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Sun 22nd Sep 2019
Zinn and the art of triathlon bikes
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 11th July 2007

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Zinn & the art of triathlon bikesYou know how, sometimes, you pick something up and, through some wierd sixth sense, you know that it's right? It could be a household object, a tool, a bike helmet, anything really -- it just exudes that 'fit for purpose' feeling and you know that it will do exactly what you want and probably a little bit more as well.

Well, this book is one of those things! Of course, it does have a great pedigree as this is hardly the first thing that Lennard has written about bikes and their workings... However, this time it's up close and personal for triathletes -- this is their, dare I say the words, Haynes manual for absolutely everything triathlon bike related. And I say that without a shred of irony and as a man who has a link to Sheldon Brown's website on his desktop.

In fact, I'll go further. If you have the slightest interest in setting up your bike properly, maintaining it or travelling with it then this book will be the best triathlon accessory you buy. Ever. You'll save the cost of the book many times over simply through following the general maintenance section for the life of your bike -- get into even basic repairs and servicing and you'll barely need to ever visit a mechanic again assuming you are even averagely competent with some basic tools. And, for the truly mechanically minded, there's not a lot here that isn't covered other than building a wheel from scratch and facing-up -- both jobs best left to the true professional.

But, and for those with no mechanical bent at all this is the good bit, none of this information is presented in a way that's stuffy or overly technical or jargonised. This is not, and I apologise for the comparison, the Park Tool Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair. The Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair is regarded as an industry Bible, albeit a Park Tool sales aid in its own right, whereas Zinn's book is more of a Cliff Notes with a much more human approach and neat hand-drawn illustrations.

Even if you only buy this book to teach you how to pack a bike into a box or bag for travelling it will be money well invested - you won't actually be able to stop yourself reading, and learning, more and more about the magic invention that is the bicycle.

While Zinn has produced the majority of the content, he has included comments from many others as well including John Cobb, Joe Friel and Todd Carver. It is one of Carver's comments that, for me, illustrates the humanity of the book's writing: "If comfort and aero profile conflict, always choose comfort." There are even jokes in here too, there's a diagram showing how to distinguish between a large spline and a large spleen!

Zinn & the art of triathlon bikes by Leonard Zinn is published by Velo Press. ISBN-10 1-931382-97-2. SRP is £17.99. Available at Amazon, through decent booksellers and even a few enlightened bike and triathlon shops!

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