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25th May 2009Issue 113

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France, Spain, Hungary, Austria - just a few of the overseas venues that hundreds of British multisport athletes were racing in this past weekend. Plenty of success too with Ironman podium finshes (pro and age group), European Championship wins (pro and age group) and some impressive racing in France from several of our elite squad. The sun was even shining across most of the UK too - what a fantastic weekend!

You can read all about it in our weekend reports below.

There's no doubting the talent and passion for triathlon in the UK, and we'll be bringing you news this week of a new initiative to help that young talent to the very top of the sport. With the Dextro Energy event in Hyde Park this summer, the World Duathlon Champs next year in Edinburgh and many races filling faster than ever, it's an exciting time in the sport right now.

As always, plenty of good stuff coming up on the site this week, plus check out the great new competition below, and win yourself a top-of-the-range wetsuit from Zone3 (

In this issue:


Weekend action

A super busy and successful weekend all around for the Brits, the weather and indeed everyone, (well, everyone who doesn't support Newcastle...). Best get on with it then! With so much on, we'll focus first on the international racing.

International News

The first big international race of the weekend was Ironman Lanzarote, and Tri247 was lucky to have the now Hawaii bound - courtesy of wife Jenny! - Henry Budgett on site, reporting for us. You can check out Henry's coverage on these links, which will tell you everything (and more...) you need to know about race week and the big day. We'll just repeat our earlier comments about a great day for the GB ladies, with a one-two from defending champion Bella Bayliss and a hard earned second place from Rachel Joyce, plus another overall age group win (seventh overall), from Tri247 columnist Jo Carritt.

Planet fit or planet fat?
By the pool
The bike as dinner!
The final countdown
Dawn breaks
Race day roundup: baked, broiled and fried

Pos Men Women
1st Bert Jammaer (BEL) 8:54:03 Bella Bayliss (GBR) 9:54:58
2nd Stephan Vuckovic (GER) 8:57:16 Rachel Joyce (GBR) 10:15:04
3rd Olaf Sabatschus (GER) 8:59:02 Michaela Giger (SUI) 10:15:40

We know that Rachel definitely took her Hawaii spot (Bella and Jo are already qualified), as did 40-44 Age Group winner Michelle Parsons. We'll have the full results loaded over the next couple of days, once they are finalised.

The GB ladies were certainly on form this weekend, as following the Bella / Rachel one-two at Ironman Lanzarote, Catriona Morrison added the ETU European Duathlon Championships to her already impressive race CV in Budapest. Debut elite racer Kat Grimmett finished an impressive eighth.

And there's more... as Vicky Graves won the European Junior Title too!

For the men, current Powerman World Champion Andy Sutz (SUI) earned a narrow victory over Laurent Galinier of France. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Ladies
1st Andy Sutz (SUI) 1:50:48 Catriona Morrison (GBR) 2:04:44
2nd Laurent Galinier (FRA) 1:50:57 Agnieszka Jerzyk (POL) 2:05:04
3rd Sergey. Yakovlev (RUS) 1:52:03 Kaisa Lehtonen (FIN) 2:05:17

Junior Results. Full results HERE

Pos Men Ladies
1st Jorge Narancho Vichot (ESP) 56:33 Vicky Graves (GBR) 1:04:37
2nd Pedro Palma (POR) 56:35 Ezster Pap (HUN) 1:05:26
3rd Oscar Vicente (ESP) 56:36 Ezster Dudas (HUN) 1:05:34

Under-23 Results. Full results HERE

Pos Men Ladies
1st Alessandro Fabian (ITA) 1:52:34 Evgenia Sukhoruchenkova (RUS) 2:06:26
2nd Andrea Secchierio (ITA) 1:52:57 Alexandra Tondeur (BEL) 2:09:04
3rd Antoine Duvivier (BEL) 1:53:06 Anna Burova (RUS) 2:12:!4

Headline results from the GB Age Group team at the ETU European Duathlon Champs below. The full results are available HERE. This is what we've been able to work out in terms of medals... provisionally, it's nine gold, seven silver and five bronze medals.

In addition to the results below, Lee Piercy and Ian Cardy were first and third overall across all age groups, while Emma Dews and Danielle Stewart repeated that for the ladies.

Medal Age Group Name
Gold Emma Dews F30-34
  Penny Edward F55-59
  Barbara Law F65-69
  Julien Lhomme M30-34
  Lee Piercy M35-39
  Simon Edney M50-54
  Barry Jameson M55-59
  Stuart McGowan M60-64
  Kidd Arnott M75-79
Silver Natasha Blunt F20-24
  Danielle Stewart F25-29
  Parys Edwards F30-34
  Alex Fisher M20-24
  Ian Cardy M35-39
  Chris Smith M50-54
  David Peck M75-79
Bronze Sarah Louise Bardsley F25-29
  Sue Walker F35-39
  Sian Buckingham F45-49
  Elspeth Knott F55-59
  Nathan Gosling M25-29

There was a quality field on show at Ironman 70.3 Austria St. Pölten. The cream appears to have risen to the top too, with 2007 Ironman World Champ Chris McCormack earning a very narrow victory over Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker, winner last month at Ironman South Africa. Ironman (not iron-distance!) world record holder Sandra Wallenhorst took the ladies honours. The full post-race press report is on-site HERE.

For the Brits we had Nick Saunders (10th), Alun Woodward (18th), Tom Room (35th) and Joel Jameson (36th) among the pro ranks.

Pos Men Ladies
1st Chris McCormack (AUS) 3:54:15 Sandra Wallenhorst (GER) 4:28:46
2nd Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) 3:54:18 Lucie Zelenkova (CZE) 4:30:03
3rd Massimo Cigana (ITA) 3:56:22 Caroline Steffen (SUI) 4:31:50

Over in France, it was the first French Grand Prix Series event of the year. Outside of ITU racing, these may well be the strongest races in terms of depth around, with many of the world top athletes racing for French teams in the sprint distance events. Another good day for the Brits. Provisionally, Will Clarke finished joint winner with team-mate Laurent Vidal, with Alistair Brownlee - who had to serve a penalty for a kit infringement in T2 - third. We believe Stuart Hayes was also top-10, Jonny Brownlee around 21st and Dann Brook 35TH. For the ladies, another strong performance from new National Champion Jodie Swallow, fourth behind Anja Dittmer (GER), Erin Densham (AUS) and Andrea Hewitt (NZL).

In Spain it was the debut of the half-iron distance Challenge Barcelona-Maresme, which also attracted plenty of British athletes, some we suspect checking things out in advance of the iron-distance race at the same venue in October. Full results can be found HERE.

Pos Men Ladies
1st Clemente Alonso McKernan (ESP) 4:01:49 Katja Schumacher (GER)
2nd Timo Bracht (GER) 4:03:56 Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) 4:24:24
3rd Paul Ambrose (AUS) 4:04:55 Merva Kirivanta (FIN) 4:29:13

Domestic Racing

While there were plenty of Brits racing all over Europe this weekend, that doesn't mean it was all quiet at home. Here's our review of the domestic scene.

Domestic Action - Saturday

Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire was the host to a World Age Group Championship qualifying event, The Little Beaver, organised by Just Racing ( The full results can be found HERE courtesy of Stuart Steele (

Pos Men Women
1st Tristan Shipsides (Ful-On Tri) 1:56:35 Lucy Bowen (Thames Turbo Sigma Sport) 2:11:51
2nd Nick Dunn (Ceepo TFN RT) 1:59:12 Tamsin Lewis (Sigma Sport) 2:12:27
3rd Chris Standidge (Tri Central) 1:59:22 Becky Glover (Serpentine) 2:16:49

There was also a very popular half-iron distance event, The Beaver, which was completely dominated by Philip Graves (White Rose Tri) who went sub 4-hours for a SEVENTEEN MINUTE win! Still, Phil has recorded a 19:28 '10' on the bike already this year... full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Philip Graves (White Rose Tri) 3:57:15 Caroline Jubb (Ful-On Tri) 5:11:01
2nd Andrew Fisher (RAF Triathlon) 4:14:57 Claire Shea-Simmonds (Leicester Tri Club) 5:14:22
3rd Declan Doyle (Optima RT) 4:18:32 Marie Kirton 5:14:31

Another busy weekend at Dorney Lake for Human Race (, Saturday being the Eton Half Olympic. Josh Daniels (Pactrac) and Helen Cawthorne (Asics TFN) took the wins. Provisional results can be found HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Josh Daniels (Pactrac) 59:29 Helen Cawthorne (Asics TFN) 1:13:01
2nd Richard Legge (Thames Turbo) 1:00:44 Claire Chapman 1:13:56
3rd Timothy Male (Thames Turbo) 1:01:10 Louise McKee (Eton Tri Club) 1:14:51

Final race from Saturday was the Ian Hesketh Memorial Duathlon in Rivington, and the full results are available HERE.

Domestic Action - Sunday

First results in on Sunday were from race one in the Hillingdon Triathlon Series. Home club athlete Clark Schofield followed up his recent win at Hatch End with another podium topping finish - and at Hillingdon, they really do have a podium! Ladies winner was Gaby Lai (D3 Triathlon). Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Clark Schofield (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:13:22 Gaby Lai (D3 Triathlon) 1:27:37
2nd Jon Horseman (Crystal Palace Triathletes) 1:14:00 Ella Fisher (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:28:35
3rd Andrew Walpole (White Oak Tri Club) 1:15:07 Vanessa Taylor (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:29:45

The accompanying duathlon was won by regular at these events, Jez Cox, who advises us that it was also his 50th duathlon victory, which "has taken six years, and been a lot of fun!". Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Jez Cox (Bike & Run / Avia) 1:01:28 Elizabet Stojanoska 1:22:59
2nd Carl Ferri (Addiscombe CC) 1:02:55 Nicola Braybrook 1:31:55
3rd Jerry Fahy (Hillingdon Triathletes) 1:08:14 Julie-Anne Thorn 2:01:56

We have the TriTeamGlos Gloucester Triathlon results, again courtesy of Stuart Steele, HERE. Another convincing win for James Gilfillan (Primera Bournemouth).

Pos Men Women
1st James Gilfillan (Primera Bournemouth) 53:18 Lisa Greenfield 1:01:03
2nd Matthew Newman (BAD Tri) 57:08 Celia Miall (West County Tri) 1:03:46
3rd James Leith 57:38 Kirsti Robertson (Team AVS/BAD Tri) 1:03:50

Dorney Lake went to the Eton 3Quarter Olympic distance on Sunday, and provisional results can be found HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Michael Marzetti 1:28:43 Nicola Bord (Optima RT) 1:42:52
2nd Richard Brooke 1:30:19 Emily Low (Tri-Anglia) 1:42:58
3rd Piers Constable (TVT) 1:31:45 Sarah Russell (Tri London) 1:47:43

There was a very competitive field at the first Big Cow Sprint at Emberton Park, Olney. Adam Bowden, recently seventh at the National Elite Triathlon Champs used his run speed to take the win, while Eimear Mullan was a very dominant winner of the ladies event, six and a half minutes clear of Libby Cameron. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Adam Bowden 57:53 Eimear Mullan 1:06:28
2nd Robert Bowles 59:01 Libby Cameron 1:13:06
3rd Jon Worcester (Met Police Tri Club) 1:00:55 Beverley Mason 1:13:19

They had approaching 500 entrants at the Southwell Triathlon - Saucony Sprint Triathlon Series Race 4, and Nick Dunn obviously felt no ill-effects from finishing second on Saturday at The Little Beaver, by taking the win here. The ever swift Melanie Hayward secured another victory for her CV. Provisional results are available HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Nick Dunn (Ceepo TFN) 48:12 Melanie Hayward (Barracuda Tri Club) 54:39
2nd David Bishop (Ceepo TFN) 49:10 Lucy Smith 56:01
3rd Richard Teare (Equus) 49:40 Claire Armstrong 1:00:19

The Wetherby Triathlon attracted a good field too, and we have the full results HERE. Stuart Robinson was the first man across the line, while Georgie Rutherford was a clear winner for the ladies.

Pos Men Women
1st Stuart Robinson 2:05:17 Georgie Rutherford 2:17:28
2nd Martin Tonge 2:07:35 Emma Hinkles 2:28:19
3rd Kieran Rowlands 2:08:21 Jo Short 2:28:55

Martin Cain has won several of the XtraMileEvents races of late, but he was away at Ironman Lanzarote this weekend, so wasn't at the Macclesfield Triathlon. Well over 100 athletes were however, and it was Mark Roberts and Lisa Foley who both secured close wins. Full results available HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Roberts 1:11:35 Lisa Foley 1:26:27
2nd Rodger Wilkins 1:12:28 Rebecca Brand 1:27:13
3rd Paul Skipper 1:13:16 Rhian Pierce 1:31:11

The second Merchant Taylors' Triathlon attracted over 100 entrants for the standard distance event. Chris Stuart and Katie Sanders took the wins. Full results can be found HERE on the Black Sheep Sports site.

Pos Men Women
1st Chris Stuart (Army Tri) 2:08:49 Katie Sanders (Greenwich Tritons) 2:35:08
2nd Matt Molloy 2:09:42 Michelle Ford (Hillingdon Triathletes) 2:36:40
3rd Mark Brooks (TriSport Epping) 2:10:52 Tamsyn Clark (Tri-Force) 2:38:19

Tracy Cook (Tri UK) kept up her fantastic form in May, winning again at the Salisbury Fast Twitch Triathlon. Mark Stenning, who has been in the sport for a long long time, proved he is still a class athlete with an almost three minute winning margin. Provisional results can be found HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Stenning (Wildside) 1:15:10 Tracy Cook (Tri UK) 1:25:46
2nd Jack Grundy (Total Fitness Bath) 1:18:08 Marilyn Jones (Bath Amphibians) 1:32:06
3rd Adam Wells 1:18:10 Ros Viner 1:33:27

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There aren't many triathletes in the world recognised simply by their first name, but Gordo Byrn in one of them! For many years, his writing, blogs and coaching advice have been followed by thousands as he charted his progress from 'fat bloke' to sub 8:30 Ironman and Ultraman World Champion. Now, in conjunction with INFINIT Nutrition (, Gordo is in London for one day, Saturday 13th June, for a one day long course training camp. For more details, and to book your place on what is certain to be a sold out event, check out this link.

The Terrapin Sprint, Ladies and Novice Triathlon 2009

The race takes place on Sunday 28th June at Bosworth Water Trust, Market Bosworth, Leics. The swim is 750m (500m novice) open water (wetsuits required). The 21 kilometre cycle takes place on undulating roads around Market Bosworth, while the run is 5km (3km novices) around the lake on grass/paths.

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