indeed take the win, and the $16,000 first prize. Joe Gambles (who won the European Long Distance Champs in GB colours last year, but is referred to as Australian everywhere else...) took second, with Tim O'Donnell (recent winner at St. Croix), third.

Mirinda Carfrae used her run speed to take the win late in the final discipline from Rebecca Wassner (USA) and early pace setter Natascha Badmann (SUI).

Paul Amey and Leanda Cave both recorded seventh place finishes.

An in depth report can be found on Slowtwitch, who covered the event live today.

Pos Men Women
1st Matt Reed (USA) 3:59:28 Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) 4:27:26
2nd Joe Gambles (GBR/AUS) 4:01:03 Rebecca Wassner (USA) 4:28:18
3rd Tim O'Donnell (USA) 4:03:02 Natascha Badmann (SUI) 4:29:06

Another week, another race, another win for Chris McCormack who seems on a mission to race and win everywhere at the moment. He took the honours at Challenge France, Niederbronn-Les-Bains. Rebekah Keat (AUS), who finished second to Chrissie Wellington at Ironman Australia took the ladies win from home athlete Alexandra Louison.

Pos Men Women
1st Chris McCormack (AUS) 3:50:48 Rebekah Keat (AUS) 4:27:12
2nd Olivier Marceau (SUI) 3:53:47 Alexandra Louison (FRA) 4:34:37
3rd Raynard Tissink (RSA) 3:56:29 Gina Ferguson (NZL) 4:34:41

Our most confident prediction for the weekend was at Ironman 70.3 Switzerland, and sure enough Ronnie Schildknecht delivered once again to take his third straight win at this event. Sarah Schutz, not a name we're familiar with, held off Erica Csomor (HUN).

Pos Men Women
1st Ronnie Schildknecht (SUI) 3:54:30 Sarah Schutz (SUI) 4:28:26
2nd Mike Aigroz (SUI) 3:56:10 Erica Csomor (HUN) 4:29:03
3rd Alessandro Degasperi (ITA) 3:57:47 Simone Benz (SUI) 4:33:36

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