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16th Jul 2007Issue 19

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It's all too easy to take a pop at the French: they run a brilliantly organised Grand Prix race on the Friday, have their annual mega-bash for Bastille Day on the Saturday and then muddle through on the Sunday making what appears to be a bit of a botch job of running a World Championship. Well, at least they got the Elite bit sorted and once three Frenchmen had filled the podium they probably lost the plot as far as all the age groupers were concerned... Stories of penalties being issued for unzipped trisuits, athletes registered on the ITU's system not appearing on the organiser's timing system and medals being given to the wrong people altogether. We figured something was wrong on Sunday when the first set of results went up - by Monday we knew for sure, it was definitely a 'couillonnade'.

Gold and Bronze in the women's elite in the Long Distance Championships plus Julie Dibens hitting the podium at the Lifetime Fitness - it all looked pretty good from this side of the keyboard but it must have been bitterly disappointing for those age groupers who simply didn't know what was going on. And who, after all, are the people who actually subsidise the elite races. When I last went to a World Championships it was only 12 athletes per country per category and then they raised it to 18 (that's 50% more entry fees) and now it's 20 with the host nation allowed 25. Make no mistake, putting on high-profile elite races is expensive. Without age groupers to underwrite the funding you either need great sponsorship of some kind of subsidy to make the books balance.

And, over the next three weekends, we'll be seeing all three of those scenarios in action. Next weekend sees the Corus Elite Series hit London's Hyde Park with an eliminator-style supersprint format, the following weekend features the BG World Cup race in Salford with a small supporting age group field and then the weekend after we have the two-day spectacle that is the Michelob ULTRA London Triathlon. Tri247 will be at all three with extended coverage so keep us on your favourites list!

In this issue:

Win Tour de France stuff

With 'Tour Fever' now in full flow, Garmin are running a competition to win one of 23 signed Team Milram jerseys from each day of this year's Tour de France. Team Milram has 27 riders including Erik Zabel and Garmin has supplied the team with its Edge 305 heart rate and cadence monitoring GPS devices for use during training and racing. You can follow their progress throughout the Tour on MotionBased:

To enter the Garmin competition just click on this link!

Boardman Bikes are also giving away one of their Pro road bikes each week while the tour is on in conjunction with ITV Sport. Chris Boardman is doing a daily podcast for them and providing background features and updates, all part of the sponsorship tie-in with Halfords and BikeHut. For details of the daily TV schedules (it's normally going to be on ITV4), the podcasts and the competition see the ITV Sport Tour minisite:

Infinit Nutrition offer

A few weeks ago we told you about a new, customised nutrition product from Infinit Nutrition. Well, we have been trialling it and it certainly seems to deliver what it promises based on our tests. In fact, we like the idea so much that we've arranged a special discount so our Tri247 readers can give it a go and see how it works for themselves.

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Weekend action

The weekend started early with the third round of the French Grand Prix being run as a warm-up for the World Long Distance Championships at Lorient. This year we have a host of GB athletes who are attached to French teams and some of the big names that you might have expected to see out at the Lifetime Fitness event in Minneapolis chose to stay behind for club duty. Javier Gomez (ESP) 'won' the mens event only to get disqualified for what we thin was the failure to put his helmet into the box in T2 - harsh, possibly, but not unheard of... The end result was that Brad Kahlefeldt was declared the winner with Will Clarke in second and Frederic Belaubre third. Good result for Clarke, especially given that it was Friday 13th and he's been having a lot of bike-related troubles in recent races. Stu Hayes was 5th, Alistair Brownlee was 6th - a great effort for his first outing in this tough series, Tim Don was 12th after getting into trouble on the swim and missing the first and second pack - a situation which a 15:52 fastest run split couldn't resolve. Nathan Shaw was 23rd, Richie Nicholls, who continues to impress with his transition from duathlon, was 30th with a top 10 run split of 16:35, Aaron Harris 36th, Fraser Cartmell 40th, Mark Threlfall 45th, and Blair Cartmell 65th.

In the women's competition, Britain's European Junior Champion, Hollie Avil, put herself on the podium with a third place finish behind Andrea Hewitt (NZL) and Erin Densham (AUS). Avil has now had a fifth and two thirds in three outings in this series, confirmation - if that were needed - that's she really is developing into a potentially world-class athlete. Carole Bridge finished 10th having run through from the second bike group, Merga Kiviranta was 14th (we still have no idea who she is!), Alice Hector 15th and Vicky Holland 16th. If you dig hard enough on the FFTri website you'll eventually find the results...

In the $250,000 Lifetime Fitness race out in Minneapolis the honours (and the bigger bucks) went to Greg Bennett (AUS), Bruno Pais (POR) and Craig Alexander (AUS) for the men and Vanessa Fernandes (POR), Emma Snowsill (AUS) and Julie Dibens for the women. Julie came out of the swim with the leading women and promptly stuck a two minute advantage into the bike leg but it wasn't enough as Fernandes and Snowsill both managed to outrun her and then some. Looks like Michelle Dillon was a no-show. The full results are on the Lifetime Fitness website:

At the ITU World Long Distance Championships in Lorient the defending champions were out of luck or, in Bella's case, out of town. Still, one Brit's absence means that it's another's gain and Leanda Cave took the gold medal after establishing a lead on the bike that never looked like being troubled. Erika Csomor (HUN) finished second and Catriona Morrison was in third place for the Bronze while Chrissie Wellington was fifth and Yvette Grice was 14th. In the men's race it was a clean sweep for the French with Julien Loy taking the win with Xavier Le Floch second and Sebastien Berlier third. Defending champion Torbjorn Sindballe (DEN) was 4th, having been in the lead at T2, while the best GB result was Fraser Cartmell in 12th with Stephen Bayliss 20th, Joe Gambles 22nd and Alun Woodward 29th. And, yes, we did say Fraser Cartmell - he did both Friday and Sunday races...

The age group results are a bit difficult to believe - the fastest female is, apparently, in the V6 category - 65-69... There's also an appearance in there by one Rob Barel, now racing as an age grouper after a distinguished Pro career. However, subject to confirmation, we think that there are six medals to add to the Gold and Bronze in the Elite race. Silver for Michael Martin (20-24), Silver for Geoff Ayres (45-49), Gold for Freya Bloor (20-24), Silver for Jeannie Fry (40-44), Bronze for Lynda Massey (45-49) and Gold for Hilary Webber (55-59).

We have now spoken to Howard Vine, the GB Team Manager, and it definitely looks like the French dropped the boule on this one... At least two GB medallists are not listed on any results; Daf Belt got Silver and Peter Howard got Gold. Tracy Horne should have had a Bronze - that was given to someone else - and David Jones, who we had down for a Bronze in the 25-29 category and is now shown as a DQ, may well be one of the names that was dropped out of the system rather than there being any penalty. And, talking of penalties, they were being dished out as six and 12 minutes for drafting offences yet there are no record of any showing on the results... Hopefully the ITU website ( or the French timing company site ( should have them sorted sometime soon...

Pos Men Women
1 Julien Loy (FRA) 3:30:10 Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:04:03
2 Xavier Le Floch (FRA) 3:36:19 Erika Csomor (HUN) 4:05:20
3 Sebastien Berlier (FRA) 3:36:40 Catriona Morrison (GBR) 4:05:57

Pretty much as predicted last Tuesday by our resident statistician, John Levison, the winners at the third and final race in the Hillingdon Triathlon Series were Clark Schofield (Hillingdon Triathletes) in 1:14:19 and Ruth Hutton (SLH) in 1:17:25. Full results are here for the triathlon and here for the duathlon, we'll have a full result in the week and there's even the promise of a very rare and highly desirable 'Bike of the Race'...

Hillingdon Triathlon Series winners were Justin Corcoran, Steve Hyett (Hillingdon) in the Vet category and Robert Doyle (Hillingdon) in the Super Vet category. Ladies series winner was Jackie Wastell (London Heathside) with Sarah Jackson winning the Vet category. Jez Cox (Planet X) won all three duathlons. Mark Kleanthous missed the vets series win by a single point - he has now done the Hillingdon Triathlon on more than 50 occasions - that's more events than most people have ever done, all at one race.

At the Wilkins Kennedy Grays Triathlon in Essex, three course records were broken (fastest male swim and fastest male and female runs) with wins going to Mark Brooks (Tri Sport Epping) in 0:57:55 and Jade Edwards (Tri Sport Epping) in 1:06:06. Full results are here.

The White Oak Triathlon got hit by the Sunday morning rain storms but they didn't stop winners Mark Buce in 1:12:08 and Susan Fairfax (Crystal Palace Triathletes) in 1:30:22. Full results are here.

At the Avon Tyrrell Super Sprint the wins went to Chris Birch (East Street Cycles) in 0:55:00 and Julie Treadwell in 1:14:48. Full results are here.

Gosfield Lake saw its first standard distance triathlon with the wins going to Billy Parker Brown (Tri Sport Epping) in 2:06:26 and Sarah Benjamin (Triathlon Essex) in 2:34:33. Full results are here.

At the Borders Sports and Leisure Trust Selkirk Sprint the wins went to Alan Copland in 1:00:48 and Lisa Tweddle in 1:10:21. Full results are here and results from the Novice event are here.

Even further north, the Orkney Sprint was won by Angus Peden in 1:02:55 and Kirsty Murray in 1:15:06. Full results are here.

Results are in from the Bath Standard and Bath Sprint races. In the full distance event, wins were recorded by Matt Robinson (Torbay Tri) in 2:07:46 and Holly Lawrence (Somerset RC Tri) in 2:35:13. In the sprint distance the winners were Jason Hill (BAD Tri) in 1 :16:19 and Bobyn Golding (BAD Tri) in 1:23:59. Full results are here for the standard and here for the sprint.

Manchester Tri Club's Boundary Breeze was another rain-affected event and we only have the headline results at this time. Winners were Nick Riding ( Warrington Tri) in 01:03:03 and Jacqui Slack (Manchester Tri) in 01:10:14. In the Youth/Supersprint event honours went to Louis Szymanski (Radcliffe SC) in 41:47 and Jodie Taylor (Tri Cycle NW) in 58:09.

The NYP Ripon Triathlon was won by Martin Cain (GMC Fire Service Tri) in 2:08:02 and Donna James (Durham Tri) in 2:19:15. Full results are here.

Provisional results are in for the Ironbridge Classic and Sprint triathlons. Winners for the Classic were Daniel Stevens ( in 1:53:02 and Cathlyn Orchard (BRAT) in 2:19:34. In the Sprint race the overall winner is shown as Claire Macey (Swindon Tri) in 0:59:56 with Peter Mallison (Newcastle Tri) winning the mens race in 1:09:51. We won't upload these yet, you can check them out on the Fun2Tri website:

This weekend's 'Missing in Action' races include the Beaver and Little Beaver, the Tuska Triathlon and the Andover Sprint and Childrens events. We'll add them online as and when they filter through.





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