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Thu 18th Oct 2018
Weekend roundup
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 11th May 2009

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First results in for the weekend were the OWS Aquathlon - but then that was pretty much a dead cert as it was the only race on Saturday and one of the Tri247 crew was doing the results for them! After a short cut on the swim saw the first five athletes disqualified the win was taken by Thames Turbo's Paul Smooth in 28:52 with Carin Hume (Berkshire Tri Squad) the first woman across the line in 32:25. Full results are here.

Technically first in with a result on Sunday was the Morden 6n6 where the race organiser Paul Rosewarm got in an ultra-quick race report and headline results.

Pos Male Female
1 James Lock (Thames Turbo Sigma Sport) 0:39:10 Lucy Bowen (Thames Turbo Sigma Sport) 0:44:45
2 John Worcester (Met Police) 0:40:01 Alice Keane (Optima Racing Team) 0:47:09
3 Bradley Hales (Optima) 0:41:09 Karen Axelsdottir (Optima Racing Team) 47:31

Almost as quick were the headlines from the Harrow Hatch End Triathlon where it was a double win for Hillingdon Triathletes; Colette O’Neill (for the fourth time in total after a six year absence, having last won in 01/02/03) and Clark Schofield, for (we think?!) the second time taking the wins. Full results are on Stuart Steele's StuWeb site. You can also find results for the children's races on his site, here.

Pos Male Female
1 Clark Schofield (Hillingdon Triathletes) 0:46:52 Colette O'Neill (Hillingdon Triathletes) 0:54:27
2 Patrick Brown 0:48:41 Melissa Brand 0:55:39
3 David Savory 0:50:06 Gaby Lai (D3 Tri) 0:56:01

Honours for a complete set of results filed and uploaded went to Tri Ferris's Cotswold Super Sprint and Youth events. In the Super Sprint event the honours went to Garry Hughes (Tri Team Glos) in 0:52:00 and Nicola Morgan (Driven to Tri) in 0:58:29 - full results are here. In the Youth/Short race the overall win went to Albany Burton in 0:47:41 who showed a clean pair of heels to her male competitors, the fastest of them was Joe Bloxsome in 0:48:23 - full results are here.

The Cleveland Sprint Triathlon saw just four seconds separate the top two men, in the end the honours went to Andrew Macrae (Total Racing International) in 0:57:34 with Lisa Tweddle (NE31 Tri) the fastest woman in 1:09:38. Full results are here.

Pos Male Female
1 Andrew Macrae (Total Racing International) 0:57:34 Lisa Tweddle (NE31 Tri) 1:09:38
2 Rob West (One Life Racing) 0:57:38 Jo Short (Durham Tri) 1:10:45
3 Alan Nixon (Darlington Tri) 1:00:25 Anna Hatton (Cleveland Tri) / Michelle McTaggart (Darlington Tri) 1:16:58

The Basildon Off Road Triathlon certainly saw some pleasant weather, we doubt that there was much in the way of mud to challenge the competitors, and the winners were James Endicott (Born2Tri) in 0:37:42 and Christine Mowle (East Essex Tri Club) in 0:44:10. A full set of results are here.

The Black Sheep Sports Lydney Triathlon has a provisional set of results available which we have loaded here. The overall winner was Steve Ferguson (Driven to Tri) in 0:56:06 and the fastest lady was Dani Goodman in 1:04:46.

Woodhall Spa saw the third of the Saucony Sprint Triathlon Series races with wins going to Richard Teare (Equus) in 1:02:06 and Julie Lambourne (TFN) in 1:12:20. A full set of results is here.

Pos Male Female
1 Richard Teare (Equus) 1:02:06 Julie Lambourne (TFN) 1:12:20
2 Peter Goodfellow 1:02:20 Naomi Warr (Derby TC) 1:13:58
3 Luke Seamer (TFN) 1:03:24 Sadie Murphy (Leicester TC) 1:14:13

This weekend's Fast Twitch Series race was in Dorchester and the redoubtable Peter Younghusband (Tri UK Gatorade) notched up yet another victory with a time of 1:02:32. Fastest lady was Tracy Cook (Tri UK) in 1:08:16. There's a provisional set of results minus the bike splits on the Concept Sport website, we'll get a copy online as soon as it's been finalised.

This year the BSLT Series has added in the Selkirk Standard and 66 individuals and four teams took part. Winners were David Moffat in 2:05:36 and Caroline Wallace in 2:29:08. A full set of results are online here.

The sprint distance race at the Grendon Triathlon was a qualifier for the 2009 ITU World Championships on Australia's Gold Coast later this year and although the results are still provisional (see the Just Racing website) the top three are as follows:

Pos Male Female
1 Thomas Bishop (Ceepo TFN) 1:00:53 Eimar Mullan (Team MK) 1:11:16
2 James Ratcliffe (Ceepo TFN) 1:01:23 Lou Collins (Ceepo TFN) 1:11:44
3 Steve Harrison (FVS) 1:02:08 Louise Bardsley (TVT) 1:12:55

The distances may seem normal enough: an 800m pool swim, 28 miles on the bike and six miles on the run but when you see Richard Wilder's winning time of 2:27:43 you realise that the Blaenafon Triathlon is possibly just a little hillier and tougher than average! Fastest woman was Bethan Fowler in 3:07:06 and there's a full set of results here.

The Dorset Try a Tri organised by Results Triathlon had wins for Marcus Dodd in 0:49:04 and Esther Amery in 0:58:37. Results are here, note there were no splits provided. Results for the accompanying Tristar races are here.

Xtra Mile Events Wilmslow Triathlon was another race reaping the benefits of chip timing. The results are here and give overall victory to Martin Cain in 1:04:51 and Ellie Debenham in 1:17:18.

At the Charnwood Aquathlon the trophies went to Chris Joyce in 0:20:19 and Natalie Barnard (Charnwood Tri) in 0:22:22, full results are here. The aquathlon was really just a support event to the Tristar Triathlon, results for that are here.

Results for the Warwickshire Children's Triathlon are available on Stuart Steele's StuWeb site here. Results for the Leeds and Bradford Junior Aquathlon are available here. Glasgow Triathlon Club's Balfron Spring Aquathlon, another Tristar and youth event, has full results here.

The debate about whether triathletes make good cyclists looks like it's received another positive endorsement with the news on Cycling Weekly's website that triathlete Philip Graves secured another comfortable victory in the fourth round of the Rudy Project Time Trial Series in North Yorkshire making it three wins out of three. He was using the time trials to judge his fitness levels prior to Ironman UK 70.3 in June and the full UK Ironman in August. Graves, who rides for Clifton CC, completed the three-lap, 26-mile course in 1:14:14, more than a minute faster than Arthur Doyle (Dooleys Cycles RT).