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Sun 16th Feb 2020
British Champs Liverpool roundup
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Monday 15th July 2013

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Much like the British Age Group Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships in Nottingham in early June, Saturday's British Triathlon Championship Liverpool benefitted from absolutely stunning weather conditions; blue skies, mild winds and lots of sunshine. Also in common with Nottingham was exceptionally competitive Age Group racing with many regulars GB Age Groupers probably wondering how the same performances from previous years has left them well outside the top 20 (or 30, or 40...) in their respective categories, and they will have their fingers crossed for one of the final "roll down" slots to be confirmed early next week. It is not unusual for Great Britain to bring home a huge haul of medals from the Age Group World Championships, but Hyde Park in September will surely be by far the biggest and strongest Age Group team in history? If you have even made the team, congratulations to you.

We've got all of the Age Group winners listed below, where Parys Edwards (Ful-on Tri) and Chris Standidge (TORQ) were the fastest on the day in times of 2:04:58 and 1:55:21 respectively. In total there were 40 men under the two hour mark. To give some perspective of the depth of talent, Craig Stevenson (2:00:03) only just made the top 10 of AG25-29. For both M30-34 and M35-39, a 2:00:00 finish wouldn't have been good enough to make the top ten....

The Hyde Park Championships have also attracted many familair 'blasts from the past' back into racing action. This weekend we saw Loretta Sollars (F50-54) take the British Championship ahead of 2012 World AG Silver medal winner Caroline Whittaker. She will join the likes of Robin Brew (M50-54, Sprint) and Annie Emmerson (F40-44, Aquathlon) in GB colours this September.

First place in the Elite races actually went to Aussies - the event was also part of the British Triathlon Super Series - with Brendon Sexton recovering from a relatively poor swim which had left him in the third pack, to win it on the run. Charlotte McShane took the ladies title. After leading for much of the race with Sophie Coldwell, she was able to pull strongly away from Emma Pallant on the run. A top ten finisher in the 2012 Grand Final, she's a class act.

With many of the best British Senior athletes absent, the real story was with the Juniors as Calum Johnson took third place (and first Brit), closely followed by Grant Sheldon and Fergus Roberts also Juniors, beating all of the British Seniors racing. Special recognition also to Jenny Manners who finished fifth (fourth British athlete), having already race once as a guide in the Paratriathlon event!


Pos Men Women
1st Brendon Sexton (AUS) 57:01 Charlotte McShane (AUS) 1:03:20
2nd Aaron Royle (AUS) 57:21 Emma Pallant (GBR) 1:04:03
3rd Calum Johnson (GBR) 57:22 Heather Sellars (GBR) 1:04:42
4th Grant Sheldon (GBR) 57:33 Sophie Coldwell (GBR) 1:05:06
5th Fergus Roberts (GBR) 57:54 Jenny Manners (GBR) 1:05:21



Pos Men Women
1st Calum Johnson (GBR) 57:22 Sophie Coldwell (GBR) 1:05:06
2nd Grant Sheldon (GBR) 57:33 Ffion-Haf Harrett (GBR) 1:05:29
3rd Fergus Roberts (GBR) 57:54 Alice Sharpe (GBR) 1:06:54


Pos Men Women
1st Jack Willis (GBR) 31:51 Megan McDonald (GBR) 35:33
2nd Jordan Hull (GBR) 31:52 Sophe Alden (GBR) 35:53
3rd Alex Chanter-Mayne (GBR) 31:52 Elizabeth Hood (GBR) 36:05



Tri1, Phil Hogg, Derby Triathlon Club, 1:07:49
Tri3, Steve Judge, Sheffield Triathlon Club, 1:12:49
Tri4, Chris Frost, VO2 Maximum Racing, 1:09:35
Tri5, Matthew Emmerson, Deal Triathlon Club, 1:10:09
Tri6a, Chris Goodwin, Southampton Triathlon Club, 1:06:18
Tri6b, Dave Ellis, Loughborough Triathlon RC, 1:03:35


Tri1, Jane Egan, Fusion Triathlon Club, 1:27:28
Tri3, Eleni Papadopoulos, Manchester Triathlon Club, 1:28:05
Tri4, Lauren Steadman, 1:14:44
Tri6b, Melissa Reid, Gyllyngvase Surf Life Saving, 1:11:46


AG Men Women
20-24 Michael Birchmore Hannah Johnston
25-29 Alex Lawton Rachel Hallam
30-34 Chris Standidge Katie Henderson
35-39 Toby Garbett Parys Edwards
40-44 Mark Whittaker Joanne Gorrod
45-49 Pete Eggleston Maria Powell
50-54 Richard Parker Loretta Sollars
55-59 Nick Ballard Penny Rother
60-64 Barry Jameson Jane Leslie
65-69 Michael Smallwood Sandra Abrams
70-74 Selwyn Parker Dorothy Wagstaff
75-79 Arnott Kidd n/a

Tri Liverpool Race Coverage

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Re: British Champs Liverpool roundup
Posted by JamesH
Posted at 15:07:57 16th Jul 2013
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No mention of the massive drafting (and therefore safety) problems on the very crowded bike course? My back of an envelope calculation shows around 800 people on a 10K loop which gives each person 12 metres of course.

This is shameful for the BTF's marquee domestic event.