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27th Apr 2009Issue 109

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Another busy weekend has passed, and we have new National Elite Duathlon Champions in Alistair Brownlee and Katrina Grimmett. Often criticised for not supporting the sport of duathlon, British Triathlon put up a £5,000 prize purse for the event in Loughborough, providing a draft-legal event in line with the World Championship format, and were able to provide race updates and swift results throughout the day on Tri247. It won't change the duathlon world, but a good start nonetheless. Next stop is Strathclyde for the Elite Triathlon Championships where another attractive prize fund awaits.

Big congratulations to Dann Brook, who raced and won his first half-iron event, the Lisboa International on Saturday against some talented opposition, setting himself up for a great season.

Coming up this week, your Editor will (finally) get around to reporting on his Ironman 'spectator' experience in South Africa, and we'll be reporting on one 'club' race that appears to be applying organisational skills to rival the most professional events in search of providing the best race experience possible.

As always, all the latest news, results and gossip will be brought to you in double-quick time. You can even now follow us on Twitter: Join up now and get your triathlon news even faster!

In this issue:


Weekend action

The Flora London Marathon proved to be a fantastic spectacle once again. Quite what the lead men were thinking running through 15km at 2:01:30 marathon pace I'm not sure... but it didn't seem to damage Olympic Champion Sammy Wanjiru too much, as he still set a course record of 2:05:10, suggesting that the current world record may well be within his range with a more prudent approach to pacing.

For Britain, most interest was as usual in the ladies race as Mara Yamauchi, who finished an under-rated sixth at the Beijing Olympics, finished second in 2:23:12 which was a big personal best. The winner, retaining her title was German Irina Mikitenko (2:22:11).

We know there were plenty of triathletes racing, and we hope you all achieved your goals. One triathlete who won (again), was 13 year old Sky Draper, who for the third consecutive year won the London Boroughs Mini Marathon (13-14 age group this time), covering the three mile course in 17:50.

Olympic and World Champion cyclist Chris Boardman finished his first (and he says last...) marathon in 3:19:27, while Nell McAndrew proved once again that she's more than a pretty face (and everything else...) with a 3:10:20 finish.

On to multisport news...

Domestic Action

Late entry Alistair Brownlee took the win at Prestwood Hall, Loughborough in the National Elite Duathlon Championships which wasn't a surprise, though Matt Gunby and Matt Moorhouse did surprise us slightly by taking the other two podium positions - congratulations to them both. For the ladies, Kat Grimmett made it business as usual in what has been a fantastic year so far, having only competed in her first multisport event late last year. Emma Dews and Eimear Mullan took silver and bronze. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Alistair Brownlee 1:49:57 Kat Grimmett 2:04:23
2nd Matt Gunby 1:51:15 Emma Dews 2:05:28
3rd Matt Moorhouse 1:51:55 Eimear Mullan 2:05:40

Jonathan Brownlee made it a family double by winning the National Junior Duathlon Championships in Loughborough, while World Junior Champion Sophie Coleman added the National Championship title. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Jonathan Brownlee 0:55:00 Sophie Coleman 1:03:22
2nd Thomas Bishop 0:56:13 Lucy Chittenden 1:04:20
3rd Josh Daniels 0:58:26 Lois Rossindale 1:04:25

The winners of the Youth Championship were Maddie Winzer and Henry Jarvis. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Henry Jarvis 29:02 Maddy Winzer 32:36
2nd Will Johnston 29:05 Melissa Bury 35:09
3rd Beau Smith 29:18 Rosie Blount 36:08

British Triathlon also held a Tristar Duathlon at the venue, and we have the results of that one HERE.

Just around the corner from the London Marathon, the SPW Triathlon was being held in Hyde Park, in aid of the Student Partnership Worldwide charity. We have full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Tyler O'Callaghan 50:22 Louise Bartlett 1:03:45
2nd George Garnier 50:24 Pippa Hopkins 1:05:17
3rd Joseba Izueta 52:04 Stephanie Hall 1:09:00

No official word yet, but it looks like the David Lloyd Lincoln Sprint Triathlon had to be converted to a duathlon. Provisional results on the One Step Beyond site HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Richard Teare (Equus) 0:59:10 Melanie Hayward (Barracuda Tri) 1:07:07
2nd Nick Dunn (Ceepo TFN RT) 1:01:31 Jo Walker 1:09:53
3rd Mark Redwood (Ceepo TFN RT) 1:03:11 Alison Shepherd (Sheffield Tri Club) 1:14:28

The Wombourne Sprint Triathlon proved popular, and results for that can be found on this link, courtesy of Stuart Steele ( James Ratcliffe was a convincing winner, while Lucy Haywood finished a very impressive sixth overall.

Pos Men Women
1st James Ratcliffe (Total Fitness) 49:47 Lucy Haywood (Stafford Triathlon Club) 58:30
2nd Dale Grassby (RAF Triathlon) 53:46 Jacqui Phillips (Cobra Tri) 1:01:36
3rd Paul Rogers (Black Country Tri) 56:12 Heather Rees ( 1:02:10

The Newton-le-Willows triathlon saw a sunny day, and the race was closely fought between Martin Cain and defending champion Alan Copland (GB team member).  In the end Martin crossed the line first to take the win. Kate Dwyer took a narrow win for the ladies. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Martin Cain 1:09:24 Kate Dwyer 1:30:14
2nd Alan Copland 1:11:07 Gill Crennell 1:31:07
3rd Phil Ellison 1:13:02 Claire Walton 1:32:50

The was a sense of deja vu at the Chirk Sprint Triathlon, as Paul Hawkins (Torq Fitness) and Rhian Roxburgh (TriCentral / Zoot) won again - that's four years in a row for both of them. Unlike last year however, husband Simon managed to finish four seconds in front, rather than ten seconds behind Rhian!

Pos Men Women
1st Paul Hawkins (Torq Fitness) 58:30 Rhian Roxburgh (TriCentral / Zoot) 1:04:15
2nd Andrew Campbell ( 1:00:38 Julie Moore (MSW Tri) 1:10:30
3rd Andy White (Royles) 1:00:42 Ellie Debenham ( 1:10:46

The Ashington Sprint Triathlon was won by veteran Rob West (One Life Racing), ahead of five athletes from the Total Racing Int team. Jane Mooney dominated the ladies event. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Rob West (One Life Racing) 1:00:44 Jane Mooney 1:09:52
2nd Andrew Macrae (Total Racing Int) 1:01:20 Michelle Woodley (Tyne Tri) 1:15:37
3rd Elliot Gowland (Total Racing Int) 1:02:37 Emma Pearson (Morpeth) 1:15:38

The Ashbourne Duathlon was hosted by Punishing Events on Saturday, part of the blueseventy Multi-Sport Series. The win was taken by Alastair Johnston (Ceepo TFN RT), ahead of team-mate Mark Couldwell. Louise Kelly (TriCentral) took the ladies race. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Alastair Johnston (Ceepo TFN RT) 2:07:31 Louise Kelly (TriCentral) 2:35:17
2nd Mark Couldwell (Ceepo TFN RT) 2:08:37 Rosemary McGee (Tri Preston) 2:38:36
3rd Matt Hammerton (AlpKit Adventure) 2:13:35 Rebekah Jones 2:39:28

The Prestwick Spring Aquathlon was again held by Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club at Prestwick swimming pool and the oval park. With a number of galas and cross country events on the same day entries were low, however the quality of racing was high. On 29th August the athletes will return to the same venue for the Prestwick Autumn Aquathon. Full results available HERE.

The Exeter Middlemoor Aquathlon was won by junior Nial Laming, with ladies winner Felicity Elliot finishing fifth overall. Full results HERE. We also have the results from the novice event and the tristar events.

Pos Men Women
1st Nial Laming 24:09 Felicity Elliot 27:32
2nd Sam Hopton 25:04

Helen Banbury 29:15

3rd Sam Jacksom 25:48 Rosemary Terribile 29:48

The Woking Aquathlon Series Race Two also had adults and tristar race. We've got the results for both: adults and tristars. Harry Johnston was a clear winner in the adults event.

International Racing

The second ITU World Cup event of the year took place on Sunday morning in Ishigaki, Japan, ahead of next week's first World Championship Series race in South Korea. As we suggested in our preview, Courtney Atkinson (AUS) once again dominated in Ishigaki to take his second straight World Cup of the year. The men's race report courtesy of the ITU is HERE. Japan had two ladies on the home podium, with Jure Ide taking her first World Cup victory. The race report is available HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Courtney Atkinson (AUS) 1:48:24 Jure Ide (JPN) 2:03:33
2nd Ivan Vasiliev (RUS) 1:49:01 Kathy Tremblay (CAN) 2:03:38
3rd Denis Vasiliev (RUS) 1:49:23 Kiyomi Niwata (JPN) 2:03:54

Dann Brook scored immediate success in his first half-ironman event, winning the Lisboa International Triathlon, proving the benefit of his hard winter training out in South Africa.

Pos Men Women
1st Dann Brook (GBR) 3:53:50 Christel Robin (FRA) 4:14:57
2nd Dennis Devniendt (BEL) 3:55:16 Sofie Goos (BEL) 4:23:11
3rd Marcus Fachbach (GER) 3:55:44 Joan Bláfoos (DEN) 4:26:56

Scot Neyedli was seventh (4:01:50), Richard Legge was 16th (4:13:50) and Paul Perry 21st (4:21:21). Josie Perry was 16th in the ladies race (5:07:59). Full results HERE.

Sam Gardner got in touch with us (read his report HERE), to let us know that he had concluded a successful tour of the Pacific with a second place in the Tagaman Triathlon, a 2km/60km/15km road triathlon. That followed his two wins at XTERRA Guam and XTERRA Saipan.

The St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida was won by Andy Potts. In-form American Matt Reed was leading the non-drafting standard distance event, before a puncture put him out of contention - much to his frustration. Stuart Hayes had a successful series of US races last season, and looks set to repeat that again this year, taking third place this time around. Other Brits included Richard Allen (12th, 1:52:09), Fraser Cartmell (after a course detour...) 14th in 1:53:16, James Hadley 16th (1:54:02), Toby Jameson 27th (1:58:04) and Martyn Hynes 36th (2:06:09).

Pos Men Women
1st Andy Potts (USA) 1:46:33 Rebeccah Wassner (USA) 2:00:04
2nd Terrenzo Bozzone (NZL) 1:48:02 Sarah Groff (USA) 2:00:21
3rd Stuart Hayes (GBR) 1:48:45 Sara McLarty (USA) 2:00:27

Royal Air Force Careers and Triathlon: new profile

We've just launched, in conjunction with Royal Air Force Careers ( and Royal Air Force Triathlon ( a new series highlighting how you can combine an exciting and varied career in the RAF with your triathlon and sporting ambitions. Check out our latest profile of CPL John "Robbo" Robinson, and his experiences as a RAF Regiment Gunner.

Tri Nations fever hits triathlon

Athletes from the southern hemisphere will be pitted against those from the UK in a spectacular triathlon staged by The Fix UK in May.

The event brings the age old rivalry of the southern hemisphere and the UK to the triathlon stage. It will be held at the stunning Olympic venue, Dorney Lake on the 2nd May 2009 and will comprise of a sprint triathlon in the morning and a 10k run in the afternoon; You can enter either or both events.

Contestants will be able to enter as a team under their country's banner or individually. All results will then be collated for each country to work out which will emerge as victor.

Ben Leach, Director of events, comments @The Battle of the Tri Nations vs the UK is a very exciting event and the first of its kind in the UK. There has always been a bubbling rivalry between these four great nations which usually gets exploited in the pub; we have decided to take it to the mass participation sports stage. We want 1000 athletes to settle old scores while testing themselves to the limit."

Enter at or email for more information.

Please sign up for the Cash back for Christie Campaign

The Manchester Evening News campaign is calling for the government to help secure the return of The Christie's £6.5 million that was lost in the Icelandic banking collapse.

As one of Europe's leading cancer treatment and research centres, The Christie has an exceptional reputation for patient care and count on the public's support to help transform cancer services for more than 40,000 cancer patients every year.

As you may have seen in the news recently, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme has turned down their claim for the money after the collapse of the UK regulated bank Kaupthing Singer Friedlander, and The Christie charity is fighting this decision through the High Court.

The Manchester Evening News is planning to take their petition to the Prime Minister which demands that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme reimburses The Christie.

Please show your support and sign up now.

Triathlon training camps in Majorca 2009

The SportActive Cycling and Tri Center in Puerto de Alcudia is based in the magnificent Aparthotel Estrella de Mar four-star, offering one of the best facilities on the island of Majorca to make sure that you are able to relax and enjoy things when you are not involved in the daily activities. For more details of the camp, which takes place from 3rd to 10th April 2009, check out this article on the site for more information on the coaches and weekly programme.

To contact SportActive call 0044 / (0)28 7136 5997, email them at or visit their website














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