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23rd Apr 2007Issue 6

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The Marathon has been run -- well, the Flora London Marathon has been but all those scheduled for a European ironman-distance event over the next few months still have all that excitement to look forward to. Here at Tri247 we have regular contributors with eyes focussed on Lanzarote, Switzerland, France and Sherborne so we hope to get you some great race coverage. The first of those events is now just four weeks away and the final touches are being made to training.

The biggest "final touch" is the start of the open water swimming season next weekend when we expect to see the usual hordes descending on local lakes and rivers (the sea is still really cold...) to get in the long distance practice that a pool can never quite provide. We've already had The Shark in one lake and he says that it's really not too bad at all for this time of year!

In this issue:

Interesting places

We never did find out who was reading the site out in Malta but we did get a nice email from Simon Hoppe out in Sydney which we will be turning into a feature very soon. Remember, if you're out there somewhere interesting and want to let the folks back home know just how great it is to be in Poriura (and, yes, that's in the North Island of New Zealand and we know you read the site almost every day...) then we would love to hear from you.


Weekend action

First past the post this weekend was the fifth and final outing for the Aldershot Duathlon series at Eelmore. TriQuays have announced dates for their Summer Aquathlon Series which is based at Mytchett, these will be on May 29th, June 5th and 19th, July 3rd and 17th. (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Richard Legge 0:51:57 Helen Smith 0:56:51
2 Russel Cox 0:54:48 Nicola Baddeley 1:05:10
3 Adrian Wybrott 0:55:30 Elaine Armour 1:06:47

Michelle Parsons placed 5th at Powerman Holland in a race dominated by Erika Csomor (HUN) and Benny Vansteelant (BEL) over the classic Powerman distance of 15k 60k 7.5k. Dutch favourite, and last year's European champion, Yvonne van Vlerken could keep up Csomor's pace during the first run, but faced mechanical problems on the bike, which cost her several minutes. Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) was a close second with Van Vlerken finishing third thanks to a good last run.

Benny Vansteelant was given serious competition by a surprisingly strong Ronnie Schildknecht (SUI) but eventually the Swiss athlete had to bow for the multiple world champion and had just enough strength left to keep Benny's younger brother Joerie from second place. More information on the Powerman website:

Pos Men Women
1 Benny Vansteelant (BEL) 2.41.54 Erika Csomor (HUN) 3.04.22
2 Ronnie Schildknecht (SUI) 2.42.45 Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) 3.09.04
3 Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) 2.42.55 Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) 3.10.47

Looks like five went mad down in Dorset -- judging by the number of DQs at the Tidworth Fast Twitch -- while MAD Tri's Chris Rhodes obviously kept his head! Roger Wakeling's pool-based series is normally the epitomy of good behaviour so somone must have really pissed the referee off... (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Chris Rhodes (MAD Tri) 1:08:55 Karen Hathaway (BAD Tri) 1:18:02
2 Billy Holman (Royal Navy) 1:09:07 Tracey Cook (North Dorset Tri) 1:20:31
3 Doug Hall (votwo/SBR) 1:09:50 Laura Southwold 1:21:11

Black Country Triathletes took a clean sweep of the mens results at their Wombourne Sprint race. (Full results are on StuWeb)

Pos Men Women
1 James Ratcliffe (BCT) 0:50:26 Lucy Haywood ( 0:59:52
2 Sam Hugh (BCT) 0:54:54 Jane Jones (TWITS) 1:01:22
3 Paul Rogers (BCT) 0:54:59 Ros Viner 1:02:02

North of the Border, the first race to deliver results was the Ayr Duathlon. (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Steven Lawley 1:13:38 Claire Waterhouse (Edinburgh Triathletes) 1:25:33
2 David McNamee (Ayrodynamic) 1:13:47 Nikki Porter (ATA) 1:27:04
3 Lars Ottemoller (City of Edinburgh AC) 1:14:15 Lynn Morrice 1:28:30

Up-and-coming event organisers Just Racing appear to have put of a great event at the Duston Triathlon, and even managed to get their own team into second place in 53:50. But, as it wasn't really a team event, we'll just give them an honourable mention and list the fastest individuals! (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Mark Redwood (2XU TFN) 0:53:07 Rachel Stoakes ( 1:03:07
2 Hywel Davis (Planet X) 0:54:10 Kirsty Hewitson (Oxford Uni Tri) 1:05:32
3 Nick Dunn (2XU TFN) 0:54:44 Carla Fisher (Bedford Traktors) 1:05:57

At the Calderdale Duathlon, Planet X's Ashley Norrie rolled in the thick end of two minutes clear of his nearest rival while winning lady, Holmfirth Harriers Rachel Mellor, stretched her advantage to four minutes. Riding those hills is a skill -- something that will be recognised by competitors at Ashbourne next weekend! (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Ashley Norrie (Planet X) 1:39:59 Rachel Mellor (Holmfirth Harriers) 1:55:35
2 John Field (Mansfield Tri Club) 1:41:43 Donna Edmondson Booker (LBT) 1:59:37
3 Steve Finnigan (Ashurst Bike Club) 1:41:59 Vivienne Slack (Manchester Tri Club) 2:06:56

At the 6th ISCA Duathlon, held at the University of Wales, Newport, Eanna McGrath and Angela Jones took the honours. (Full results here)

Pos Men Women
1 Eanna McGrath 00:56:54 Angela Jones 1:06:19
2 Matt Newman 00:59:24 Caroline Jones 1:09:39
3 Phillip Matthews 00:59:29 Lorna Shaw 1:16:10
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