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Fri 17th Sep 2021
Ironman Kalmar debut delights
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Saturday 18th August 2012

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It's been a long day. But what a day.

In yesterday's late piece I said of the debut Ironman Kalmar, based on what I'd seen over the last couple of days; "To date, every indicator is that this could become an Age Group race as much in demand as Klagenfurt, Frankfurt and Nice. Now, we just need a race to prove that it should get that status. Let's hope we get one."

We did. Truly, I think this is one of the best events I've ever been to and I would fully expect the 1600 sign-ups for year one to top 2000 next year.

Ironman Kalmar

The weather was about as close to perfect as you'll ever get; calm sea for the swim, moderate/warm temperatures - with a little cloud cover to prevent it getting too hot, virtually no wind and, very briefly, just a few tiny spots of rain for the run.

Ironman KalmarHowever, it's not weather alone that makes a race - it's the location, the course, the people, the volunteers, the athletes, the atmosphere and so much more. On every level, Kalmar appears to have delivered.

More to follow once I've had a chance to get some sleep (!) and review today's photographs and video.

Congratulations to Jan Raphael (GER) and Äsa Lunström (SWE) on their wins, but hope they won't be offended if my 'report' is about the event rather than the Pro's results today. On Saturday 18th August 2012, Kalmar itself was the star.

If you've 'missed out' on 2013 entries to the European hot tickets of Roth, Klagenfurt, Frankfurt and co., don't worry, another more than worthy option has just arrived. Entries open next weekend.

The Pro results:

Pos Men Women
1st Jan Raphael (GER) 8:04:01 Äsa Lunström (SWE) 9:13:27
2nd Dorian Wagner (GER) 8:08:06 Dana Wagner (GER) 9:22:32
3rd Horst Reichal (GER) 8:10:12 Emi Sakai (JPN) 9:34:36
4th Jonas Djurback (SWE) 8:10:51 Rebekka Esmueller (GER) 9:39:02
5th Anton Blokhin (UKR) 8:13:56 Stine Møllebro (DEN) 9:47:11

Ironman Kalmar

Ironman Kalmar 2012 coverage

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