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14th Sep 2011Issue 196

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Another week into the old job and it's another trip down memory lane - sorry, but that's just the way it goes sometimes! Glancing through the age group results from Beijing a name jumps off the screen: surely not, it can't be the same person? Oh yes it can, it's just that it was her slightly lesser-known sister. Can you name the only woman who has, in the same year, won the ITU World Championships and Ironman Hawaii? She's a fantastic athlete but, even more impressively, a fantastic human being as well - her name is Karen Smyers and if you trawl the archives you'll find plenty of evidence to support that. She's beaten thyroid cancer, survived being sideswiped by a truck, recovered from a severed Achilles tendon when she stepped back off a ladder and went through a pane of glass - she even survived meeting Jen and I in an elevator in Montreal at the 1999 World Championships! Last time I met her was in Kona where she was supporting her athletes from the sidelines rather than racing but, just like her sister Donna in Beijing, she keeps popping up in results. I have no idea what keeps people like Karen, Donna and even last week's remembered hero, Greg Bennett, motivated to the point where they continue to deliver outstanding performances over decades but it does seem that it's more common in triathlon than almost any other sport I can think of.

Which brings us to the potential longevity of our current crop of heroes. Will we still be seeing the Brownlee name delivering world class performances in a decade's time? Or what of Helen Jenkins, Matthew Sharp, David McNamee or Tom Bishop? Will Ms Wellington still be the dominant force in women's long distance? All, of course, completely un-answerable but there's enough precedent out there to believe that we could be in for a few more good years yet.

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Weekend action

Let's start with the obvious: GB triathlon rocks! It has been a massive weekend across the triathlon world and we've had medals by the truckload from the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Beijing starting with Stannard's aquathlon victory in the middle of last week and continuing through the U23s, the elite men and women and the age groupers. We've been posting stories over the weekend from the top end of the championships but the age groupers are where all this started and the medal tally here is truly impressive. We've also loaded full results from both Sprint and Standard championships into the database so you can tag them or even run them through TriViewer.

Standard distance
Gold Kate Robson F30-34 02:20:13
Gold Colin Dixon M40-44 02:03:31
Silver Rob Caune M55-59 02:25:52
Silver Sarah Barrett F60-64 02:47:38
Bronze Kate Burley F20-24 02:24:09
Bronze Graham Leitch M25-29 02:02:51
Bronze Shona Girdwood F40-44 02:22:35
Bronze Mark Hirsch M45-49 02:07:14
Bronze Penny Rother F50-54 02:27:57
Bronze Kim Shaw F55-59 02:43:23
Bronze Michael Skivington M55-59 02:28:10
Sprint distance
Gold Ryan Hanlon M20-24 01:05:40
Gold Laura Siddall F30-34 01:08:57
Gold James Stephenson M30-34 01:07:19
Gold Sara Burling F45-49 01:15:42
Gold Mary Hardwick F50-54 01:22:24
Gold Michael Dunne M60-64 01:15:01
Gold Michael Smallwood M65-69 01:17:03
Silver Anna Turvey F30-34 01:11:55
Silver Ian Thwaites M30-34 01:07:20
Silver Gaelle Lebray F35-39 01:17:06
Silver David McDougall M35-39 01:09:00
Silver Andrew Shipton M40-44 01:09:01
Silver Sharon Hill F45-49 01:20:40
Silver David Hamdroff M45-49 01:09:05
Silver Ian Smith M50-54 01:11:26
Silver Elaine Scott F60-64 01:34:34
Bronze Katie Henderson F30-34 01:12:27
Bronze Barry Marshallsay M35-39 01:10:09
Bronze Philip Goode M40-44 01:09:30
Bronze Jane Saunders F50-54 01:25:16
Bronze Keith Mahon M50-54 01:11:47
Bronze Joanna Lewis F55-59 01:30:15
Bronze Christine O'Reilly F60-64 01:37:04
Bronze Georgina Jennings F65-69 01:58:06

Is there a stand-out story from Beijing? Depends on your point of view but it could well be that the most significant single result was actually the Bronze medal in the elite men's race. Why? It's Jonathan's first year as a senior athlete and he hasn't started a race that he didn't finish in the top three - and he's occupied all the steps on the podium during the season. Of course, as with any investment, past performance is no guarantee of future success but you've pretty much got to put an each-way on someone with the Brownlee name standing on a podium in Hyde Park next year.

We've briefly covered the Ironman Wales race elsewhere, many thanks to our team down there for some great videos and there's a montage video and a couple of photo galleries now added. When a Welsh native describes the course as tough you know that the organisers have definitely created something that's going to be regarded as harder than the norm - and the weather obviously added a sting in the tail for the later finishers.

British hopes of a podium place in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships were being kept alive by Julie Dibens but despite a promising start which saw her leading off the bike but then rapidly overtaken by Melissa Rollison. Dibens pulled out during the run section leaving the best placed Brit at Leanda Cave in sixth with Emma-Kate Lidbury making eighth.

In the mens race we seem to have lost Paul Amey after the swim leaving Fraser Cartmell to carry the flag and he was certainly storming in the early bike with a serious challenge for the bike prime although it's not clear if he actually took that from the online commentary. The eventual winner, even after a wheel change thanks to the neutral service crew, was Craig Alexander.

A scan of the age group results on the IronmanLive tracking system hasn't shown up any GB category winners at this stage but the country classifications are sometimes a bit questionable so if anyone knows different please let us know.

Pos Men Women
1 Craig Alexander (AUS) 3:54:48 Melissa Rollison (AUS) 4:20:55
2 Chris Lieto (USA) 3:58:03 Karin Thuerig (CHE) 4:26:52
3 Jeff Symons (CAN) 3:58:42 Linsey Corbin (USA) 4:29:25

Toby Radcliffe took ninth place in 9:32:49 in a race where both male and female winners came from behind during the run to claim victory. Ireland's Liam Dolan was 16th overall and won the 30-34 age group.

Pos Men Women
1 Ezequiel Morales (ARG) 8:45:18 Jessica Jacobs (USA) 9:41:03
2 Stefan Schmid (GER) 8:57:51 Meredith Kessler (USA) 9:50:45
3 Mac Brown (USA) 9:08:14 Whitney Garcia (USA) 10:03:53


Capernwray Clearwater Autumn Triathlon (Olympic and Sprint Distance) - 2nd October

Hosted at Capernwray Dive Centre on the edge of The Lake District National Park on 2nd October 2011.

The swim takes place in the sparkling and still warm spring fed waters of the Dive Centre, which is possibly the safest and officially the second cleanest open water in the UK.

Find out more here

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