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11th Jun 2007Issue 14

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After all the worries it was great to see the BTF/Corus machine deliver a National Elite Championship that was, in pretty much every way, blessed. The weather was good, the venue was excellent and the athletes responded by providing an excellent race in both the mens and the womens. The next test will be Hyde Park in mid-July, that should be well worth going along to watch (a lack of spectators being one of the issues that wasn't addressed at Bryn Bach Park).

Elsewhere in the world we had another great long course win for Leanda Cave at the Triathlon One-O-One race in Clear Lake, California. She's an athlete who has stepped up to the bigger distances with a great set of results this year. On the doemstic front the weather was generally brilliant and, with one or two notable exceptions, the results just kept on piling in. We know the service must be working because the weekend site visits are substantially increased and the emails just keep pouring in asking when this or that results will be online.

And, talking of results, more and more of you seem to be using the results association facility to collect your own personal results. Just click on your name in a set of results and you'll find it's a hotspot. The system generates a page with all your splits on (and this may have more data than gets displayed in the table) which can then be linked to your personal account. And, yes, there's a team of dedicated volunteers about to start blitzing through the whole back catalogue to make all out results accessible in this way.

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Xtreme Terrain Festival

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Weekend action

The National Elite Championships at Bryn Bach Park in Tredegar, South Wales formed the second of the Corus Elite Series of races. Unlike some other purpose-built venues based around water, this one isn't flat... Indeed, the word from the course early on Saturday was that the bike section would definitely favour the strong while the weak would need to be very good runners. There was also a considerable amount of relief that the weather was good - this is a brilliant venue which, as one of the athletes remarked, would serve well as a testing course for a World Cup race but, and there is always a but, you wouldn't want to race there if the weather was bad!

Actually, that's probably being a little unfair on Bryn Bach Park - the venue has been massively upgraded with a lot being spent on the watersports and BMX facilities there and it will make a superb venue for triathlons. The restricting factor isn't the location, although this was probably the reason there were very few spectators, but that the 4km bike loop could probably only hold 100 athletes at a time - great for races like yesterday's but not so good for a big age group event. The fact that the BTF managed to provide text commentary, live video and audio and get stills and results online within minutes indicates that everything is growing up fast for the Corus series - the legacy may end up being a more capable BTF, in itself a very positive outcome.

The racing began with a fairly small womens field in which there were only every going to be a handful of athletes in contention. Julie Dibens had obviously read the script on the bike course and promptly disappeared off down the road opening up a three minute advantage on a small chase group. With the outcome already decided, Andrea Whitcombe set out to see just how much time she could get back on the run and that left the race pretty much down to the choice of a third-placed athlete. The prize here would be the possibility of a slot at the European Championships but in the end it was Jeanne Collogne (FRA) who stole the third podium place with Rosie Clarke taking fourth (third in the Nationals) and Vanessa Raw completing her first major outing in many months for fifth.

The men were a little less bullish about the bike and there was nobody who was prepared to go it alone which, after a couple of laps, left a small group consisting of Hayes, Don, De Villiers and Clarke to head up the procession with Andrew Johns chasing them down in another small group. Clarke punctured and dropped back while Johns and Karl Shaw who, with his two brothers, has been living and racing in France then bridging up to the leaders. De Villiers then went out the back as the 10 laps of short, sharp hills took their toll and it was going to be down to an interesting 10k.

The run route was a little unusual as laps two and three were slightly different to the first and last (we gather at least one athlete was caught out by this) but Don immediately pushed ahead of Hayes and established a working lead. Hayes was holding second while Johns and Shaw tussled for the remaining slot... ...or so it seemed. On the last lap Johns broke away from Shaw and started making inroads into Hayes, first catching and then outsprinting him in the last 300m. Shaw held in for fourth with De Villiers in fifth and duathlete Ritchie Nicholls making up a lot of ground for sixth. (Full results are here)

If you fancy another viewpoint, and an explanation of who the Shaw brothers are, then see David Powell's piece in the Times:

Pos Men Women
1 Tim Don 1:47:53 Julie Dibens 1:59:12
2 Andrew Johns 1:48:58 Andrea Whitcombe 2:00:05
3 Stuart Hayes 1:49:04 Jeanne Collogne (FRA) 2:02:15
4 Karl Shaw 1:49:55 Rosie Clarke 2:02:39
5 Hendrik De Villiers (RSA) 1:51:01 Vanessa Raw 2:04:03

In Clear Lake, California it looks as though the Triathlon One-O-One series has found a venue that worked far better as a long course host than Bradenton did a few weeks back. Dan Empfield's live commentary on the Slowtwitch site was as entertaining and insightful as ever and the racing certainly seemed competetive at the Pro level. Leanda Cave, the womens winner in Bradenton, returned and ran a very controlled race by all accounts. While her lead was being eroded towards the end of the run she still had no real challenger over the 30k, although there were suggestions that if it had been a full distance race... ...but then, if it had been she probably would have raced a different tactic!

Leanda's whole approach to racing now seems to have switched to the US. With her wins in Bradenton, Escape from Alcatraz and now Clear Lake she's probably as well, if not better, funded than she ever was on the WCPP scheme and now has a great shot at Hawaii later in the year. The Clear Lake commentary was holding her up as a major threat to the likes of Michellie Jones and Natascha Badmann but, while there's no doubting both her talent and ability, as those who have gone to the 'Big One' with praise and expectation heaped upon them know... ...Hawaii has a fearsome reputation for fighting back. All we can do is hope, all Leanda needs to keep on doing is repeating the process - we'll see what happens come October!

Pos Men Women
1 David Thompson 6:03:07 Leanda Cave (GBR) 6:25:20
2 Jordan Rapp Kim Loeffler
3 Brian Lavelle Alexis Waddell

At the Eagleman 70.3 the race went to TJ Tollakson and Natascha Badmann, who set a new course record in 4:08:17. (Full results here)

The BG World Cup in Vancouver saw wins for Sam Warriner (NZL) and home crowd favourite Simon Whitfield. (Full results on the ITU website)

Pos Men Women
1 Simon Whitfield (CAN) 1:49:16 Sam Warriner (NZL) 2:03:25
2 Andy Potts (USA) 1:49:18 Sarah Haskins (USA) 2:04:01
3 Matt Reed (USA) 1:50:11 Erin Densham (AUS) 2:04:11

Saturday saw over 100 athletes take on votwo's Long Swim at South Cerney, a full 3.8km ironman-distance test. James Marshall was the first man out of the water in 53:45 with Michelle Dige the first woman in 58:21 which gave her seventh overall. (Full results here)

Also on Saturday, the Tamar Trotters Saltash Aquathlon saw Mark Chopra win over the 500m/5k distance with Kerry Smith (Tamar Trotters) taking the women's prize. (Full results here) In the junior event Alexander King (Plymouth Tri) beat the leading girl, Josie Bray (Plymouth Leander) by just one second. (Full results here)

At the second of the OWS/Liquid Leisure Aquathlons even a giving the field a five minute clear start over 2006 World Aquathlon Champion Richard Stannard was not enough and he stormed through both the swim and the run to finish first. However, as Richard is part of the OWS team he's not counted for the prizes so the honours went to Lee Greatorex and Susan Blackett. (Full results here)

The second of the Hillingdon Triathlon series was run on Sunday morning at the Harefield Activity Centre with a good turnout for both this and the duathlon version - many local triathletes use it as a warm-up for Windsor next weekend. In the wet one Clark Schofield and Jenny Shorrocks took the wins (Full results here) while for the aquaphobes the leaders were Jez Coz and Elizabeth Stojanoska (Full results here)

The races that were the culmination of the weekend of Women Only events at the Cotswold Water Park saw honours going to Shirley Yarde in the sprint race, Susan Schutte in the super sprint and Anja Heijnen in the novice event. (Full results for sprint, super sprint and novice)

At the Wantage Triathlon Ian White (Tri-UK) took the win and also claimed victory in the King of the Hill contest while Laura Southwold (Piranha Tri) was the womens winner. (Full results here)

The Tri-UK Shropshire Triathlon is another of those events that has been going for as long as almost anyone can remember and this year was one of the qualification races for the World Championships in Hamburg. Damion Littlewood (Tri-1st) and Lindsey Courage (ATA) were the overall winners. (Full results here)

The Beaulieu Triathlon down in the New Forest saw another trophy in the cabinet for Philip Mosley (votwo/SBR) with Jane Parker (Swindon Tri) picking up for the women. (Provisional results here)

Further West at the Helston Triathlon we had wins for Matt Pullen (Tri Logic) and Lisa Picton but no confirmed results yet. They should appear on the event website sometime soon...

Another popular West Country event was the Burnham on Sea Triathlon. The local paper reports wins for Ian Hindes and Celia Miall and we've now confirmed this from the official site. (Full results here)

Raw Energy Pursuits put on a triple-header down in Arundel with their Long, Sprint and Relay events. Chris Birch (East Street Cycles) and Sarah Lovelock (Triathletes) won the Long, Matt Jolly (Portsmouth Triathletes) and Babs Bukonola (Leeds Bradford) did the honours in the Sprint and the Relay saw Two Blokes and a Blonde beating the Sussex Police... (Full results for the Long, Sprint and Relay are on the StuWeb site.)

The Cleveland Short Course was won by Richard Hunt and the North East Region's, Amanda Cantle. (Full results here)

An event that nearly didn't take place was the Tan Hill Duathlon up in Swaledale. So low key we didn't even have it on the calendar, it is based at Tan Hill in Swaledale and features a 1:4 climb, not for the faint hearted! Brian Field was the mens winner with a stand-out performance while Donna Edmonson Booker did the honours for the women. (Full results here)

The MPH Series in Scotland kicked off with the Inverurie Sprint (the Turriff event has been re-scheduled to JUly 22nd to replace the cancelled Peterhead triathlon). Robert Foietta (Fleetfeet Tri) and Kelda Spratt (RAFTA) were the winners. (Full results here)

The Cannons St Albans Triathlon drew its usual crowd of novice and first time athletes with the overall wins going to Kieron Lewis (Team MK) and Anna Ward (Cannons). (Full results here)

The second race of the Bedford Sprint Series is the event that started it all, the Bedford Traktors Triathlon and this weekend's winners were Steve Harrison (FVS) and Rachel Hobbs. Great to see so many names that are normally 'behind the scenes' having a go - the results look like a Big Cow day out! (Full results here)

Childrens races at the weekend included the North Norfolk Junior Triathlon (full results here)

Missing in action are results for Brecon, Helston, Peebles, East Fife Junior Aquathlon, TTG Youth Triathlon, Cockermouth and the Crystal Grantham Triathlon. We'll add them in as soon as we get sight of them.


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