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Tue 22nd Jan 2019
The 'Equalizer' Middle Distance preview
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Thursday 30th June 2016

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£5000 up for grabs on Sunday at the first Freak Events "Equalizer" Middle Distance Triathlon

Announced at the end of 2015, this weekend Freak Events ( host the first "Equalizer"Middle Distance Triathlon based at Roadford Lake in Devon.

The winner will walk away with a £2000 prize - the catch is that the women will start 32 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of the men and the prizes will be awarded in order of crossing the line. Will the men be able to catch up?

The bike course is a two loop, out-and-back 'Devon roller', with the run comprising 4x 5.25km loops taking in the Dam wall, trail, forestry area and grass paths.

A nice addition to the domestic schedule [old person digging into the archives alert] - I remember way back in 1993 when the Bupa Bath Triathlon was run under a similar approach over the Olympic distance, and Carol Montgomery crossed the line just 33 seconds ahead of Simon Lesslng. Funnily enough, that was for a £2000 top prize too. The 'handicap' that day was 15 minutes and 22 seconds for a race that Lessing completed in 1:55:31, so 32:30 as a first time guesstimate for the offset in a Middle Distance doesn't seem a million miles away. The difference at the recent Outlaw Half (faster course?), was 29:30... [/end of "during the war" style anecdote].

Let's take a look at who is heading to Devon this weekend...


Alice Hector Age-Group World Sprint Distance Champion in 2013, winner of Israman Half in 2014 and 2016 (and of course, who could forget, Toadman World Champion!)
Linda Evans Winner of the Outlaw Half this year 
Hannah Drewett Second in the BUCS Student Champs, tenth at Challenge Rinimi - expect her to lead the early stages of the race (at the very least), she's a great swimmer.
Suzie Richards 'Big Suz' (her description, not mine! was a comprehensive winner of the AG race at WTS Leeds, Outlaw Half winner 2015 and has one many of the Always Aim High Adventure Tri Series events including Slateman again this year. The tough run course will certainly suit her.
Joanna Carritt Plenty of international big event experience including Ironman and Challenge event Pro podiums, Jo is now racing as an age-group athlete but still has plenty of speed left.
Dee Allen An age-group winner at 70.3 Staffordshire and also European Long Distance Duathlon Champion this year.


David Bartlett  Third recently at the Windsor Triathlon, David has local knowledge plus  a host of National Championship medals on his CV. 
Neil Eddy Neil is another local athlete with great pedigree, including an Age-Group World's Gold and international 70.3 category wins too.
Gary Hughes Recent winner of the Slateman Triathlon and several other events already in 2016.
Mike Parsons Age-Group World Champs winner (Sprint) in 2012. He knows the area very well.
Oliver Simon The Welsh Ironman record holder, hoping to work some magic in Devon. 
Alex Foster Alex has a host of podium finishes including the Outlaw Half, the British AG Champs and all of the Slateman / Sandman / Snowman events

Prize Money:

1st £2000, 2nd £1000, 3rd £750, 4th £500, 5th £250, 6th £100, 7th £100, 8th £100, 9th £100, 10th £100

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