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10th Oct 2011Issue 199

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Well, you had us all worried for a bit there Chrissie! Taking a tumble on the bike a few days before the biggest event in your 2011 calendar was certainly an unplanned part of the training programme. And, judging from the images on your website, it must have been pretty painful to boot. But what we couldn't see from those images was the fact that you had injured your pecs as well and the resulting impact on your swim time must have given more than a few of your competitors and compatriots a glimmer of hope that the apparently invincible might just be human after all.

Your coach knows all about chasing down the leader out there on the Queen K and I'm guessing that more than a little bit of that classic Iron War footage was spooling through your mind as you set about reeling them in. Sitting in a darkened room in the middle of the night in Lanzarote and trying to keep track of all that was happening on the other side of the world wasn't as much fun as being there in 2009 and watching you win for real but as far as victories goes I'll take Saturday's over all the rest as the pick of the bunch so far. Thanks for the pleasure of watching you prove to the world, once again, that you really are the top of the pile! And huge thanks also to Julie, Caroline, Leanda, Rachel and Mirinda for making it one of the most interesting women's races in Kona that I can remember in more than a decade.

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Weekend action

We have already covered the events out at the Ford Iornman World Championships in Kona in enough detail here that you probably don't need us to go through it all over again but we've also updated John Levison's stats pages to reflect that fact that another two sub-9 women's times have been written into the history books and both Leanda Cave and Rachel Joyce have posted faster Kona times than previously so the UK Iron Women page gets a refresh too. With John still away I'm not messing with his analysis - he'll add his comments later - but we are keeing the scorecards current.

Pos Men Women
1 Craig Alexander (AUS) 8:03:56 [CR] Chrissie Wellington (GBR) 8:55:08
2 Pete Jacobs (AUS) 8:09:11 Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) 8:57:57
3 Andreas Raelert (GER) 8:11:07 Leanda Cave (GBR) 9:03:29

As a sort of pre-Kona lava fest we had headed out to Lanzarote with a bunch of lovely ladies, two solo and a relay team, for the OceanLava half ironman distance event. Turning the clock back to when Ironman Lanzarote was rightly, feared as one of the toughest events on the circuit rather than being another 'destination race', Kenneth Gasque is building a whole new event from the ground up to tempt back those who simply love a challenge. Now in its second year OceanLava is a stripped back to basics affair that definitely offers triathletes a real season closer to remember. While it may leave out the northern segment of the full Ironman course with its monster climbs of Haria and Mirador del Rio it adds in a brutal 21% assault at Femes stuck between a reverse El Golfo loop and the classic Fire Mountains loop. Those who have done the Ironman will have seen Femes up to the left as they climb up past the two petrol stations to Yaiza, some may have even tackled the brute on the way back from a ride to Playa Blanca - it's not to be trifled with!

We have a report from the race here.

Pos Male Female
1 Sebastian Kienle 4:14:40 Michelle Vesterby 4:52:02
2 Thomas Hellriegel 4:21:34 Eva Ledesma Calvet 4:57:30
3 David Rodriquez Rodriquez 4:21:36 Tamsin Lewis 4:58:41

The ITU's second tier of races, the World Cup series, turned up in Hutalco, Mexico with the field spiced up a little by the inclusion of the most successful ITU female athlete ever, Vanessa Fernandes, and Joao Silva who won the WCS event in Yokohama a couple of weeks ago. As things turned out neither of these featured on the podium with Matt Chrabot and Juri Ide taking the wins. British interest in the women's race included Aileen Morrison (IRL) in fourth and Vanessa Raw in 10th. Gavin Noble (IRL) was a DNF.

Pos Men Women
1 Matt Chrabot (USA) 02:00:37 Juri Ide (JPN) 02:12:52
2 Richard Murray (RSA) 02:00:50 Annamaria Mazzetti (ITA) 02:13:39
3 Bruno Pais (POR) 02:01:05 Marina Damlaimcourt (ESP) 02:13:52

Pretty quiet on the domestic front and results have been slow to trickle through but so far the Run Kingston 8.2 and 16-mile races and the Stirling Aquathlon are posted.


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