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Fri 22nd Nov 2019
Blenheim elite results and interviews
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Sunday 7th June 2009

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Just in from Blenheim. Funny, almost exactly what we predicted!

Stuart Hayes retained his title from 2008 in a hard fought race, with Jonny Brownlee second and Aaron Harris, backing up his second place from Strathclyde with another good result in third.

With Jodie Swallow absent, it was another Jodie - Stimpson - who took her biggest win to date, making it a great day for Michelle Dillon and Team Dillon Coaching (, as she is the coach to both of today's winners.

Will Johnston came out on top in the Youth Super Sprint race, though perhaps the performance of the day was in the girls Super Sprint, as Sky Draper (still only 13, and technically not yet in the youth age group!), showed what a talent she is by leading from gun to tape, for a truly comprehensive win of over two and a half minutes over National Youth Duathlon Champion, Maddie Winzer. Britain certainly has got talent...

Here are the results, and interviews with all of the elite senior podium finishers, plus Michelle Dillon and Sky Draper:

Pos Men Women
Elite Seniors
1st Stuart Hayes 1:01:10 Jodie Stimpson 1:08:24
2nd Jonny Brownlee 1:01:15 Non Stanford 1:08:39
3rd Aaron Harris 1:01:20 Sophie Coleman 1:09:12
Elite Juniors
1st Tom Bishop 1:02:41 Sophie Coleman 1:09:12
2nd Josh Daniels 1:03:10 Lucy Hall 1:12:06
3rd Rob Bowles 1:04:21 Holly Lawrence 1:12:11
Elite Youth Super Sprint
1st Will Johnston 43:31 Sky Draper 46:52
2nd Cameron Milne 43:50 Maddie Winzer 49:24
3rd Patrick Hough 43:59 Alexander McKibben 50:28

Stuart Hayes and Sky Draper

Stuart Hayes:
"It was a tough race, and certainly wasn't an easy win - Jonny was breathing down my neck the whole way! I was second out of the swim - the water was actually really warm, much warmer than outside - and then there was a split on the bike. We then got joined by a group of perhaps 8/10. I sprinted out of T2 with Jonny and we ran together most of the way, and I managed to sprint away at the end. I'm doing Washington (WCS) and Des Moines World Cup next, and then after that probably the non-drafting events in the US. I really like them, as it's a very fair race. I've been concentrating on my running for the WCS races, but will now focus more on the biking I think for those races."

Jonny Brownlee:
"I had a good swim, maybe 4th/5th out, and was onto the bike in second. A group of around 12 formed, as there was some strong bikers like Phil Graves behind who caught us. I was neck and neck with Stuart on the run, until about 1.5km to go when he surged, got 10m, and held that to the end."

Aaron Harris:
"I'm really happy - and pleased that after Strathclyde (second), I'm not a one-hit wonder! I'm really looking forward to the Euro U23's in two weeks now, and hopefully can get a podium. I wanted to know I could make the front pack of the swim in some top British races, and have put a lot of focus an training into my swimming, and that's paid off."

Jodie Stimpson:
"Everything had just clicked! I've been training really hard with my new coach Michelle Dillon. The training is really hard core, but I love it! I was 3rd I think out of the water, and caught up with Lucy. By T2 a group had formed, as we were caught from behind, and I knew it was going to be a really hard run. Non (Stanford) went of really fast on the run, but I managed to take the lead on the second lap. I'm doing Windsor next week, then the Euro U23's in Italy and then will be off to the Elite Seniors (Holten). I've got a lot of confidence from today, as that's my biggest win so far."

Non Stanford:
"I'm shocked! It's great though, it shows progress and that the training is working. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's a permanent move from running to triathlon. I enjoy the diversity of the training and the competitions are really exciting. I'll still do some XC running in the winter, and perhaps might consider the Commonwealth Games 10km (track), if it was possible to make the Welsh team, but I think triathlon is definitely my future. Next up I'm at Windsor next week, then London."

Sophie Coleman:
"I had a good swim, and I'm much more confident in that now after working really hard with Glenn (Cook) all winter. I was closer to the front of the seniors this year, than I was to the juniors last year, so that's progress - 40 seconds down maybe? The long run to transition is in my favour! I knew I had to hammer the bike to catch up, and we caught Lucy/Jodie on the third lap. It all went a bit wrong in T2 - my hands and feet were like ice blocks! So, I lost time there and couldn't make up that deficit. Still, I'm happy with my result."

Sky Draper:
"It wasn't raining when we raced, and the water was surprisingly warm. I managed to be first out of the swim, and then was able to lead the whole way, so yes, that's probably my biggest win to date, and also I had no problems on the run with my recent injury, so that's good news for the rest of the year. I shall be racing at The London Triathlon and also the Hyde Park race."

Michelle Dillon:
"It's been a great day! Stuart had been sick with a virus which we didn't know about last week in Madrid, so he had a couple of days off training. It was only yesterday really that he felt ok, and decided to race. That was definitely Jodie's biggest win, and after making the podium at the National's, I can only see bigger and better things for her. I really rate her, and she trains really hard. Very happy!"

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