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5th Dec 2011Issue 207

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The year really is drawing to a close - the last full Ironman is done, it'll be March before that beast lumbers back to life with Ironman New Zealand, and we've just one 70.3 in the locker. Domestic races are either off-road or short distance runs and pretty scarce on the calendar so we'll be winding down the newsletter next week as there's simply not enough to cover and you'll all be in holiday/works party mode anyway!

What really marks the year as being pretty much done though is the annual celebration of sport that is the BBC's 'Sports Personality of the Year' and, boy, what a hornet's nest that has turned over this year. No women in the list at all and a BBC presenter claiming that "it hasn't been a great year for women in sport". No less a sportswoman than Chrissie Wellington turned up the heat in the press a week ago and she's just taken another broadside at the whole tawdry process in a long but well-argued and intelligent blog entry on her website.

Whilst I can't help but agree with her that ignoring the contribution women in our sport have played this year - I seem to be able to count three female World Champions at elite level and lost count of the age group ones (apologies if I missed anyone...) - I do feel that something got missed in translation. The title of the award contains the word 'personality' and, like all these reality TV programmes featuring washed-up, self-publicising, half-forgotten and otherwise un-memorable people it's the personality bit that seems to matter these days. So, until Chrissie, Helen, Rachel, Leanda et al (not to mention the Brownlees, Tim, Stuart, Will and the rest of the lads) start partying hard, causing trouble in night clubs and generally raising a bit of hell in foreign parts is anyone going to take them seriously. A drunken night out on the town is going to garner more column inches and get more notice than winning something that the average journalist can't spell and even less comprehend.

In this issue:


Weekend action

They wheeled out the elephants again in Laguna Phuket this weekend as the resort played host to the Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championships. Conditions were very different to last week though as torrential downpours managed to disrupt things - but not enough to stop Michael Raelert breaking the course record by an impressive eight minutes. Hot-favourite Chris Lieto wiped out on the bike course and withdrew while Massimo Cigana couldn't pull off the back-to-back win and ended up sixth.

Melissa Rolinson pulled out all the stops on the run and produced an emphatic win ahead of living legend Natascha Badmann with last weekend's winner, Radka Vodickova, was third. British hopes rested with Emma-Kate Lidbury and Tamsin Lewis who finshed fourth and fifth respectively.

Many thanks to Freespeed's Richard Melik for keeping us updated over the weekend and providing images for a gallery we'll get loaded very shortly.

Pos Male Female
1 Michael Raelert (GER) 03:51:36 Melissa Rollison (AUS) 04:17:01
2 Richie Cunningham (AUS) 03:57:16 Natascha Badmann (SUI) 04:30:42
3 Paul Matthews (AUS) 03:58:24 Radka Vodickova (CZE) 04:34:50

The weather in Busselton for the SunSmart Ironman Western Australia was somewhat warmer and definitely drier, even the water was over 21°! Timo Bracht took the men's title while an unknown Kiwi, to us at least, Michelle Bremer, landed what may well have been a first Ironman=first win as the longest distance we can find on her sheet is the Ultimate, a hybrid 2k/120k/20k race in Canberra. Yvette Grice finished seventh woman and Dion Harrison was 85th in 9:57:07.

Pos Male Female
1 Timo Bracht (GER) 08:12:39 Michelle Bremer (NZL) 09:25:38
2 Clayton Fettell (AUS) 08:19:02 Michelle Mitchell (AUS) 09:28:07
3 Jason Shortis (AUS) 08:27:31 Carrie Lester (AUS) 09:32:44

Saturday's racing in the UK involved mud - lots of it! We've links to the Grim Challenge results and to the MudMan results as well, the latter saw Richard Stannard take his second victory in the six-race series with Kate Robson (BRAT) again topping the results ahead on Aileen Anderson (Bath Amphibians). Jim McConnel has already delivered his race report and he was sporting a GoPro camera so we might even get to see some video if we're lucky.

Pos Male Female
1 Richard Stannard 1:49:41 Kate Robson (BRAT) 2:10:02
2 Hugh Torry (Serpentine RC) 1:52:17 Aileen Anderson (Bath Amphibians TC) 2:12:33
3 Matt Chapman (SLH Tri Club) 1:52:55 Fay Cripps (Southdowns Bikes) 2:20:23

Sunday gave us a second helping of Grim Challenge and the Black Country Triathletes Splash & Dash aquathlon. Headline results from the latter are below, the full results, courtesy of StuWeb, are linked here.

Pos Male Female
1 Philip Wolfe (Mammoth Lifestyle RT) 21:58 Sophie Tabor (BUTT) 28:28
2 Mike Cornes (Mammoth Lifestyle RT/BCT) 22:39 Emma Bexson (Stratford on Avon AC) 28:46
3 David Jubb (Worcester Tri) 22:52 Robyn Brazier (Stafford Tri) 29:24

Click below for links to all the results from this weekend, and remember, where you see the triVIEWER icon, you can re-live your race in graphical simulation form!


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