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30th Jul 2007Issue 21

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Every year since 2000 it has been a bit of an annual ritual to trek off up the M1/M6 or hop on a Virgin out of Euston (train, for those of you with minds otherwise inclined...) and head for the outskirts of Manchester and the home of Mr Lowry. Unlike pretty much any other event we go to, this one is a family affair -- which is perhaps why the elite athletes love it so much. We see the same crew, the same volunteers, event the same competitors every year and Salford Council works its socks off to get it all shiny and bright for the World Cup. This year, with all the BG money in the bank, there were more ITU in town than we have seen in a long time. Les himself was present dispensing wisdom to anyone he cared to and studiously ignoring those he feels might have slighted him. Possibly the most amusing encounter was with a very senior referee who not only stood up to him but ended up getting his way - and so avoiding the debacle of last year's lapped women crashing into athletes in T2.

An event like Salford, indeed any major elite race, is high profile and next weekend will see London's turn to shine in the spotlight. We'll be running a 'How to succeed at...' for London later in the week so it you're heading there for the first time do check that one out. Assuming the Tri247 crew have recovered from this weekend we'll be up at London to provide on-the-spot coverage of the elite races on Sunday.

High profile events do, as we have witnessed over the past three weeks, sometimes have their problems. In the case of the Tour de France it seems to be a fascination with chemical enhancement and we have the first of a highly topical two-parter this week which looks at doping and will shed more than a little light on the ins and outs of EPO, blood doping, testosterone and the rest. Cycling's claims to be taking serious steps to tackle the problem seem to echo the noises which have been coming from the triathlon world for years. However, in triathlon it's definitely the exception rather than the norm, that someone gets caught boosting their performance through pills and potions.

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Weekend action

Without doubt the big race on the calendar was the BG World Cup race in Salford with its supporting age group events. While the World Cup promised the strongest mens field ever assembled in the UK, and the women's field included Vanessa Fernandes, the age group races were about half the size that have been in the past. This was not down to lack of interest - the organisers could have filled the race twice over and more besides - but more a problem of not having anywhere for the transition! Since the event started back in 2000 the transition area has moved virtually every year as a result of the enormous re-development and regeneration work alongside the docks. The home of the age group transition for the last two years is now part of the BBC headquarters complex and Media City developement which meant that this year the athletes were, literally, in the gutter! Given a 200m stretch of road (and you'll have to run that twice each transition) and then move that the best part of 200m from the swim exit and you'll see why the numbers were strictly limited this year!

Incredibly, given the recent rains and not too promisisng forecasts, the entire day stayed bright and dry - if a little cool and breezy. But, for Salford,, dry is good! In the standard distance the winners were Gwilym Morris (Manchester Tri Club) in 2:07:20 and Fiona Ford (Planet X) in 2:18:23. The sprint distance winners were David Oziem (BAD Tri/Fred Baker Cycles) in 1:06:39 and Aimee Backhouse in 1:08:24. Full results are now available, the full distance is here, the sprint is here. (Note, the DSQ athletes are not for penalties but for short bike or run laps. In fact there were no penalties issued.)

At dinner on Saturday night a group of assembled coaches, pundits and commentators picked our winners - Vanessa Fernandes was determined to be a sure bet for the women but opinion was split on the men. Obviously a home victory by Tim Don would be ideal but, based on recent form, a podium place was more of a reasonable possibility. Half the table picked Gomez as the man to beat, the other half picked Simon Whitfield. And that was it - which was interesting given that there were at least six athletes in the field with immediate podium potential!

The women's race went pretty much to form with Fernandez delivering a textbook win and Sam Warriner having to settle for second place this year. Kate Allen showed her return to World Cup form (as opposed to Ironman) and secure the last slot on the podium leaving Andrea Whitcombe as the bridesmaid. Of the other British athletes, Kerry Lang was 22nd, Rosie Clarke 24th, Jodie Swallow 29th and Leanda Cave 36th.

The elite men's race saw several attempts on the bike to get a distance between a lead group and the main pack of nearly 50 athletes with a bit of a tail group of those who had been left behind or were simply there for the experience. On the final lap a block of ten or so made a small separation into T2 with a selection of the top names including Tim Don, Matt Reed and Stuart Hayes. Into the run Don opened a small gap on lap one before Gomez, Kahlefeldt and Whitfield made it back and all four ran together for a further lap until Gomez turned on his trademark mid-race burst and dropped first Don, then Whitfield and finally Kahlefeldt. And that's the way it stayed to the line. So, two fourth places but no medals for GB in either mens or womens but quality performances with Will Clarke in 8th, Stuart Hayes 9th, Alistair Brownlee 20th, Richard Stannard 24th and Ritchie Nicholls 51st.

1Vanessa Fernandes (POR) 2:02:59Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:51:47
2 Sam Warriner (CAN) 2:03:17Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 1:51:59
3 Kate Allen (AUT) 2:03:23Simon Whitfield (CAN) 1:52:04

The other major international race was the Newfoundland 70.3 but IronmanLive seemed to be taking a well-desereved weekend off and there were no live updates or even any reports at all. Come Monday morning the situation still hadn't changed so we went ferretting around the backwaters of the internet to discover a set of results on the timing company's website. No commentary, but obviously the men's race was a close thing as just 28 seconds separated the top two. A full set of results is here.

1 Melissa Ashton 4:32:22 Craig Alexander 3:58:26
2 Magali Tisseyre 4:39:50 Richie Cunningham 3:58:54
3 Nicole Guembel 4:51:30 Marcel Vifian 4:03:38

At the Culford Triathlon the winners were Oliver Milk (Tri-Anglia) in 51:06 and Annabel Gates (BRAT) in 1:00:55. Full results are here.

At the Totton Triathlon down in the New Forest the wins went to James Gilfillan (Primera Bournemouth) in 1:06:37 and Laura Southwold in 1:23:05. Full results are here.

The Prince Bishops Triathlon was won by Paul Godley (Cleveland Biketraks) in 2:17:00 and Donna James (Durham Tri) in 2:30:43. Full results are here.

The Trentham Big Half was won by Toby Jameson (Total Fitness) in 4:03:19 with Wendy Barnes winning the women's race in 5:13:39. The standard distance race was won by Ian Smith (TFN Race Team) in 2:22:39 with Sophie Rees hoisting the women's trophy in 2:48:56. In the sprint distance Paul Skipper ( and Emma Gill were the winners. Provisional results are now on the Fun2Tri website:

The Tri Team Challenge triathlon, a variation on the National Relays but with only three per team doing a 400m swim, 15k bike and 5k run, saw wins for SAUK 'C' in the Male category, Worcester Tri Team in the Mixed and Bendy's Trendys in the Female. Full results are here.

At the Hatfield Triathlon the winners were Chris Fothergill in 1:07:56 and Nicki Parker in 1:19:51. Full results are here.

votwo's Long Swim at Dorney Lake was won by Sean Heppell in 48:41 and Joanna Swallow in 53:16. Full results are here.

ORCA Classic & Sprint Triathlon Competition

SBR Sports have now signed up with, which is fantastic news. The company is the official retailer of the London and Blenheim Triathlon, London Duathlon and F3 Events and they have stores located in Windsor and London.

With the London Triathlon rapidly approaching they still have wetsuits available to hire at unbeatable prices. And remember, there's 10% discount on all orders over ������£75 until the end of July. You can make a final check on how your open water swimming is going at the Dorney Lake open water race on July 29th. As well as the 1.5k swim the facility will be open afterwards for an extended training session.

The ORCA Classic and Sprint triathlons on September 23rd are filling fast, enter now so as not to miss out. And, to celebrate their new partnership with Tri247, SBR Sports are offering two free entries to the event. All you need to do is tell us where this event is taking place? Drop us an email with your answer to The draw will take place on Friday 17th August, so if you are a winner you'll have time to include it in your race plans!


Route planning

Have you seen the exciting Routeplanning section supported by Garmin and Motion based? It tells you all you need to know about how planning and preparation can help with getting more information from your training sessions and how technology, if used appropriately, can make that easier and more fun!

It isn't exactly a 'Route of the Month' but we had the Garmin taken around the XTERRA UK bike course by Sam Gardner, Julie Dibens and Harry Wiltshire who also recorded a photo montage of the route. Now that looks like a mother of a tough bike section! Check it out here.

Why not send in your requests for which routes you would like to be analysed? Or, perhaps, you would like to ride it for us? We'll even lend you a Garmin Edge! Send your suggestions to


Shoe advice

Did you know Tri247 has a Shoe Advice section supported by Saucony?

Every month one lucky reader gets a free pair of trainers by having their shoe question published as the "Question of the month" -- why don't you send in yours and you too could be sporting some great new footwear.

Have you got any questions about running shoes? Then make sure you email them in to and we will get the experts to answer them online!





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