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Fri 22nd Mar 2019
Chrissie Wellington statement - a path to new adventures
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 27th October 2008

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Following on from last weeks announcement that Chrissie Wellington, along with Hillary Biscay and Belinda Grainger would be leaving TeamTBB, Chrissie Wellington has today published the following statement on her blog. This follows the update we received from TeamTBB manager Alex Bok over the weekend.

"My life has always been one full of exciting challenges, wonderful opportunities, and new adventures. I have followed many paths, and the path I have taken in the world of professional triathlon has so far been paved with success and smiles. Of course, I owe so much to Brett, and TeamTBB. It was Brett that advised me to turn pro, he told me to do an ironman and he trained me to win two World Ironman Championships. Not only that, the Team framework enabled me to train with some of the best athletes in the world; to grow and develop as a person and to learn some incredibly important lessons. With the Team I reached heights that I never thought possible, and for that I am truly grateful.

TeamTBB is focused on helping ‘development athletes’ who might otherwise not have the opportunity to succeed in professional triathlon. I no longer fit into their framework, and hence the time has come for me to move on; carry with me the lessons I have learned; the strength in character, body and mind and the memories of a great 18 months. It is a big change, but I am looking to the future with tremendous optimism and excitement.

Under my new coach, Cliff English - and with the incredible support of my friends, family and sponsors - I will continue to throw everything I have into being the best athlete I can possibly be.

Of course, it goes without saying that the social development issues that are so close to my heart, will remain an important focus of mine and, to this end, I will retain a keen interest in what the Team does in this area.

May I take this opportunity to thank Brett, Alex Bok and TeamTBB, for everything they have done for me and I want to wish them every success for the future.

With smiles, as always


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