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3rd Aug 2009Issue 123

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Three consecutive Ironman UK titles, 14 (at least...) iron-distance victories, and two of the top ten fastest times ever. That's the amazing Bella Bayliss, who was first across the line in Bolton this past weekend. But... I hope Bella will excuse me if I focus on someone else this week!

And of course, that athlete is Philip Graves. At just 20 years old, Phil re-wrote the the rules in Bolton on what you need to win at Ironman. Experience, surely? Winning an Ironman on your first attempt isn't unique. Chrissie Wellington for example, did it... and seven wins later is still unbeaten at the distance. But 20 years old? Get that record book, rip it up, and throw it away - there's a new kid in town. It wasn't a surprise either - Phil had proved, at least over half-ironman, that he could compete with the big boys by winning UK Ironman 70.3. And there will never be any doubt about his cycling, as there aren't many triathletes in the world who can ride 100 miles in 3 hours 37 minutes. But could he hold it together over a marathon - a distance he had never run? He may not be Craig Alexander yet, but he surprised most by producing the fifth fastest run of the day too. Job done in style.

It also proved to be a great weekend for Team ActivInstinct ( Launched in May this year, as a triathlon development team to nurture and develop young talent, the team could surely have not dared even dream of the results achieved so far this year, and not just by Phil - Dann Brook qualified as a pro for Clearwater at Antwerp 70.3 against a top quality field, Phil's sister Vicky has won two European Junior Championship medals in recent months while Lois Rosindale finished second to Hollie Avil in the elite junior event at The London Triathlon on Sunday, and there are more top results too. A fantastic return for the confidence and support of the team sponsors.

Plenty of interesting content coming up this week, with Ironman UK reports (including, we hope, from Phil) and much more.

In this issue:


Weekend action


It may have rained enough last week to almost float Bolton away but the weather seems to have come good on the day for Ironman UK - although the headwind on the return leg of the bike course did seem to slow things down a bit. After a day following the race on Ironman Live and chatting with Kevin Mackinnon on Skype things seem to have gone pretty much according to the predictions. Phil Graves turned out to be quite capable of riding 112 miles and then running a marathon (his first...) and led from the end of the swim to the finish line. Stephen Bayliss limited his losses to around seven minutes on the bike and then set about eating into Phil's lead but despite making up a lot of time over the last 10k he was still 2:38 adrift when Graves crossed the line. We're pretty sure (ok, certain...) that Phil is the youngest ever professional winner of an official Ironman event and we have this sneaky feeling that this definitely won't be the last one he tops the podium at!

The womens race field was a bit thinner than we had expected and Bella Bayliss's only real opposition was the ever-improving Abi Bayley. They obviously know one another's capabilities as they are both on the TBB squad and Bella set about making sure that she was always in the drivers seat. By the finish Bayliss had 13 minutes in the bank and both girls ran a 3:01 marathon split with no sign of any serious challenge. The win gives Bella a hat trick at UK and Abi her first proper podium slot after a couple of fourths already this year.

We had the opportunity of a telephone chat with Bella, Phil and Stephen afterwards and all of them commented that while the new bike course wasn't as hilly as the old Sherborne one it has lots of twists and turns which make it more tiring to ride as you constantly have to brake and accelerate for the corners. Phil said that his legs were in pieces by 30k and as most of his long runs in training were off road the pavement surface was much harder on the muscles than he was used to. When asked about how he felt to be the youngest ever pro winner of an Ironman he said it was pretty surreal, "Most people my age are out at 2am in the night clubs, I just want to show that we aren't all like that." He drew inspiration on the run from a talk that James Cracknell gave to the athletes who went to the European Championships in which he described his trek to the South Pole - "Ironman is obviously much more of a mind thing, it's amazing what your body can actually do."

All three of them are heading for Kona in October; for Phil it was his main goal of the weekend, win or not. While Bella, and possibly Stephen, will be looking at Embrunman as a goal before Hawaii Phil is going to concentrate on more time trials with a view to doing something seriously quick out there. Talking about her race, Bella said that she was really "hungry for this one" and was all too aware that Abi Bayley was rapidly improving. She doesn't really like leading through the whole race but knew she had to work to her own plan, even if that's what it meant. Both she and Stephen commented that there was lots of support through the run and at the finish - at times it was impossible to hear them on the phone with all the background noise - and that the finish outside the Town Hall was excellent.

Pos Men Women
1 Phil Graves (GBR) 8:45:52 Bella Bayliss (GBR) 9:34:00
2 Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8:48:30 Abigail Bayley (GBR) 9:46:16
3 Jarmo Hast (FIN) 8:57:59 Irene Kinnegim (NED) 10:06:41

For those who think an Ironman is too short, it was also Enduroman Double Iron weekend. Winner was super-vet Nick Holmes - who advises me it's his first ever 'open' win, as well as vowing never again... Monique Hollinshead clearly wasn't put off last year, as she returned to win again. Massive respect to all those who completed such a tough challenge.

Pos Men Women
1 Nick Holmes 23:48:23 Monique Hollinshead 27:46:53
2 Paul Thompson 24:25:33 Catherine Philp 28:51:53
3 Anthony Gerundini 25:31:44  

If you are looking for results from both the Saturday and Sunday waves of the London Triathlon then you should be able to find them on their dedicated results website: although the system has been offline for a bit, we suspect due to volume of traffic. We do have results loaded locally for the Senior Elite, Junior Elite, Youth Super Sprint and Sub 2:30 wave.

The headline race was the Senior and Junior Elite on Sunday morning but pretty much all the press coverage you'll be reading in the papers (and online) is about Jenson Button... It's really good for the sport to have ambassadors like him, James Cracknell and others who are doing it because it's actually something they enjoy doing - and the fact that they are none too shabby in their performances either! Button's time today, a personal best, was 2:07:02 which cleanly saw off the 'challenge' by Moto GP rider Bradley Smith who turned in a 2:13:36. Still, as 'BigFoz' pointed out to us, Bradley is only 18, and spent last weekend sliding on his back across Donnington Park after a crash...

Will Clarke and Helen Jenkins both looked very strong on the run, breaking away from small lead groups at T2 for excellent wins ahead of the Hyde Park World Championship Series race in two weeks time.


Pos Men Women
1 Will Clarke 1:44:29 Helen Jenkins 1:56:09
2 Courtney Atkinson (AUS) 1:44:48 Liz Blatchford 1:56:46
3 Stuart Hayes 1:45:25 Jodie Swallow 1:56:53


Pos Men Women
1 Peter Anderson 1:07:25 Hollie Avil 1:10:32
2 Alexander Young 1:08:23 Lois Rosindale 1:14:13
3 Bradley Hales 1:08:27 Nicola Morgan 1:14:20

The results of the five-race British Triathlon Super Series, London was the final event, were also announced and the trophies went to:

Pos Men Women
1 Stuart Hayes Jodie Stimpson
2 Aaron Harris Non Stamford
3 Philip Wolfe Jill Parker

It was just four short weeks ago that Marino Vanhoenacker added Ironman Austria to his Palmares for the third time but it's obviously been plenty of time to recover as he imposed his authority on the Antwerp 70.3 and led from the early stages of the bike through to the finish line. Various contenders came and went; Axel Zeebroek was his nearest rival on the road but faded back into the chase group on the run. All the potential podium placers other than Axel were around six minutes off the pace after the bike and the man who saved the most for the run was Paul Matthews who closed down Vanhoenacker's lead consistently but couldn't get within striking distance and ended with second place, 3:36 behind. Bert Jammaer, winner of Ironman Lanzarote [how come the Belgians produce so many great Ironman athletes?] took the third spot, 1:13 behind. Dann Brook had the pleasure of leading out the swim with a 21:11 and remained in the chase group throughout eventually finishing in fifth while Fraser Cartmell pretty much followed the same pattern but faded a little more on the run to finish in seventh - it's been a hard season for him and it looks as though it's beginning to tell a bit. Joel Jameson was 13th.

While the men's race had a clear leader from the early stages it was a much tighter affair with the women. Lucie Zelenkova did her usual storming swim coming out in seventh overall and over a minute clear of the rest but it was Sofie Goos who established a slender advantage on the bike. And by slender we mean paper thin as less than a minute covered the top five women in places. Goos and Belinda Granger finished the bike together with Delfine Pelletier just six seconds behind them and it was to stay almost that close throughout the run. At the finish line Goos had just 18 seconds advantage over Granger with Pelletier 1:22 back in third. Emma-Kate Lidbury was in the mix throughout the race but lost a bit of time on both the bike and run after a great swim and ended up with a well-deserved fifth place.

Pos Men Women
1 Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) 3:41:46 Sofie Goos (BEL) 4:08:07
2 Paul Matthews (AUS) 3:45:22 Belinda Granger (AUS) 4:08:25
3 Bert Jammaer (BEL) 3:46:35 Delphine Pelletier (FRA) 4:09:47

The fourth M-dot race of the weekend was the first running of the Calgary 70.3 and British hopes were high for a result from Cat Morrison who made such an impressive debut at Roth just three weeks ago. Looks like the recovery period might have been a bit tight because, despite a very strong run, she could only manage third place. Well, that's third but only just third as having run back up through the field into second place at one point she was pipped to the post by Magali Tisseyre who scraped home by just 25 seconds!

Pos Men Women
1 Timothy O'Donnell (USA) 3:55:28 Mirinda Carfrae (USA) 4:11:05
2 Ben Hoffman (USA) 4:02:51 Magali Tisseyre (CAN) 4:21:05
3 Jamie Whyte (NZL) 4:03:58 Catriona Morrison (GBR) 4:21:30

Results for the Droitwich Triathlon are up on Stuart Steele's StuWeb site HERE. Overall winners were Keith Galea (Venom Tri) in 0:58:59 while the women's race seems to have been a dead heat between Ceris Styler (Worcester Tri) and Vicky Wade (Manchester Tri) in 1:05:30.

The David Lloyd Sprint Triathlon in Hull saw wins for Steve Clark (Lincsquad/Humberside F&R) in 1:00:18 and Kathryn Roberts (3xtri) in 1:13:15. Full results are HERE.

Pos Men Women
1 Steve Clark (Lincsquad/Humberside F&R) 1:00:18 Kathryn Roberts (3xtri) 1:13:15
2 Steven Paley (Lincoln Tri) 1:00:28 Vicki Howe 1:22:03
3 Del Pitcher 1:01:37 Joanne Stewart (Darlington Tri) 1:22:49


First in with a set of results on Saturday were the organisers of the Milford Duathlon who reported that heavy rain had welcomed the competitors. Steve Penney led throughout to claim the win with a time of 53:18 in "inhospitable" conditions with David Ardern in second place and claiming the 40+ award. English fell running international, 17 year-old Blue Haywood from Lincoln easily won the women's event, finishing in 11th place overall and a time of 1:01.17. Full results are HERE.

Pos Men Women
1 Steve Penney 0:53:18 Blue Haywood 1:01:17
2 David Ardern 0:54:54 Sarah Kennedy 1:08:04
3 Andy Thornton 0:56:43 Janet Forrester 1:10:24

The Whirlpool Steelhead 70.3 went pretty much as expected in the men's race... ...if, that is, you had been expecting Andrew Starykowics to blast the bike course and head race favourite Andy Potts into T2 by 5:33! The early departure of Bryan Rhodes with a ruptured achilles also changed the face of the race somewhat and it wasn't until mile 8 of the run that Andy Potts finally got into the lead and stamped his authority on the event. Leanda Cave was the early women's leader but by mile 10 of the bike Sam Warriner was in the driving seat and built an unassailable lead to take the win - nice birthday present! Cave just managed to hold off Nina Kraft for second place. Full results are HERE.

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Potts (USA) 3:54:38 Sam Warriner (NZL) 4:17:57
2 Andrew Starykowics (USA) 3:56:44 Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:25:12
3 Kieran Doe (NZL) 3:59:31 Nina Kraft (GER) 4:26:22

We mentioned the Long Hard Durty a couple of weeks ago and the organisers sent us in this report:

Race conditions were as difficult as the inaugural 2008 event; rain and wind throughout most of the race. Not usually too much of a problem, but given that this is an entirely off-road event, and the course tops out at over 1500 feet on the bike and 1300 feet on the run, the weather is a factor. Wet conditions in Scotland over the 'Summer' also meant that the course was even Durtier than last year with everyone finishing looking as though they'd had lots of fun in the mud.

The course is challenging (is this the most challenging standard distance tri in the UK?), and consists of 'proper' technical mountain biking, and a significant hill run to follow, which includes a 1km section that is completely off-road - no paths, no tracks, no nothing - just heather and bog.

In the Long Hard Durty (Standard) race, local triathlete David Moffat overcame most of his swim deficit during the two bike laps, leaving T2 around 90 seconds down. A superb run saw him claw this differential back, and another three minutes beside to take the win over Ian Veitch in 2:31:12. Mark Duggan, part of a family group that took several of the AG prizes home was third.

Nicola Duggan (there's that family again!), took a fantastic win in the female race, winning by a clear 15 minutes from top adventure racer Iona Robertson of Glasgow Tri (fresh from winning the Edinburgh Rat Race event a couple of weeks previously). Kate Jenkins - a very familiar face from the hill running scene took third.

Pos Men Women
1 David Moffat 2:31:12 Nicola Duggan (AKU Ducati Corse WCT) 2:45:45
2 Ian Veitch (TriCentral) 2:34:19 Iona Robertson (Glasgow Tri Club) 3:00:11
3 Mark Duggan 2:36:09 Kate Jenkins (Hunters Bog Trotters) 3:15:15

In the Short Fast Durty (Sprint) race, 18-year old Richard Eggleton took the convincing male win by nearly five mins from Peter Russell. In the female race, Mhairi Mackenzie (Heriot Watt MTB Club) edged out Fiona Lothian by a little over half a minute.

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