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Thu 6th May 2021
Chrissie wins: Sub-9 in Frankfurt
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Sunday 6th July 2008

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In October last year it may have, for some, been a case of "Chrisse who"? But, after another incredible performance today at Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman Germany, she has well and truly cemented he place in Ironman history. Her finish time of 8:51:24 is the second fastest Ironman time ever, and also brings her unbeaten record in Ironman racing to four, following on from Korea, Hawaii and Australia.

Despite exiting the water first, in a swift 48:34, such a dominant performance wasn't entirely obvious until the second half of the race. German Ina Reinders closed to within about 10 second midway through the bike, but no sooner had she done that then the effort appeared to much, and Wellington pulled away, maintaining a healthy lead at T2.

Once again, she produced an exceptional marathon performance (3:01:44), to finish 13th overall in the event, just 31 seconds outside the long-standing record of Paula Newby-Fraser. Indeed, it's quite possible the record was in reach, but Chrissie was clearly more interested in waving to the crowds, and soaking up the atmosphere than chasing times. Not surprising that after such a perfect performance she described the race as "exactly as I would have planned it, an amazing day".

Behind, last years winner Nicole Leder ran through for second, while Wenke Kujala (if I'm not mistaken, once a member of Black Country triathletes..?) rounded out the podium.

Pos Men
1st Chrissie Wellington (GBR) 8:51:24
2nd Nicole Leder (GER) 9:17:26
3rd Wenke Kujala (GER) 9:24:54

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