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Thu 18th Oct 2018
Weekend (part two!) roundup
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 4th May 2009

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After a very busy weekend, here is part two of our Bank Holiday weekend domestic racing roundup.

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To catch up on all of the weekend international news, check out our separate roundup HERE.

Let's start by catching up on the Sunday racing we didn't cover in part one!

Possibly the most competitive domestic race of the weekend was the British Universities Triathlon Championships which took place a St. Marys School Sports Centre. Provisional results are available on the triandenter site HERE. Just 11 seconds separated first and second, with Mark Threlfall (Loughborough) taking the win from James Third, with National Sprint Distance Champ David McNamee (Stirling) in third.

Lois Rosindale (Leeds Met Carnegie), by contrast was over a minute quicker than Natalie Barnard (Loughborough) to take the ladies title. Non Stanford is in an interesting name in third place, as she has a tremendous pedigree in running, having won several championships at Inter-Counties and Welsh level in the junior age groups, and has (at least!) a 34:XX 10km PB to her name too. She was the fastest female runner of the day by far and second fastest swimmer too. That sort of profile has "talent ID" written all over it... keep a watch on that name over the next couple of years.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Threlfall (Loughborough) 1:05:28 Lois Rosindale (Leeds Met Carnegie) 1:13:05
2nd James Third (Cambridge) 1:05:39 Natalie Barnard (Loughborough) 1:14:14
3rd David McNamee (Stirling) 1:06:29 Non Stanford (Uni of Birmingham) 1:15:09

The Northwich Aquathlon was won by Jack Woodward, with Abigail Mackley making the top three overall, to take the ladies price. We have full results HERE, along with results from the Tristar event HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Jack Woodward 27:03 Abigail Mackley 29:35
2nd Lewis Sunders 28:11 Bethany Saunders 31:04
3rd Brian Dooley 29:47 Leila Coulter 32:56

The Cardiff Try-a-Tri has been a longstanding and welcome addition to the calendar, as an introduction to the sport. We have the full results of the event HERE.

The Kendal Triathlon had, reports organiser Mark Walsh, great weather "for a change!" It also had some fast racing with a storming Rich Hunt winning by four minutes. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Rich Hunt (Kudu Bikes Tri) 1:02:06 Louise Kelly (Leicester Tri) 1:15:41
2nd Stuart Robinson (Arragons Cumbrian Tri) 1:06:25 Judith Irving 1:21:02
3rd Kieran Rowlands (Kudu Bikes Tri) 1:07:21 Carrine Green (NYP Tri) 1:21:45

We also have results from the Waveney Valley Triathlon organised by Tri-Anglia (

Pos Men Women
1st Will Dorsett (Mammoth Tri) 49:06

Julia Jepson (East Essex Tri) 57:58

2nd Mark Nowell (Tri-Anglia) 49:42 Rachel Pearson (UEA) 1:00:09
3rd Liam Gentry (Tri-Anglia) 50:19 Lynn Emmett (Tri-Anglia) 1:00:39

The Bedfordshire Sprint Championship took place at Robinson Pool, and the race was won by Mark Matthews (Cambridge Triathletes) and Leigh Harvey (Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges). Sarah Janes and James Elworthy, both Bedford Tracktors took the county champs awards. Provisional results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Matthews (Cambridge Triathletes) 1:03:07 Leigh Harvey (Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges) 1:13:04
2nd James Elworthy (Bedford Traktors) 1:04:33 Alice Sharp (Cambridge Triathletes) 1:19:09
3rd Oliver Mytton (Oxford Tri Club) Sarah Janes (Bedford Traktors) 1:194:31

The GTC Krystal Klear Bishopbriggs event in Scotland held several races, and we have the results on site for the Sprint, Novice and Tristar races. Here are the podium places for the Sprint:

Pos Men Women
1st James Harrison (Newhaven Harbour Triathlon Club) 1:06:16 Shona Girdwood (Fusion Tri) 1:12:02
2nd Graham Leitch (Fusion Tri) 1:06:49 Penny Rother (ERC Bicycleworks) 1:13:24
3rd Stephen Clark 1:07:41 Eleanor Haresign (Glasgow Tri) 1:13:51

The Horwich Triathlon organised by Epic Events ( provided a tough course and a challenging day. Martin Cain (GMC Fire Service) and Christine Howard (Derbyshire Police) made light of that, finishing several minutes in front of their nearest challengers. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Martin Cain (GMC Fire Service) 2:05:45 Christine Howard (Derbyshire Police) 2:31:01
2nd Martin Tonge (Team had been) 2:09:42 Nicola King (Tri Preston) 2:34:19
3rd Chris Biddulph (Army Tri) 2:12:28 Helene Whitaker 2:39:03

Final event news we have from Sunday racing is from the Lymm Triathlon, where provisional results from the Sprint and SuperSprint are available on the uberfitevents website.

Sprint Triathlon
Pos Men Women
1st Chris Standidge 1:07:39 Aimee Backhouse 1:18:35
2nd Roger Witz Barnes 1:08:35 Sophia Rees 1:21:35
3rd Alan Copeland 1:09:28 Heather Jackson 1:23:25
SuperSprint Triathlon
1st Joel Enoch 45:34 Clare Crabtree 1:02:04
2nd Liam McGuiness 51:00 Catherine Jones 1:02:09
3rd Tom Kneller 52:01 Isobel Mackie 1:05:33

On to Monday, and first results (as always!) were from the Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon at Hampton Pool. Provisional results available HERE. Lucy Bowen from the home club dominated the race, winning by over five minutes and improving on her second place in the first race. Andrew Mercer took the win for the men.

Pos Men Women
1st Andrew Mercer 58:25 Lucy Bowen (Thames Turbo/Sigma Sport) 1:03:19
2nd Richard Legge (Thames Turbo/Sigma Sport) 59:03 Kate Everley 1:08:36
3rd James Brown (Thames Turbo/Sigma Sport) 59:18 Nicola Boyd (Optima RT) 1:09:50

The Moti Springfield Triathlon is in it's 21st year, and boasted well over 200 athletes. Results are available HERE courtesy of Stuart Steele ( Gordon Croucher won by just two seconds from Mike Milstead, while Jane Fox had about one minute on second placed Katherine Bloomhall.

Pos Men Women
1st Gordon Croucher 1:01:46 Jane Fox 1:10:15
2nd Mike Milstead 1:01:48 Katherine Broomhall 1:11:14
3rd Adam Wells 1:02:22 Emma Taylor 1:12:50

The Hart Leisure Sprint Triathlon is another long-standing and popular event, attracting a field of over 400 athletes. We have full results HERE, for another event that saw some very close racing at the sharp end.

Pos Men Women
1st Matthew Newman (BAD Tri) 57:38 Lucy Chittenden (Farnham Tri) 1:02:28
2nd Ian White (Farnham Tri) 57:41 Louise Bardsley (TVT) 1:02:44
3rd Andrew Lovell (Portsmouth Tri) 58:19 Choc Harris (TVT) 1:04:51

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