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2nd Apr 2007Issue 3

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Tri247 has now been running for two months (it feels like two years at times...) and we have been constantly tweaking the look and feel and adding extra features along the way. Judging by the statistics (yes, we know, "lies and damned lies...") it looks as though most of you like the new site as well -- you are certainly reading more pages per visit that you ever used to on the old Triathletes Homepage.

One of the big changes that we have made is to add in the Regionalisation feature. For those of you who haven't discovered this yet, you can select your region or area of interest using the blue button (top left on the home page) and this then gives you a page of content, news and resources that are specific to your area. The resources page has also be significantly improved, not only can you use the map to find out what's going on but you can also use the search boxes underneath it to refine your areas of interest. It's well worth spending a minute or two playing with these features as not everything worth knowing about always shows up on the front page!

This isn't the end of the improvements that we have planned but it is the end of the initial phase of major changes so the site should settle down now and there won't be any "Where did they move that?" moments -- at least not for a while. If you have any feedback on the site and the way that it is being developed please do let us know. You can either use the standard contact page or you can comment on most individual articles, although you do have to be a registered user to do the latter. The site is here for you and if you feel that we are missing something please do let us know.


Weekend action

Saturday saw the last of the three race BigCow Winter Duathlon series at the Milton Keynes Bowl. Full results are here.

Pos Men Women
1 Kaj Speaight 0:56:37 Gaelle Lebray (Tri London) 1:05:41
2 Ian Loades (Oxford Tri) 0:58:04 Debbie Manners (Serpentine) 1:08:52
3 Dominic Paul (Kelly College) 0:58:34 Charlotte East 1:10:25

The Coventry Tri Club organised the Not Quite April Fools Day Aquathlon at Warwick with adult, youth and TriStar races. Full results here:

Pos Men Women
1 Stuart Steele (Black Country) 17:21 Dani Winker (Coventry Tri) 19:50
2 Shaun Coulton (Hermitage Harriers) 18:17 Yvonne Caswell (Stratford Sharks) 22:11
3 Will Kirk-Wilson (Warwick Uni) 18:28 Natalie Smith (Stratford Sharks) 22:55

We didn't even have Leanda Cave on our start list for the Ironman 70.3 California so seeing her place 5th in 4:37:46 ahead of Lisbeth Kristensen (7th in 4:41:47) was a bonus after having Jonathan Hotchkiss place 9th in 4:10:35. Full race coverage and results on the IronmanLive website.

Pos Men Women
1 Andy Potts 3:59:59 Kate Major 4:26:16
2 Jens Koefoed 4:03:43 Dede Griesdauer 4:31:46
3 Lewis Elliot 4:03:53 Becky Lavelle 4:33:03

As the Ironman 70.3 California was winding down the sun was already up on the other side of the Pacific, making it a long night for those of us who follow these things online... Ironman Australia hasn't been won by an Australian woman since 1992 -- they cleared that issue up this year by taking the top five womens places! Jason Shortis, hotly tipped as being the man who would finally break through and win the race after 12 finishes including a number of podiums, once again ended up the bridesmaid, this time behind Patrick Vernay, last year's runner-up. Vernay's father also raced in the 65-69 category -- wonder how many pro/parent combinations there have been in Ironman's history? Full race coverage on the IronmanLive website and provisional results are here.

Pos Men Women
1 Patrick Vernay 8:21:49 Rebekah Keat 9:12:59
2 Jason Shortis 8:25:34 Belinda Granger 9:20:25
3 Craig Alexander 8:38:49 Melissa Ashton 9:23:22

teamTBB, the international home of a significant number of GB triathletes, saw some impressive results yesterday in the first Bangkok Triathlon which was held in honour of the 80th birthday of the King of Thailand. Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) won in 1:47:32 with Hary Wiltshire second in 1:50:40 and Benjamin Sanson (FRA) third in 1:58:36. Chrissie Wellington improved on her second place at last week's ITU Mekong Triathlon and won in 1:59:28. Catch up on team TBB, which includes Andrew Johns, Bella Comerford and Stephen Bayliss, via their website:

The Swindon Duathlon, organised by TriFerris as part of the National Ranking Series and an elite qualification race for the World and European Duathlon Championships. Full results are here.

Pos Men Women
1 Lee Piercy (Primera Bournemouth) 1:53:43 Felicity Hart 2:01:18
2 Daniel Stevens (tricoach) 1:53:58 Andrzej Bojarski (Hemel Hempstead CC) 2:08:27
3 Matt Robinson (Torbay Tri) 1:54:37 Emma Bradley (Wimbledon Windmilers) 2:09:19

Concept Sport started its summer-long series of pool-based Fast Twitch races at a new location in Hungerford. Full results are here.

Pos Men Women
1 Chris Birch (East Street Cycles) 1:22:00 Emma Davis (Bath Uni) 1:26:30
2 Chris Rhodes (MAD Tri) 1:23:42 Mhari Muir (RN) 1:38:32
3 Billy Holman (RNRM Tri) 1:25:25 Tracy Cook (North Dorset Tri) 1:39:36

The Endurance Coach's Bickerstaffe Bash Duathlon hosted The North West Regional Duathlon Championship. Full results are here.

Pos Men Women
1 Matt Cullen (Ashurst BC/endurancecoach) 1:04:04 Rachel Jones (Preston Tri) 1:10:03
2 Steve Angus (Andersons Racing) 1:04:50 Kelly Crickmore (Chester Tri) 1:12:10
3 Mike Pluckrose (Ashurst BC/endurancecoach) 1:04:55 Sarah Charnock (Ashurst BC) 1:17:34

The East London Triathletes Dragonslayer marked the start of the Triathlon London League 2007 from its new home of Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre. First man home was Wayne Smith of TriandRun, followed by Jim Burdett of SLH in second place and last year’s winner, Stuart Anderson, of Ful-On Tri in third. In the ladies, Edwina Carter of Optima was first, with Kerri Renshaw second and Kate Foster of Thames Turbo third. Full results are here.

The South West Earlybird Aquathlon series went to Sidmouth with wins for Darren Walker (Packet of Three) in 26:18 and Kristie O'Connell (Taff Ely Tri) in 29:22. Full results are here.

The Aboyne Duathlon saw wins for Carlos Martin (Triathlon Hellin) in 1:24:27 and Donna Gray (Tri Changing Gear) in 1:34:47. Full results are here.


Route planning

Have you seen the exciting Routeplanning section supported by Garmin and Motion based? It tells you all you need to know about how planning and preparation can help with getting more information from your training sessions and how technology, if used appropriately, can make that easier and more fun!

March’s route of the month follows the infamous Ballbuster bike course around Box Hill in Surrey.

Why not send in your requests for which routes you would like to be analysed? Then one of the editorial team can ride it, and it may be chosen as next month’s route of the month! Send them to


Shoe advice

Did you know Tri247 has a Shoe Advice section supported by Saucony? Using the correct footwear is vital for injury prevention and maximizing performance. Choosing the right shoe is as important as selecting any other piece of kit, which is why Saucony have set up “Shoe Labs” which tour round the country giving out free advice.

We will also be helping each month by answering questions sent in by you, with one lucky person winning a pair of Saucony shoes of their choice from the full Saucony range!

Have you got any questions about running shoes? Then make sure you email them in to and we will get the experts to answer them online!

Total Immersion


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