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13th Jul 2009Issue 120

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Not a bad weekend was it!?

Alistair Brownlee smashed the world (again), Chrissie Wellington smashed a world record and we reckon that English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh iron-distance records have been broken over the past two weekends. While, rightly, Chrissie will take the bulk of the plaudits (which you can read about below), just as with Bella Bayliss last weekend, I'd like to add editorial "recognition" upfront to Catriona Morrison, who recorded the fastest debut ironman-distance time, and sixth fastest time ever yesterday. Unexpected? Not to me. Last week's newsletter intro did end with the words "Oh, and look out for yet another of those hard-working, determined Scot's who are making their debut at the distance too...who we think could do rather well." We love it when a plan comes together!

In this issue:


Weekend action

Now that was an interesting couple of days. We've made comment of late about how the ITU World Championship Series has dominated the triathlon headlines, leaving the long course athletes in the shade. Yesterday in Kitzbühel, Alistair Brownlee, yet again went head-to-head with Javier Gomez in the Dextro Energy Series, and won his third straight series event. It was going to take something very special at Quelle Challenge Roth to turn the spotlight back. Thankfully, we know a lady called Chrissie... and a couple of others called Rebekah and Catriona were pretty special too!

We could say we expected it - but of course, we did! Infact, we'd say predicting Chrissie's finishing time to within 16 seconds was a pretty good effort. Oh, and there was a men's race, but that sort of got over-shadowed...

International News

Well, it was predicted to be a day of records at Quelle Challenge Roth, and indeed it was. Australia's Rebekah Keat smashed the iron distance world record by over six minutes (and her own personal best time by over 20)...yet still finished over seven minutes behind the living legend Chrissie Wellington! That's now seven ironman-distance events unbeaten for the undisputed superstar of long distance racing - male or female. We'd predicted an 8:32:15 finish for Chrissie, and well... we were only 16 seconds out, so we'll take that over eight and a half hours!

Chrissie blitzed a stunning 4:40:27 bike split which gave her a nine and a half minute lead over Keat, Catriona Morrison and Belinda Granger at T2. Granger quickly faded on the run (not helped by her pre race bike crash with a car), but over the first 12km of the run, Keat and Morrison actually gained over two minutes - was there sign of never before seen weakness in Chrissie at this distance? Apparently not, as Chrissie held that seven minute cushion over the closing half marathon, to cross the line 13 minutes, 49 seconds quicker than the world best time set last year on the same course by Yvonne van Vlerken.

That's also Chrissie's third sub-nine hour finish, and she now takes the best British time away from Bella Bayliss, who improved on her own record at Ironman Austria last week (8:50:13)

Keat actually ran a faster marathon than Wellington (2:55:27 to 2:57:31), and while Cat did fade and suffer in the second half of the race, the tough Scot still recorded a not too shabby marathon (3:03:57), to record an amazing 8:48:11 finish. Remember, this was her first ever ironman-distance event! Provisionally, that puts her sixth all-time at the distance, with almost certainly the fastest debut ever. They breed these Scots tough, that's for sure.

Erica Csomor's (HUN) 8:59:42 finish ensured that for the second straight year, a sub-nine hour time was not good enough to make the podium. Belinda Granger found the same last year, and this year she was fifth (9:12:12).

Leanda Cave was 11th (9:46:49) and Lucy Haywood 18th (10:15:09).

Chrissie's splits were:

0:50:28 0:02:10 4:40:27 0:01:23 2:57:31 8:31:59

Final Times:

Pos Men Women
1st Michael Göhner (GER) 7:55:53 Chrissie Wellington (GBR) 8:31:59
2nd Pete Jacobs (AUS) 8:02:01 Rebekah Keat (AUS) 8:39:24
3rd Richard Ussher (NLZ) 8:02:15 Catriona Morrison (GBR) 8:48:11

Early leader Normann Stadler finished fourth (8:03:43), after setting a sizzling 4:14 bike split. Exiting T2 he had a five minute buffer on Wolfgang Teuchner (GER), six on Pete Jacobs (AUS) and close to eight on Michael Göhner (GER), Raynard Tissink (RSA) and a small chase group. Teuchner soon dropped back through the field, but Göhner, Jacobs and Richard Ussher (NZL) rapidly gained time. By just gone halfway in the marathon, Stadler was in third, with Göhner and Jacobs running away. Göhner powered away to a rapid 2:41:16 marathon, and while Jacobs couldn't match that, he held on to second from a very fast finishing Ussher.

Top Brit finisher was Graeme Stewart from Scotland with a huge PB of 8:23:39. Simon Finch finished in 8:36:22, Richard Jones (who allegedly retired three years ago!) recorded - we believe - a Welsh record on 8:43:12 while Hywel Davies recorded a PB too of 8:44:34 as did Darryl Carter who also dipped under the magic 'nine' with 8:58:29.

Who needs lightening to strike twice, when you have Alistair Brownlee to make it THREE Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship Series wins in a row on Saturday in Kitzbühel, Austria. Alistair has now regained the lead in the World Championship Series standings for the season.

Brownlee went out hard, as usual, at the beginning of the 10km run, and in just a couple of minutes the escape group of Bruno Pais (POR), Paul Tichelaar (CAN) and Jan Janour (CZE) had their 30 second advantage swept away. Brownlee quickly pulled a lead of around 14 seconds, but in the second half of the run a hard charging Javier Gomez put the hammer down to try and bridge back to Alistair. He closed the gap to as little of six seconds, but it was not enough to catch the in-form Brownlee, who turned the tables on last week's European Championships results. These two great athletes look set to continue their amazing battles for the rest of the season. The podium in a rain-soaked Kitzbühel was completed by a fast closing Laurent Vidal (FRA).

Younger brother Jonathan put in a great performance - for much of the first 5km he was running with Gomez, and while he faded slightly to 13th (1:44:34), the future is very bright for Team Brownlee. Jonathan remember, is still a junior athlete. Will Clarke was an excellent seventh (1:44:05) and David McNamee 17th (1:45:11) in, we think, his first race at this level, which is a pretty impressive start.

We have the full ITU race report for the men HERE, we have a photo gallery of Alistair Brownlee's race HERE and if you missed it, check out the video highlights HERE. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Alistair Brownlee (GBR) 1:43:13 Emma Moffatt (AUS) 1:54:38
2nd Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:43:21 Nicola Spirig (SUI) 1:55:12
3rd Laurent Vidal (FRA) 1:43:24 Andrea Hewitt (NZL) 1:55:17

While Brownlee has been the dominant male athlete, Emma Moffatt (AUS) has been repeating the story for the ladies, and Kitzbühel was no different as she finished well clear of the now part-time (yet still European Champion!) Nicola Spirig, who is now a law student at University. Top Brit was Helen Jenkins (fifth, 1:55:27), along with Hollie Avil (12th 1:56:18) and Kerry Lang (28th, 1:59:11). The full report is HERE and we also have the full results loaded HERE.

With the action all kicking off in Roth, Ironman Switzerland always looked as though it may be the quiet race of the weekend. Home favourites Ronnie Schildknecht (again) and Sybille Matter took the honours. British age grouper Kit Stokes took tenth overall, winning AG35-39 with a magnificent 8:50:30 finish, backing up his fantastic race in Wimbleball. Tri247's Henry Budgett was on-site in Zurich, and you can check out his alternative view of events (and coffee!) HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Ronnie Schildknecht (SUI) 8:20:00 Sibylle Matter (SUI) 9:14:35
2nd Stefen Riesen (SUI) 8:31:10 Monika Lehman (SUI) 9:25:05
3rd Torsten Abel (GER) 8:36:38 Lisbeth Kristensen (DEN) 9:25:37

Results from Amica Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island are as follows. Dion Harrison reports via his Twitter account that he was third out of the swim, fourth on the bike at halfway but then had a puncture...

Pos Men Women
1st Michael Lovato (USA) 3:54:38 Michelle Jones (AUS) 4:23:55
2nd Richie Cunningham (AUS) 3:54:49 Desiree Ficker (USA) 4:27:20
3rd Cameron Brown (NZL) 3:54:52 Heather Jackson (USA) 4:33:38

Domestic Racing


Friday at Dorney Lake was the Marketing Industry Triathlon, and we have all of the results loaded:

Standard Distance
Sprint Distance
SuperSprint Distance
Challenge Distance Relay
SuperSprint Relay.

We think we have a full set of results for Saturday's racing. Dorney Lake hosted the blueseventy GreatBigSwim(s), and we have the results loaded for the 1km, 1-mile and 3km events.


The biggest race on Saturday was the Ripon Triathlon, with close to 700 starters. The win was taken by Dan Corner (Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges), who we haven't heard too much from so far this season - the splits suggest he's still riding like a demon! Louise Kelly was the first lady across the line. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Dan Corner (Shorter Rochford Exclusive Ranges) 2:03:04 Louise Kelly (C.O.L.T) 2:26:08
2nd Jon Worcester (Met Police Tri) 2:05:22 Hannah Mulcaster (Mansfield Tri) 2:26:49
3rd Martin Cain (GMC Fire Service / Surosa) 2:09:05 Darrell Parker (NYP Tri) 2:27:39

It looks like Ful-On Tri had a good day out at the Upton Tri+ events, securing plenty of podium places across the standard and sprint events. Full results online: standard and sprint. Perhaps they were all there for the post race party?!

Pos Men Women
1st Nick Malynn (Ful-On Tri) 2:02:55 Victoria Wilkinson 2:19:48
2nd Gary Hughes (Team Tri Glos) 2:03:08 Nicola Boyd (Optima RT) 2:28:46
3rd John Rawlings (Team Tri Glos) 2:05:58 Laura Fulton (Ful-On Tri) 2:31:32
Pos Men Women
1st Rhys Davey 1:05:09 Sarah Gailey (Ful-On Tri) 1:21:36
2nd Phil Duma (BAD Tri) 1:07:35 Isobel Anderson (Ful-On Tri) 1:21:37
3rd Robert Biddlecombe 1:09:26 Lucy Boyd (Clapham Chasers) 1:23:08

The Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon returned to the calendar on Saturday and we have the results online HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Oliver Simon (Pembs Tri) 2:21:11 Kirsty Murray (TROTs) 2:55:23
2nd Richard Wilder (Les Croupiers Tri) 2:28:23 Fiona Evans 2:59:19
3rd Jonathan Pryke (Spiuk) 2:30:44 Stephanie James 3:03:48

Thanks to Will Whitmore for updating us with results for the first Moti Bradford on Avon Triathlon:

Pos Men Women
1st Mike Milstead (Johns Bikes) 58:41 Joanna Swallow (Bath Amphibians) 1:07:45
2nd Paul Ryman (Live to ride Frome) 59:24 Rachel Brown (Total Fitness Bath) 1:11:41
3rd Adam Wells (Westbury) 59:48 Joanna Thompson (Team Bath AC) 1:12:14

The ever prolific time keeper Stuart Steele ( has also updated his with results from the long running and ever popular White Oak Triathlon in Kent. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Ian White (Farnham Tri) 1:15:52 Claire Hitchings (7Oaks Tri) 1:27:14
2nd Neil Harris (VO2 Maximum RT) 1:16:22 Lara Hawkins 1:29:30
3rd Jim Burdett (Tri Sport News Racing) 1:17:44 Susan Fairfax (Crystal Palace Tri) 1:29:46

We also have the results loaded for the Upminster Junior Triathlon HERE.


The Hillingdon Triathlon Series concluded with race three taking place at Harefield Outdoor Activity Centre. The rain on arrival soon cleared, and race conditions were just about perfect, with home club athletes dominating the podium. Jez Cox won the duathlon run alongside the main race. Full results loaded for the triathlon and duathlon.

Pos Men Women
1st Tom Korff (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:13:12 Vanessa Taylor (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:27:04
2nd Mark Edwards (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:13:14 Julia Hodkinson (Berkshire Tri Squad) 1:27:56
3rd George Stewart (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:14:31 Sarah Percival (D3 Triathlon) 1:31:14

Portland hosted the Race to the Bill Triathlon, which was won by Nick Buis and Tracey Cook. Provisional results available HERE.

Another junior event this weekend was the Hetton Lyons Junior Open Water Triathlon, and we have the results loaded HERE.

Provisional results from the Bananaman weekend at Dorney Lake are available HERE for the individual, relay and team time trial races, while provisional results from the South West Triathlon (sprint, fun and relay) are available HERE.

Single sport racing (by triathletes...)

There were a few multisport athletes competing in single discipline events this weekend, proving they can hold their own against the specialists.

Ironman 70.3 UK winner Philip Graves has been in great form this year, which will no doubt be especially pleasing to his new race team ( Phil took part in two championship time trials this weekend, and came away with a gold and a bronze. On Saturday, he won the Yorkshire 10-mile TT Championship, recording a course record time of 20:02. It's no mean feat pushing Wayne Randle (20:30) into second place, as there are those who call Wayne the "world's hardest bike rider"!

On Sunday , Phil took on Britain's best in the RTTC National 100-mile Championship, recording a time of 3:37:41 (that's 27.56mph average!), to take the bronze medal behind legend of British time trialling Michael Hutchinson (3:27:26) and former multiple champion Kevin Dawson (3:33:25). A familiar name from the triathlon past, Julian Jenkinson, was 11th (3:49:08).

In the ladies race, winner of the National Middle Distance Triathlon Champs for the past two seasons, Louise Collins, just missed out on a medal in fourth place recording 4:18:52. Julia Shaw (ex-triathlete I believe...), like Hutchinson, added the '100' to the 10, 25 and 50 mile champs she has won already this season (3:52:12).

It's not just cycling either- in the Asics British 10k London Run this morning, Kat Grimmett, who was the sensation of the early duathlon season competed in, amazingly, her first running event. The field included double World Marathon Champion, former marathon world record holder and twice Olympic silver medallist Catherine Nderaba, plus Constantina Dita - Olympic Champion from Beijing. Nderaba won, but Kat took second overall, beating Dita, and "looked really strong and snapping at the heels of Ndereba." Look out for more on Kat on the site this coming week.

Unofficially, Kat recorded 34:17 against Nderaba's 33:58 - though there were some last minute detours, and the course may well have been slightly long...

Royal Air Force Careers and Triathlon - Corporal Jase Walkley

In conjunction with Royal Air Force Careers ( and Royal Air Force Triathlon ( we have a new series of profiles highlighting how you can combine an exciting and varied career in the RAF with your triathlon and sporting ambitions. Check out our latest profile of Corporal Jase Walkley, and his experiences as a Weapons Technician.

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Open water swimming at Heron Lake

If you are new to triathlon you will really benefit from spending some time in open water to help you with technique and confidence.

Heron Lake is one of the biggest open water swimming venues in England. Located just 100 metres off the M25 at junction 13, not only does it have beautiful surroundings, plus safe and clean water but there is also a clubhouse with showers, changing facilities, food and hot drinks available. There is ample parking available for over 150 cars.

Click on this link to see more or go to

The FRF Mazda Gower Duathlon and the Prostate UK Gower Sprint Duathlon

The Gower Duathlons on 18th July will be held on the stunning Gower Peninsula and as well as one of the most spectacular bike and run courses an athlete will ever complete, there'll be all the race extras such as a pre-event pasta party, an event campsite and a post-event BBQ.

To find out more about this 'gold star treatment' for duathletes, check out this article for more information.

RNID would like your help at the London Triathlon: 1st and 2nd August 2009

Take in some of the most famous sites of the capital by swimming, biking and running across London. Not only will this be a great personal achievement, but you'll be making a difference to the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people across the UK.

Whether you choose to do it all by yourself, or in a team of three doing a leg each, it will be an incredible experience.

To pre-register: fill in their online enquiry form, email them at or call 0845 634 0687

Have a place already? Even if you get your own place in the race through the ballot, we still need your support! We require no minimum sponsorship, but just ask you to raise as much as you can. Contact us to join our team and benefit from our fantastic support package











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