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Thu 6th May 2021
Wellington wins in Korea
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Sunday 26th August 2007

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It must be the year for neo-Pro Brits to win at Ironman races! Last weekend saw Scott Neyedli take the top spot at Ironman UK and this weekend it's the turn of Chrissie Wellington to have her first Ironman victory out in Korea. Truth be told, it was a pretty rocky start to her race as it seems like she either had a major mechanical or a blown tyre when she got to her bike in T1 and spend many minutes fixing it. However, by the time the race leader, Rebecca Preston, had reached 60k on the bike Wellington was back in contention and took the lead somewhere around the 100k mark. Her lead at T2 appears to have been minutes rather than seconds and she never even looked like being caught on the run with what appears to be a 50 minute advantage over the second-placed athlete at the finish! All of the above is based on the IronmanLive website reporting and, by their own admission, they seem to have been having serious issues with keeping track of both times and spotting information from the course so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it's all accurate...

1 Raynard Tissink 9:08:09 Chrissie Wellington 9:54:37
2 Byung Hoon Park 9:15:17 Yasuko Miyazaki 10:44:44
3 Olaf Sabatschus 9:23:49 Silvia Czaika 11:17:50

As for the other Ironman races on today: Louisville is well underway with live text commentary this morning and live video this afternoon while Ironman Canada has just started and has live video for the whole event. Check out the coverage on IronmanLive:

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