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Thu 14th Nov 2019
An interview with Kim Morrison
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 5th July 2013

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Nina McArthur interviews Kim Morrison; corporate banking city girl by day, talented up-and-coming age group GB triathlete by every other available hour.

In September 2012, I graduated from a two year graduate scheme in Commercial Banking Relationship Management along with many good friends and colleagues. We all went our separate ways onwards and upwards into the City banking world but one girl I kept in touch with and then bumped into at a triathlon later was Kim Morrison. Now working in corporate banking, she had also entered the world that is triathlon. I've watched her progression over the last year and seen her morals match mine (see my blog) as she grows deeper and deeper in love with the sport... but also gets fitter and faster and explodes onto the competitive age group scene. At the Dambuster Triathlon just a few weeks ago, she qualified for the World Championships in London, nailing yet another run PB. I thought it was time for a proper catch-up with this lovely lady to see how she's achieved so much in a year.

How did she decide that triathlon was the sport to try?

“My first triathlon was the Corby Super Sprint in June 2012 where I finished first female. A holiday read in Thailand a couple of months before, 'Life Without Limits' by Chrissie Wellington, inspired me to take on the sport. I participated in triathlons at school and broke school records, I think I was the first to race one though, however the focus at Loughborough University was Hockey for me. [I] Love team sports and thrived off the social aspect at Hey Ewe!”

So how does Kim combine this new life of a committed training schedule with working in corporate banking during the day? “I love to be busy however when the hours are long at work and I want full focus and energy to train HARD and SMART (she put particular emphasis on these words), emotionally it is tough. But I do it because I love it.”

That, as you know, is a key moral of mine. You should always do what you love with who you love, be it by yourself or with others. So whilst knowing Kim has close family and friends around her, I was keen to find out more about her support network and whether she'd encouraged others into the sport?

“Ben my partner won't do a triathlon, he says 'I wouldn't just lose, I would get thrashed!' He has a bike and comes out on my run sessions. He is the absolute pinnacle of my triathlon journey. He supports me 100% and I cannot thank him enough. It is not just the support and company at races, it is the everyday preparation that you go through when you are focused on reaching the sky!”

I have learnt over the years how important it is to have people you can trust with anything but also aspire to in terms of what they have achieved. Role models help you aspire to your own goals, as long as you remember that it is only your own actions that get you to where you need to me. Could I pin Kim down to one individual who inspires her?

“My biggest inspiration is my Mum. I am continually stunned by her achievements plus she carried ‘Life Without Limits' out to Thailand for a family holiday in March 2012. Once I read that I thought let's give triathlon a go! Chrissie Wellington is someone who inspires my motivation and dedication. I admire everything she stands for and I am continually looking for opportunities to hear her speak. The last time I was fortunate enough to meet Chrissie was at the Putney Clinic where she engaged and shared her journey. She told me, 'Go get your palace' and I will!”

So in between training, racing, spending time with Ben and working, are there any ‘normal' everyday loves this busy girl squeezes in?

“My biggest ‘out of sport love' is weekends in Norfolk with the family. I love nothing more than heading out to the Norfolk coastal roads on my bike and running down the country lanes surrounded by stunning fields. [I] couldn't feel further away from the busy city life that London provides during the week.”

Ok so still a sporting hobby but this is evidently what drives Kim to succeed in triathlon as she has done in the few years she has taken up the sport. Running should be about exploring the countryside and taking in the serenity of scenic areas yet to be discovered by the usual city dweller. Cycling should be about saving yourself money and stress in getting to work or just going for a pedal and seeing where you love. Kim is lucky in that she managed to take what she loves to another level.

But this requires her to look after herself well. I struggled greatly with keeping well fuelled as I upped the training and succumbed to external pressures in my latter years as a junior elite athlete, trying to do what I thought was right. A key question that I get off many age groupers as a coach is how they can keep on top of eating, sleeping and energising their body's properly in and around work. Speeding to the office after an early morning swim and run means many often just grab a small banana or cereal bar and lose that nutritious energy filled start to the day. It's not an easy balance to get right when you have a day in the office to contend with alongside fitting in the sessions you want to do. How has Kim adapted her diet to cope with a working and training lifestyle?.

“Fuelling has never been too complex for me. I eat what I like when I like. In October 2012 I joined Team Dillon and I am coached by Perry Agass. He took a look at my diet and found it hilarious that I would survive off shortbread one day then a fry up the next! I focused on eating well through the winter months and was eating five well balanced meals per day. In May 2013 I went to see a nutritionist as the five meals per day were not working for my stomach. My diet now consists of three eggs for breakfast and two larger meals packed full of protein, vegetables and root veg for carbs for my lunch or dinner. I tend to avoid too many sports supplements as these don't always agree with my sensitive stomach. In the evenings I do tend to treat myself to frozen yoghurt and 85% dark chocolate. Lush!”

Now I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but I am a fan of coffee and cake, even now I don't ‘train' and just swim, cycle or jog when I fancy it. So what's Kim's favourite combo?

“Coffee and cake? if you had asked me this pre nutritionist I would have said a grande latte, full fat, and a chocolate muffin. My coach Perry will laugh at that as I have been known to send him photos of lush cakes saying I resisted. Now it's just a black Americano.”

Lush. One of Kim's favourite words and one I might adopt but I think its time to finish with what she thinks is her ‘lushest' (if that even exists in the English vocabulary!) result this year?

“I would say my best result this year was at Blenheim. On the day I was the fastest female and had Michelle Dillon, my coach Perry Agass and Ben's family there supporting. I had a stomach bug from the River Dee [DEVA Tri] the week leading up to the race so I was not expecting a dominant performance. However it all came together and I exited the swim in second place and led out of T1 ahead and continued that lead to the finish line. A great race.”

So where to now for this talented young woman?

“My number one goal this year was to qualify for the World Triathlon Championships in London. I achieved that goal on the 22nd June at the Dambuster Triathlon finishing fourth in my age group. Again my coach Perry Agass was there supporting and I grabbed a PB on the run. A very happy day out and my family were there to share the success. Next goal? To give it my all!”

Kim Morrison, going for British success in the 25-29 category at London 2013. We wish her lots of lush luck!

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