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Tue 20th Aug 2019
© David Pearce / Different Perspective
Joe Skipper wins Challenge Weymouth
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Sunday 14th September 2014

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Great Britain's Joe Skipper added to his second placed finish at Ironman UK, and delivered on his pre-race optimism, to win the debut edition of Challenge Weymouth today.

The day started with some disappointment for all, as sea conditions meant a delayed start and a shortened swim.

Stephen Bayliss comfortably headed the revised swim (27:26), followd two and a half minutes later by Zoltan Petsuk. Outlaw winner Craig Twigg and Joe Skipped were in close order little further back, with Joel Jameson losing an additional two minutes in his weakest discipline. (We spoke pre-race to Joe, Stephen, Joel and Craig HERE).

The bike leg would prove a tough one, while the racing continued to be close. Skipper was the fastest on the day with a 4:43:18, which would see him pass Bayliss and take a small lead of around three minutes on to the run course, while Joel was only two minutes slower. This left Jameson and Bayliss head-to-head - which was quite appropriate given Joel's pre-race comments that he'd never had a battle on the run, and had never beaten Bayliss. They would leave T2 locked together...

Skipper has the lead and had no intention of losing it. He added the fastest run of the day - his 2:29:40 suggesting the course is a little short of full marathon distance - and crossed the line eight minutes clear of Joel Jameson, who would win the battle with Bayliss - his 2:34:38 vs. the 2:41:57 of Bayliss.

Challenge Weymouth - Sunday 14th September 2014
1.9km (shortened) / 180km / 42.2km

Pos Men
1st Joe Skipper (GBR) 7:49:03
2nd Joel Jameson (GBR) 7:57:03
3rd Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8:04:37
4th Darren Jenkins (GBR / AUS) 8:12:03
5th Craig Twigg (GBR) 8:20:07

Challenge Weymouth

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