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25th Jun 2007Issue 16

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There's no doubt at all that this weekend was the weekend of the Iron Monsters. With three WTC-franchise Ironman races, the old Roth full distance, the Buffalo Springs 70.3 and the European (not so very) Long Distance Championships all happening on the same day there was a feeling at times that nothing else was really going on! Doubtless some statistician will show that it was the equivalent of going to the moon and back (and we're sure that some competitors felt like they had done that on their own!) but the weekend also showed that there are so many long distance events that the pro athletes can afford to be a little choosy. Of all of the races Roth was probably the most exciting and certainly the one with the most recognizable field - and that's the race that stepped away from the WTC franchise and the Hawaii qualification process. On the other hand, the WTC folk did manage to cover four events live on two continents which was, in its own way, an amazing achievement. Cracking job there, Kevin!

Highlight of the domestic scene was the Dambuster, and more of that in a moment, but for those looking for something that little bit different there was always the Pennine Challenge/Pennine Duathlon or the even more 'off-the-wall' PowerBar Three Peaks Yacht Race. This combines yachting and mountain running (and a little bit of cycling) into one of the oddest challenges in British sport. Despite the fact that we have never heard of it, the race is now in its 30th year and the sail/run format has been copied in similar races as far away Hong Kong and Tasmania. Teams of three sailors and two runners sail from Barmouth on the Welsh coast to Fort William in Scotland, via Caernarfon and Whitehaven, climbing to the summits of Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis on the way.That's 389 miles of sailing, 18 miles of cycling and 72 miles of running, with 14,000 feet of ascent to reach the highest points in Wales, England and Scotland.

So, just remember, as you sit there thinking that there seems to be nothing much different going on in the world of multisport, that there's an entire bunch of stuff out there which makes triathlon look positively sane and ordinary! And, what's more, it's just there waiting to be done... Who wants to bet that next year we'll get the first female finisher on the Pennine Duathlon?

In this issue:

Xtreme Terrain Festival

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Weekend action

A record-breaking field entered the Dambuster, many with hopes for a slot at the World Championships as it was offering four slots per age group for both Hamburg (2007) and Vancouver (2008). Because of the size of the field, and due to local road construction, the bike route was modified from previous years making it approximately 42k. The overall winners were Dan Corner and Felicity Hart, Laurence Harding's hopes of both back-to-back wins and a slot for the Worlds were done in by a puncture early in the bike. (Full results are here and we also have a race report here.)

Pos Men Women
1 Dan Corner 1:57:21 Felicity Hart 2:10:25
2 Richard Laidlow 2:01:15 Lindsay Smith 2:13:01
3 Mark Couldwell 2:01:47 Emma-Kate Lidbury 2:13:37

Out at the European Long Distance Championships in Brasschat, Belgium it was a home victory for Frederik van Lierde (we think he's Luc's cousin but there seems to be conflicting information...) while Jonas Colting (SWE) took the Silver and Stephen Bayliss had to settle for Bronze. Joseph Gamble, who the online commentary site lists as GBR, was fifth but we thought he was Australian... Anyone got more information on that one? Other Pro Brits included Scott Neyedli in 22nd, Sam Renouf in 38th and Nick Saunders in 49th. In the womens race Charlotte Kolters (DEN) took the Gold medal with Tine Deckers (BEL) and Alice Hector filling out the podium for the second GB medal of the day. Bella Comerford had to settle for fourth with Sara Gross in fifth and Yvette Grice in eighth. We have re-processed the online results for both age group and elite and you can see them here.

It was a tussle following three iron-distance races but the fastest home, as always, were the folk racing the Quelle Challenge Roth. For a while it looked like both the mens and womens records might go -- but neither did. Chris McCormack (AUS) missed out (!) with a 7:54:23, Lanzarote winner Eneko Llanos (ESP) turned in an 8:06:06 and Peter Jacobs (AUS) an 8:09:18. The womens race saw the first two dip under the magic '9' with Yvonne van Klerken (NED) getting the second-ever fastest time in 8:51:55, Jo Lawn (NZL) took second with an 8:58:25 (she won last year in 9:01:17) and Belinda Granger (AUS) went 9:07:56 for third. Results will be online from Monday:

Ironman Switzerland was marginally faster than France with Ronnie Schildknecht (SUI) coming home to an ecstatic welcome in 8:25:00 ahead of Mathias Hecht (SUI) in 8:32:48, he was second last year as well, and Jozsef Major (HUN) in 8:40:05 who made up ten minutes on the run. For the women, Rebecca Preston (AUS) was home in 9:20:43, well ahead of Sibylle Matter (SUI)in 9:26:06 and Alison Fitch (AUS) took third in 9:31:47. Congratulations to Mark Stenning on winning his age group (35-39) in 9:05:56 but just look at who was fourth! Laurent Jalabert was 966th out of the swim and was up to 42nd by the start of the run, OK so he is an ex-pro biker although he wasn't the fastest on two wheels in Switzerland, but then he ran a 3:11 marathon to place 22nd overall in 9:12:37 -- ahead of Martin Yelling. That's awesome, anyone fancy teaching him how to swim better? Tri247's Paul Shanley made it to the finish line in a respectable 13:43:53 so that's another thing ticked off on his list and next year we'll have him doing the Deca... We expect that the full results will be on their site Monday morning:

Ironman France, which you might have imagined as being a slow race given the climbs into the Alpes Maritime, proved that anything that goes up comes down quicker! The defending champion, Marcel Zamora Perez (ESP) made up a 4:35 deficit at T2 to take the win in 8:38:45 ahead of Gilles Reboul (FRA) in 8:44:01 while Patrick Bringer was hard pressed to salvage third place in 8:46:09 ahead of an age grouper, Bruno Clerbout (BEL)! In the womens race Alexandra Louison (FRA) set a new course record in 9:49:11 ahead of Kathrin Paetzold in 9:53:05 and Tine Tretner (both GER) in 9:57:25. Fiona Ford, occasional Tri247 columnist and seriously good age grouper, obviously did get some benefit from that Spencer Smith coaching as she rocked up in ninth overall with a 10:32:21 while Michelle Parsons was 18th in 11:11:43. Rob Moorhead-Lane, Fiona's partner and the other athlete on the Spencer programme, turned in a respectable 11:17:45 which, we think, means that Fi gets the Hawaii slot and Rob gets to carry the bags! IM France have promised that all the results will be live on their site Monday morning:

Round Two of the French Grand Prix at Dunkirk saw Nicky Samuels (NZL) win the womens race after a breakaway on the bike with Andrea Hewitt (NZL) just holding off Avril Holly for second. Holly let the more experienced Hewitt get away in T2 and had to chase hard to catch back up, Hewitt then ran with her but held back enough to out-sprint her for the finish. Jess Harrison was 6th with Rosie Clarke 8th, fellow Loughborough student Carol Bridge in 12th and Victoria Wilkinson 48th. In the mens race Frederic Belaubre (FRA) made a return from injury to take the win with Steffen Justus and Maik Petzold (both GER) making up for the fact that they didn't get a run-out in Des Moines to get in some quality racing before the Europeans. Karl Shaw was 16th, borther Nathan was 24th, Dann Brook was 29th and Richard Stannard 32nd. Fraser Cartmell finished in 44th while Will Clarke apparently ended up on the floor again (nice wet cobbles...) but recovered and finished both bike and run in 54th and Blair Cartmell was 66th. Full results and splits are on the French Federation site (see the 'Scratch' categories).

The Ironman Coeur d'Alene in Idaho had a carbon copy finish to last year's Lake Placid event in that Victor Zyemtsev tracked down the long-time leader Tom Evans making up an eight minute T2 deficit to catch and then run alongside him for the last two miles. With about a half mile to go Zyemtsev moved ahead to take the win by one minute in 8:33:32. Tom Evans finished in 8:34:34 and Michael Lovato was third in 8:40:39. Somewhat oddly there don't seem to have been any female Pro athletes at the race, although this may be a coding issue in their data, and the womens race was won by Kim Young in 10:27:55 with Haley Cooper second in 10:42:57 and Solette Kummer third in 10:43:08. Actually, as a couple of people have pointed out, there's nothing odd about it at all - IM CdA and IM Lake Placid alternate between male and female pro fields, this year it was CdA doing the men and Lake Placid will have the women in a few weeks time. We blame the Editor's confusion on sleep deprivation... See their website for results:

At the ITU's BG Edmonton World Cup it was Emma Moffatt (AUS) who just edged out Kirsten Sweetland (CAN) for the win with Annabell Luxford (AUS) taking third place. In the mens race it was Olympic Silver medallist Bevan Docherty (NZL) who took the win with Alexander Brukhankov (RUS) in second place and Sven Riederer (SUI) in third. You can get the race report and full results on the ITU website:

Back on domestic soil again it was the Concept Sport crew leading the results chase yet again, this time for their Marlborough Fast Twitch race. Chris Rhodes (MAD Tri) won overall while the women's race was won in impressive style by Junior athlete Rosy Murray (Chapel Tri Stars). (Full results are here)

At the pool-based Mid-Sussex Triathlon wins were recorded by Mark Bashford (East Grinstead TC) and Elisabeth Brama (Brighton Phoenix). (Full results are here)

In in Scotland for the Knockburn Triathlon it seems that the weather was particularly grim with continuous rain throughout the event - thank goodness for the new changing rooms and undercover registration area then! Adam Chmielowski ( and Jennifer Eilertsen, a Dundee University dentistry student, won the male and female categories. (Full results are here)

The Chester Tri organised Royles Deva Triathlon celebrated its tenth running in nine years (we are still trying to figure that one out as well...) and the first wet one in seven years. Wins went to Paul Hawkins (Planet X) and Nicola King (Tri Preston). (Provisional results are here)

At the Harwich Triathlon wins were recorded by Richard Haines and Jade Edwards. The organisers have asked us not to upload these to our database so you'll find them here on their club website.

We sent John Coxon off to the Pennines to track the notorious Pennine Relentless Challenge (a 100 mile trail race) and the Pennine Duathlon (an off-road 26.2M, 100M, 26.2M). The Challenge race was won in record time by Richard Thon in 27 hours 7 minutes, beating Ian William's previous record by some two hours. Dan Afshra was second in 28 hours 43 minutes with Coln McCoy finished third in 32 hours 25 minutes.

Two female runners( Fiona Cameron and Linsey Stewart) and 24 male runners hit the Pennine Bridle Way route on Saturday morning but torrential and freezing rain from 11pm into the small hours and atrocious visibility saw the field decimated to just eight athletes who made it to the finish. As testament to just how arduous this race is, a very tired Richard Thon's first two words as he crossed the finish were unprintable, but he added more sombrely "I just can't imagine a tougher course."

The 150 mile Pennine Duathlon, run over the same course, saw just one finisher, Andrew Boyd, home in 32 hours and 5 minutes from a starting field of ten men. In 2006 only two started and neither finished! There are no longer distance events in either discipline in the UK; a previous competitor, Ben Thackwray, who was third last year explained, "It's the total distance, in terms of the ascents and descents it is the exact equivalent, of running up and down Mount Everest from sea level". Rory Coleman of Ambition Events, and himself a veteran of 541 marathons and holder of nine Guinness World Records for running, declared "We are absolutely delighted that someone has finally finished this incredible event." The 2008 race is currently scheduled for 21st and 22nd June, see their website for results and details:

The Saffron Walden Triathlon saw the top two male athletes picking up penalties, although that didn't actually affect the overall outcome. Peter Slijhuis (Science in Sport) held off last week's Windsor Sprint winner, Billy Parker-Brown (Tri and Run) to take the win while Jackie Wastell (London Heathside AC) had an unblemished passage to victory in the womens race. (Full results are here)

At the AXLR8 Wellington Triathlon, held at Wellington College which, like Eton College, is home of one of the coldest outdoor swimming pools in the world, the winners were Charles Pennington and Ciara Williams. (Full results are here)


Route planning

Have you seen the exciting Routeplanning section supported by Garmin and Motion based? It tells you all you need to know about how planning and preparation can help with getting more information from your training sessions and how technology, if used appropriately, can make that easier and more fun!

Our new Route of the Month features the bike route from the Bournemouth Triathlon, which is in keeping with the speed theme that's been going on thanks to The Snake's review of the Trek Equinox last week. If you fancy a day out by the sea and a bit of a blast then this one's definitely for you.

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