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Sat 19th Oct 2019
Ironman UK: Eimear's advice...
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 2nd August 2013

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Less than two days to go until Ironman UK 2013 now...

One athlete who won't be there this time around is 2012 winner Eimear Mullan. Earlier in the week, courtesy of Official Coaching Parther we brought you the 10 things to do the week before an Ironman feature.

Following up on that, we thought we'd get some top tips and advice from the reigning champion on how to have the best race in Bolton. Here are her three key pieces of advice...

Pre-race stress... minimise it.

"The days leading in to the race can be a more tiring and stressful time than you think with last minute kit preparation, training, checking out the course, registration, briefing,  racking etc. Be prepared for this and try to have a plan for the days leading in to the race as it can really get to you and leave you feeling agitated which is not how you want to feel before an Ironman."

Have a plan - but be flexible...

"Have a plan or strategy for your race but be flexible. It's great to have a good solid plan for your race especially with regards to nutrition and pacing but if things aren't going the way you planned don't panic. Just keep your head, stay positive and think of a sensible way to overcome the problem. For example, ff you drop your nutrition then stop and pick it up; you might loose a minute but leaving it could loose you 30 minutes later in the race."

Good times and bad - be prepared!

"Enjoy the good times but be prepared for the bad times. Things can be going really great and suddenly you are hit with a really bad patch especially in the marathon where you may wonder how you are going to make it to the finish line. If you are not prepared for this then negative thoughts will multiply. Have some positive thoughts, images, songs, poems or whatever you need ready to get you the bad times."

Eimear Mullan ©James Mitchell Photography

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