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Sun 22nd Sep 2019
InfinIT launches revolutionary sports drink
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 30th May 2007

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If someone told you that one formula of sports drink could meet the needs of different athletes with different body types doing different sports, wouldn't you question it? From 1st June infinIT Nutrition launches the world's first custom sports drink in Europe, allowing athletes to create personalised nutrition for their specific sporting challenges. InfinIT Nutrition tailor make sports drinks for the individual, based on personal input, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition and performance.

Established in the USA in 2002, by a group of triathletes frustrated with off the shelf nutrition products, Infinit has grown exponentially, expanding into Canada in 2006 and is now being launched in Europe from its West London base by InfinIT Nutrition. Michael Hanreck, Director InfinIT says “I used InfinIT for the first time in Hawaii during Ultraman 2005 World Championships. It helped me keep going through this gruelling 27-hour event (6 mile swim/250 mile bike/52.6 mile run). I was so impressed with it I decided to bring it to Europe. Different people with different races have different nutritional needs. InfinIT offers what is right for you, without the artificial ingredients so common in sports products”.

What is it and how does it work?

Whereas most sports drinks provide a standard blend to competing athletes, InfinIT Nutrition offers a personalised solution for use during events and training. Everyone’s body is different and InfinIT Nutrition offers athletes their own unique and tailor-made energy drink to help maximise their individual performance.

Simple to use, customers log on to the secure website ( and give details of their sporting requirements. Athletes are then guided to a formula that will provide them with the right number of calories and electrolytes per serving and the right blend of simple and complex carbohydrates for the length of activity they are undertaking. Their personal formula also takes into account any preferences they have in terms of flavour strength and whether the individual wants caffeine, protein or amino acids to be added to their mix. All formulas created are checked with the patented Osmo Fit system, to make sure they will be digested easily. The individual can view and save their formula on the website or make any final tweaks to the recommended formula before ordering on-line. At all times, InfinIT Nutrition staff are on hand to answer any questions or queries that clients may have regarding the product.

What do its users think?

Andy Bass, General Manager Toshiba Computer Systems UK, a regular Ironman and marathon competitor said “After you’ve done your first Ironman it’s about ‘competing not completing’. I’m making any future races null and void unless I get within 15% of my normal marathon time, I'm convinced infinIT is going to help me get there!.”

Jess Draskau Peterson, GB pro triathlete and consistent top five finisher at Ironman distance whose three-hour run leg is one of the best in the women’s field, commented “infinIT is an awesome product. I don’t want to sound cheesy but it's a revolution in the sports-drink industry. infinIT really is truly tailored to an individual's needs.”

Piet Hein Schramm, Investment Banker and Ironman triathlete says “I started using infinIT in 2004 by shipping it from the USA having read much about it and visiting their website. From then onwards, nutrition (the most important part of endurance racing) was sorted and it took me within seconds of qualifying for Ironman Hawaii. Now it's available in the UK which is great news for all EU based athletes.”

Where is InfinIT available?

InfinIT Nutrition is a web-based company, established in West London. Full details of the products and services are available on the website and its founders Emmie and Michael Hanreck can be contacted for more information and guidance. Both founders are experienced Ironman competitors, with Emmie even appearing on the BBC’s SAS Desert: Are you tough enough? in 2005.

Catch the InfinIT Team in action!

The InfinIT Team will be out and about this summer and, amongst other activities, are sponsoring Concept Sport’s Weymouth Middle Distance triathlon on 3rd June and the Swanage standard distance triathlon on 12th August. You can also meet them at the Ironman France Expo in Nice where they will have a stand on 20-25th June.