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Mon 16th Sep 2019
© Henry Budgett
Madness in my garage
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 12th April 2007

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Can't afford the time to go out to Lanzarote and train for the Ironman? No problem! Just do the bike course in your garage... And, yes, that's exactly what Jenny is doing this morning thanks to the kind person who provided the course profile data on and our Tacx Cosmos turbo trainer. Once the 180k is safely out the way it'll be a quick (actually, probably not so quick...) T run round the block and just five weeks to go before the real thing. Quite what the neighbours are thinking is another matter...

And, while the idea of doing a set like this may make many of you shake your heads and consider taking up macrame as a viable alternative, it's also going to be very useful both as a data capture exercise and as part of our long-term test of the Cosmos. If you want a trainer that can do all the data capture, be completely programmable and yet not require that you have a PC strapped to it at all times to generate the virtual reality experience then this is one very capable piece of kit and one that comes highly recommended.

UPDATE: 6 hours and 25 minutes for the bike which included a 2k extension as the downloaded course is fractionally short of the 180k... ...great to get 40kph downhill with no pedaling - one of the bonus features of the Cosmos is that it drives the rear wheel on negative gradients.

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Re: Madness in my garage
Posted by downunder daz
Posted at 00:43:55 14th Apr 2007
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definately not mad. you would only be mad if you were not using a fan.
stirling effort