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26th Aug 2008Issue 75

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Team GB are now back on home soil, and Beijing, in an Olympic sense, is no more. The live TV exit from the British Airways 747, on the tarmac at Heathrow for the returning Olympians was interesting, I thought: "losers, you can get off first, straight down the stairs, don't hang around, shake hands with Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman... while you guys with the medals, wait around on the stairs for the press pictures and glory please." The fine line between success and failure!

We'll be wrapping up our Olympic thoughts thisweek, and asking where next for triathlon and Team GB. While the British triathletes weren't successful in the medal hunt, (and neither were the French, Spanish, Swiss...), how did triathlon as a sport do? I guess that depends who you ask. The Guardian, courtesy of Sean Ingle, feel that triathlon's time has come, describing the men's event as a "perfect advert for the sport". The opposite view, proposed by Henry Budgett, is that it is indeed time for change, and has been promoting some significant discussion about possible alternatives. What do you think?

From the world's largest sporting event, to the world's largest triathlon...that's the Chicago Triathlon, not London, at least according to their website. Stuart Hayes completed an emotional weekend, starting in a local hospital x-ray unit with a seriously swollen knee, to then take one of the biggest wins of his career to date. True to his word, Stuart has put missing out on the Olympics behind him, and always one to give his best, continued to race hard. Congratulations on a great result.

In this week's race roundup we have all the news and results from the bank holiday weekend of racing around the world and in the UK, including XTERRA, Stockholm, Ironman Canada and the National Sprint Distance Championships in Strathclyde. Do we have any talent coming through - you bet! Check out a few familiar names in the youth and junior results...

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Weekend action

Stuart Hayes took another step forward in making up for his Olympic disappointment this weekend when he cruised to victory at the Accenture Chicago Triathlon. Australia's Greg Bennett, finished in second place and Brent McMahon from Canada was third. Matt Reed, fresh, but perhaps a little tired from Beijing, was the first American across the line in fourth place. The victory over the non-drafting format was a great result for Stuart, but it was made even more impressive considering the fact he had spent the night before the race in hospital waiting for an X-ray on a seriously swollen knee. He had considered pulling out, but as the race approached Stuart felt that the swelling had gone down enough to give it a go, thankfully his decision paid off. The Accenture Chicago Triathlon is part of the Lifetime Fitness Series and this weekend's victory will surely give Stuart valuable points to put him in contention for the overall title.

Having taking a big lead on the bike Becky Lavelle, the USA's first reserve for the their Olympic squad, won the women's race. It was her second win here after also winning the race in 2005. Sarah Groff finished over a minute back in second place and there was another good British result from Jodie Swallow, who rounded up the podium finishing in third place. Liz Blatchford finished in fifth place in a time of 2:04:51

Pos Men Women
1st Stuart Hayes (GBR) 1:48:09 Becky Lavelle (USA) 2:00:19
2nd Greg Bennett (AUS) 1:49:39 Sarah Groff (USA) 2:01:45
3rd Brent McMahon (CAN) 1:50:09 Jodie Swallow (GBR) 2:03:53

Full results are available here.

Britain's Julie Dibens continued her fine form shown recently at the Mazda London Triathlon this weekend. Reverting back to her World Champion discipline of XTERRA, Julie today won XTERRA Austria, six minutes clear of Renata Bucher (SUI). Nicola Duggan, who finished third at XTERRA UK, took fifth.

There were several other Brits racing: Karl Shaw finished ninth, Sam Gardner 10th, Asa Shaw 12th and Jim McConnell 27th.

Pos Men Women
1st Michael Weiss (AUT) 2:22:47 Julie Dibens (GBR) 2:52:21
2nd Franky Batelier (FRA) 2:27:30 Renata Bucher (SUI) 2:58:56
3rd Ronny Deitz (GER) 2:28:30 Anna Bayliss-Scheiderbauer (AUT) 3:02:18

Full results from the event can be found here.

The Subaru Ironman Canada ( was in it's 26th edition this weekend. The win was taken by former Ironman UK winner Bryan Rhodes, who once lived in Penticton for three years, and had several top-5 finishes previously stretching back over a decade. If you watched the Ironman Live video coverage, he was clearly ecstatic to finally take the win! The ladies from Team TBB continued their dominance of Ironman racing. Today it was Belinda Granger, recent winner of Ironman 70.3 Antwerp, and a sub-9 hour finisher at Quelle Challenge Roth who took the spoils. A powerful 4:52 bike split, (only 11 minutes slower than race winner Rhodes), did most of the damage.

Pos Men Women
1st Bryan Rhodes (NZL) 8:30:12 Belinda Granger (AUS) 9:17:58
2nd Bernhard Heibl (AUT) 8:34:34 Alison Fitch (AUS) 9:26:15
3rd Jasper Blake (CAN) 8:36:08 Heather Wurtele (CAN) 9:39:51

The Mazda Stockholm Triathlon made it's debut on Sunday, on a beautiful sunny day. The standard distance elite races were won by Lisa Norden from Sweden and Eike Pupkes from Germany. The latest in the portfolio of events form IMG had three distances on offer, and we have the full results on site for the olympic distance, sprint distance and super-sprint.

Strathclyde played host to the National Sprint Distance Championships, including the National Youth and National Junior Champs too. Starting with the youths, Adam Couldrey took the title for the boys, while a familiar surname in the shape of Camilla Freeman took the girls title. Full results here.

Pos Youth Boys Youth Girls
1st Adam Couldrey 35:22 Camilla Freeman 36:59
2nd Peter Anderson 35:47 Lucy Hall 37:57
3rd Will Johnston 35:51 Victoria Johnson 39:07

There was another familiar name at the head of the junior event in the form of Jonathan Brownlee. Sophie Coleman, recent winner at the London Triathlon won the junior girls event. Full results here

Pos Junior Boys Junior Girls
1st Jonathan Brownlee 1:03:54 Sophie Coleman 1:06:44
2nd Thomas Bishop 1:05:58 Lucy Smith 1:09:38
3rd Matthew Sharp 1:06:26 Lucy Chittenden 1:09:49

The senior event, originally due to take place in May but cancelled due to algae bloom, saw a decisive win for David Mcnamee and World Junior Champ Kirsty McWilliam. Both would also take the Scottish titles incorporated within the race. Full results here.

Pos Men Women
1st David Mcnamee (Stirling Tri) 1:02:32 Kirsty McWilliam (Glasgow Tri) 1:10:12
2nd Alan Copland (One Life Racing) 1:04:42 Alison Rowatt (Edinburgh Tri) 1:11:46
3rd Andrew Campbell (Wrecsam Tri) 1:04:56 Anne Ewing (Edinburgh Uni) 1:12:44

First results in this weekend (again!), were from the crew at Concept Sport. The Southampton Fast Twitch Triathlon attracted well over 200 competitors, including one DQ for "abusive behaviour and failing to obey marshall's". Sounds like Olympic Taekwondo! Moving swiftly on... a close race was won by local speedster James Gilfillan (Primera Bournemouth), who edged out Mark Threlfall (TFB) with Chris Birch ( in third. The ladies race was taken by Tracy Cook (Tri UK), who just edged out Katrina Grimmett (Hampshire Police) and Annette McInnes (Basingstoke Tri Squad) further back in third. Full results are available here.

Pos Men Women
1st James Gilfillan (Primera) 1:05:04 Tracy Cook (Tri UK) 1:17:34
2nd Mark Threlfall (Total Fitness Bath) 1:05:51 Katrina Grimmett (Hampshire Police) 1:17:56
3rd Chris Birch ( 1:07:42 Annette McInness (Basingstoke Tri) 1:24:38

The Jordans Bedford Classic was the subject of our how to succeed series, and for 2009 will be a world's qualifier. The event was won by Stephen Harrison, a member of the local FVS Tri club. Stephen was the national age-group champion in 2006 (Wakefield), and needed that quality to win a close race and retain his Bedford title. The ladies race was another closely fought affair, with the win taken by Rachel Joyce (TriLife). Alongside the main event, the mini-tri was won by Rachel Rowan (Thames Turbo) and Gareth Evans (Larkfield AC).

Provisional results can be found on the Galeforce Events website.

Pos Men Women
1st Stephen Harrison (FVS Tri) 2:00:26 Rachel Joyce (TriLife) 2:13:28
2nd Mark Livesey (Total Fitness Bath / Army) 2:01:03 Rachel Stoakes (Mammouth RT) 2:14:22
3rd Darren Treadaway (Rochford / Exclusive Ranges) 2:01:26 Michelle Lee (2XU TFN RT) 2:14:55

Results from the Newmarket Duathlon:

Pos Men Women
1st Will Dorsett (Mammoth Tri) 1:10:22 Tonya Antonis ( 1:19:33
2nd Nathan Miller (53-12 Multisports) 1:11:13 Lynn Emmett (Tri-Anglia) 1:23:49
3rd Nick Grimer (Spalding Tri) 1:11:35 Christine Mowle (East Essex Tri Club) 1:24:32

The final round of the Thames Turbo Triathlon Series benefitted from warm, dry weather - a vast contrast to the arctic like conditions of race one back in March! Edwina Carter's hopes of making it a complete sweep of all four races were dashed when she was hit by a car whilst out training on Saturday, resulting in lots of road rash and a dislocated shoulder, all after returning from her honeymoon... best wishes to you for a swift recovery.

In her absence, home club athlete Lucy Bowen took the win, ahead of Sophie Whitworth (Planet X) and Bethan Hopewell (Ful-on Tri). Thames Turbo regular Dan Corner (Shorter Rochford / Exclusive Ranges) took another win, despite a two-minute penalty for a minor traffic violation, ahead of Thames Turbo athletes Timothy Male and James Stratton. Series titles went to Corner and Carter. Full results here.

Pos Men Women
1st Dan Corner 0:58:53 Lucy Bowen 1:04:36
2nd Timothy Male 0:59:00 Sophie Whitworth 1:05:59
3rd James Stratton 0:59:40 Bethan Hopewell 1:06:33

Another Bank Holiday event was the Stockton Triathlon at the Tees barrage, which hosted standard and sprint distance events. The standard saw a clear victory for Mike Cornes (Mammouth Lifestyle Racing Team) and Georgie Rutherford, while the sprint was won by Nicky Mcgee (East Coast Triathlon Club) and Amanda Cantle (Sun City Triathlon Club). Full results available for the standard and sprint distances.

Results from the sixth Malmesbury Triathlon saw Julian Hatcher take the win, despite a two-minute penalty, from swift veteran Ian White. For the ladies, Lisa Greenfield was a convincing winner. We have the full results here.

Pos Men Women
1st Julian Hatcher 1:01:10 Lisa Greenfield 1:05:40
2nd Ian White 1:01:50 Victoria Webb 1:10:49
3rd Mike Milstead 1:02:40 Leanne Tiley 1:12:10

The Banff Sprint Triathlon took place on Sunday in Scotland, part of the 2008 McIntosh Plant Hire Series. The race was won by Andrew Williams (1:11:45) and Julie Wilson (1:22:20). We have full results on the site.

The Cockerham Village Triathlon took place on Bank Holiday Monday, and saw wins go to Steve Worthington (1:00:30) and Hannah Marshall (1:18:54). We have full results available for you here.

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F3 Events approaching capacity

The final F3 Events Midweek triathlon of the season takes place on Wednesday 27th August at Dorney Lake, Eton. Over 300 athletes raced last month, and with numbers strictly limited, online entry in advance is strongly recommended. There is also sports massage available from Evolution Personal Training. Cost is £15 for 20mins before, during or after the event, depending on whether you are taking part.

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