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20th Apr 2009Issue 108

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Have we caught a glimpse of the future? Ironman China this weekend was held in some of the most brutally hot conditions of possibly any Ironman race ever. Emerging from the sweat to take the win by a long way was Denmark's Rasmus Henning, and it's no secret that that your Editor is one of the many who think that Rasmus has all of the credentials to make the step from ITU elite to true Ironman Championship contender. As far back as December last year, when we announced his sponsorship with Boardman Bikes, we said "as an ITU short course athlete moving to Ironman while still at the very top of that format, strong in all disciplines and with proven pedigree, he could well challenge the established stars over the longer distances." His Kona slot now booked, let's see how he shapes up on October at Kona. I expect, pretty well...

Another comment I made previously about Ironman (July 2008) was: "It seems to me that there is now a gaping whole in the long-distance calendar, during August, for a mainland Europe based M-Dot event, on a fast course in a country where triathlon is strong and events are proven. I wonder how long it will before the WTC fill that hole?" Rumours from Holland over the past few days (not that my Dutch is great...), suggest that from 2010 the long established iron-distance race in Almere could well have 'official' Ironman status. Should that prove to be the case, it seems like a perfect marriage for both parties, and we can well imagine that there will be a lot of British Ironman athletes heading to Holland in August 2010.

Lot's of great features coming up this week. With the London Marathon on Sunday, we bring you a "how to succeed... at spectating" guide. Good luck to you if you are running, and do drop by and see us at the London Marathon Expo from Wednesday this week.

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Weekend action

The second Ironman China took place in sweltering heat on Sunday, with conditions reported at over 110°F at times. Our strong pre-race prediction of Rasmus Henning proved to be spot on the money as he dominated completely, at one time holding a lead of well over 35 minutes... however even the mighty Rasmus showed vulnerability, having a cramp-induced mini meltdown in the last 10km, where he was forced to a walk at times, however he still came home almost half an hour clear of Patrick Walliman (SUI), to secure his Kona spot.

Australian Charlotte Paul (who was actually born in England...) won the ladies event, her second Ironman victory after Ironman Western Australia 2007. Yvette Grice finished eighth overall (seventh Pro) in 11:05:43.

Pos Men Women
1st Rasmus Henning (DEN) 8:53:20 Charlotte Paul (AUS) 9:48:14
2nd Patrick Walliman (SUI) 9:22:46 Edith Niederfriniger (ITA) 10:01:39
3rd Mike Shifferle (SUI) 9:28:49 Tereza Macel (CAN) 10:13:43

There was also a lower-key Ironman 70.3 race which by the clock Chris McCormack (AUS) won comfortably, though he certainly didn't feel 'comfortable'! Gemma Keogh Peters emailed us to confirm that she is actually a proud Brit, living in Singapore - congrats on second place!

Pos Men Women
1st Chris McCormack (AUS) 4:04:44 Amanda Balding (AUS) 5:28:55
2nd Luke McKenzie (AUS) 4:23:34 Gemma Keogh Peters (GBR) 5:53:40
3rd Mark Jansen (SIN) 4:38:11 Jutta Wessling (GER) 5:59:52

Here are the top-10 results from Sunday's Powerman Holland Duathlon from Horst aan de Maas/The Netherlands. Matt Moorhouse was top GB man in tenth, while Felicity Hart was sixth lady.


Pos Name Country Time
1 Joerie Vansteelant BEL 2:39:29
2 Andy Sutz SUI 2:43:17
3 Aksel Nielsen DEN 2:44:55
4 Wim Nieuwkerk NED 2:45:32
5 Dirk Strothmann GER 2:46:05
6 Søren Bystrup DEN 2:46:21
7 Zoltan Senczyzsyn GER 2:46:34
8 Nico Huyberechts BEL 2:47:51
9 Armand vd Smissen NED 2:47:51
10 Matt Moorhouse SWE 2:48:00


Pos Name Country Time
1 Yvonne van Vlerken NED 2:57:27
2 Camilla Lindholm SWE 3:04:44
3 Ulrike Schwalbe GER 3:05:29
4 Susanne Svendsen DEN 3:07:01
5 Martina Kraehenbuehl SUI 3:07:19
6 Felicity Hart GBR 3:09:48
7 Maud Golsteyn NED 3:10:03
8 Mirjam Weerd NED 3:10:21
9 Stefanie Bouma NED 3:11:36
10 Maja Jacober SUI 3:20:33

There was an overseas British winner on Saturday, when Sam Gardner won XTERRA Saipan. Julie Dibens finished second to Renata Bucher after a crash, and Jim McConnel finished sixth. You can read Sam's first hand report on his race HERE.

Saturday's Ful-On Duathlon had Tim Don as the star turn, winning the race by a comfortable margin. We have a full report on the event HERE, plus results of the full distance and the sprint distance.

Full Distance
Pos Men Women
1st Tim Don (Prologue Bikes) 1:03:09 Lucy Bowen (Thames Turbo) 1:14:25
2nd Tristan Shipsides (Ful-On Tri) 1:06:11 Parys Edwards (Ful-On Tri) 1:15:35
3rd Andrew Mercer (Thames Turbo) 1:06:43 Nicola Boyd (Optima Racing Team) 1:23:19
Sprint Distance
Pos Men Women
1st Stuart McLeod (Larkfield AC) 37:45 Chelsey Dudman 47:39
2nd Tom Beetham 40:39 Lucy Helmore (Kingfisher Triathletes) 48:40
3rd Dan Linly 40:50 Claire Strong (Serpentine RC) 51:43

It would appear that Lee Piercy and Emma Dews chose the Cambridge Duathlon over Powerman Holland, as both raced and won today in the fourth round of the National Ranking Series. Provisional results HERE. The race was close with last years winner Stephen Harrison just beaten by 20 seconds by Lee Piercy with Richard Teare in third place.

Emma Dews won every run and bike split for the women making her the clear women's winner over eight minutes ahead of the rest of the field. Leigh Harvey was second and Libby Cameron third.

Pos Men Women
1st Lee Piercy (The Big Adventure Store) 1:52:25 Emma Dews (The Big Adventure Store) 2:06:57
2nd Stephen Harrison 1:52:55 Leigh Harvey 2:15:36
3rd Richard Teare 1:53:54 Libby Cameron 2:17:01

The Duston Triathlon drew a large field of over 450 athletes, and provisional results are available on the Just Racing site HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Ian Smith (CEEPO TFN) 56:19 Stacey Penn (Northants Tri) 1:03:13
2nd Richard Sumpter 57:16 Tracey Haseldine (Team MK) 1:05:41
3rd Andrew Fairley (Wootton Tri Club) 57:22 Debbie Cooper (Coventry Cycle Centre) 1:06:59

The Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon was held in dry, calm but surprisingly cold conditions this morning. The race had been sold out for months, and a thoroughly good morning was had by all (apart perhaps, from the two potential winners of a new laptop who missed their chance by not attending the prize draw...!). The race was one in convincing style by Mark Whittaker, while first lady was Claire Hitchings from the host club. Provisional results are available on the StuWeb site HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Whittaker 1:19:02 Claire Hitchings 1:35:11
2nd Alex Fairman 1:23:45 Lara Hawkings 1:41:19
3rd Mark Yeoman 1:24:12 Nicola Groom 1:46:24

The Winchester Fast Twitch Triathlon attracted the usual large field of athletes too, and provisional results are now up on the Concept Sport Site HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Dave Woodgate (V0TWO) 1:28:32 Tracy Cook (Tri UK) 1:37:22
2nd Nicholas Baldwin 1:31:00 Elizabeth Hutson (Tri UK) 1:45:43
3rd Dan Philips (BAD Tri / Fred Baker) 1:31:05 Choc Harris (Thames Valley Harriers) 1:45:44

The Oulton Park Spring Duathlon attracted around 100 athletes to the motor racing circuit. The winners were Richard Findlow and Vicki Wade. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Richard Findlow 1:11:34 Vicki Wade 1:18:02
2nd Paul Crisford 1:12:27 Emma Cox 1:31:10
3rd Jason Walkley 1:13:24 Sarah Rhodes 1:33:08

Headline results below from the DragonSlayer Duathlon at Redbridge Cycle Circuit, which hosted the Triathlon London League. Full results available HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Justin Webb (Optima) 1:56:05 Karen Axelsdottir (Optima) 2:12:29
2nd Nick Malynn 1:57:17 Holly Tomlinson (Thames Turbo) 2:16:11
3rd Timothy Males (Thames Turbo) 1:57:40 Rebecca Adam (Optima) 2:21:43

Full results for the Humber Duathlon are HERE, and we also have a race report available.

Pos Men Women
1st Nick Sparks (Sheffield Tri) 1:57:09 Donna Edmonson Booker (Crosstrax) 2:16:07
2nd Julian Read (NYP Tri) 2:02:21 Sarah Carpenter (Barracuda Tri) 2:23:54
3rd Steve Coates (Barracuda Tri) 2:05:21 Emma Barraclough (Barracuda Tri) 2:34:56

The ISCA Duathlon in Wales was won by Richard Wilder (despite a two minute penalty), while first lady was Bethan Fowler, who finished narrowly ahead of Debbie Cooke. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Richard Wilder 1:00:12 Bethan Fowler 1:12:51
2nd Matthew Newman 1:01:46 Debbie Cooke 1:13:05
3rd James Hockin 1:02:18 Maria Hobbs 1:16:42

The Goodwood Duathlons included at least one interesting name in the results, as recently retired former European Cross Country Champion Hayley Yelling won the short distance event. Whether this for just for fun, or whether we could see another top British runner a la Dave Mitchinson or Adam Bowden, move into multisport, we're not sure! Full results available for the long distance and the short distance event.

Long Distance
Pos Men Women
1st Chris Chamberlin (TFB) 1:41:54 Fay Cripps 1:58:50
2nd Paul Davies (Panasonic / Scott / Mountain Trax) 1:42:29 Anna Squires (Southampton Tri) 2:00:44
3rd John Stoddart (Uni of Bath) 1:43:53 Wendy Lockwood (Haslemere Border AC) 2:07:07
Short Distance
Pos Men Women
1st Will Whitmore (DB Max) 1:04:55 Hayley Yelling 1:13:50
2nd Andrew Grist (DB Max) 1:07:48 Jane King (Tuff Fitty Tri) 1:19:39
3rd Stuart Morgan (Farnham Runners) 1:09:09 Carolyn Dickie 1:21:53

The Derby Double Duathlon was just that, with three run and two bike segments. Tom Bishop and Michelle Askey coped best with the unusual format. Full results HERE. We also have a full race report HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Tom Bishop 1:06:00 Michelle Askey 1:20:17
2nd Rhodri Buffett 1:08:40 Karen Marshallsay 1:23:06
3rd David Bishop 1:10:17 Zoe Sewter 1:25:22

The Top Gear test track was the venue for the Dunsfold Park Circuit Sprint Duathlon. Around 150 races attended, and first across the line was Mark Tickner (Amphibian 2), with Linda Reid finishing sixth overall to take the ladies award. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Mark Tickner (Amphibians 2) 55:30 Linda Reid 59:50
2nd Gordon Croucher 55:56 Katie Baxendale 1:09:20
3rd Simon Powell (East Grinstead Tri) 56:33 Michelle Colvin (Amphibians 2) 1:11:27

At race four of the Tewkesbury Aquathlon Series there was "a close fought men's race, just six seconds separating the top two and a storming race in the women's from Katie Silke, breaking her own course record by just under a minute and beating most of the men in the process." Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Jon Rawlings (Tewkesbury Tri) 23:35 Katie Silke (Coventry Tri) 24:43
2nd Mark Sims (Hereford Tri Club) 23:41 Millie Barnes (Tewkesbury Tri) 27:44
3rd Peter Darton (Wessex Wizards Tri) 24:24 Clare Scott (Hereford Couriers) 28:28

The third Burnham-On-Sea Aquathlon of the year was a 1km/10km format. Gary Gerrard and Celia Miall were the race winners. Full results HERE.

Pos Men Women
1st Gary Gerrard (Royal Navy) 51:42 Celia Miall (West Country Tri) 59:53
2nd Iain Hindes (North Devon Tri) 53:03 Chloe Tuck 1:02:57
3rd John Mason (BAD Tri) 54:22 Yvonne Cox 1:05:57

Royal Air Force Careers and Triathlon: new profile

We've just launched, in conjunction with Royal Air Force Careers ( and Royal Air Force Triathlon ( a new series highlighting how you can combine an exciting and varied career in the RAF with your triathlon and sporting ambitions. Check out our latest profile of CPL John "Robbo" Robinson, and his experiences as a RAF Regiment Gunner.

Tri Nations fever hits triathlon

Athletes from the southern hemisphere will be pitted against those from the UK in a spectacular triathlon staged by The Fix UK in May.

The event brings the age old rivalry of the southern hemisphere and the UK to the triathlon stage. It will be held at the stunning Olympic venue, Dorney Lake on the 2nd May 2009 and will comprise of a sprint triathlon in the morning and a 10k run in the afternoon; You can enter either or both events.

Contestants will be able to enter as a team under their country's banner or individually. All results will then be collated for each country to work out which will emerge as victor.

Ben Leach, Director of events, comments @The Battle of the Tri Nations vs the UK is a very exciting event and the first of its kind in the UK. There has always been a bubbling rivalry between these four great nations which usually gets exploited in the pub; we have decided to take it to the mass participation sports stage. We want 1000 athletes to settle old scores while testing themselves to the limit."

Enter at or email for more information.

Please sign up for the Cash back for Christie Campaign

The Manchester Evening News campaign is calling for the government to help secure the return of The Christie's £6.5 million that was lost in the Icelandic banking collapse.

As one of Europe's leading cancer treatment and research centres, The Christie has an exceptional reputation for patient care and count on the public's support to help transform cancer services for more than 40,000 cancer patients every year.

As you may have seen in the news recently, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme has turned down their claim for the money after the collapse of the UK regulated bank Kaupthing Singer Friedlander, and The Christie charity is fighting this decision through the High Court.

The Manchester Evening News is planning to take their petition to the Prime Minister which demands that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme reimburses The Christie.

Please show your support and sign up now.

Triathlon training camps in Majorca 2009

The SportActive Cycling and Tri Center in Puerto de Alcudia is based in the magnificent Aparthotel Estrella de Mar four-star, offering one of the best facilities on the island of Majorca to make sure that you are able to relax and enjoy things when you are not involved in the daily activities. For more details of the camp, which takes place from 3rd to 10th April 2009, check out this article on the site for more information on the coaches and weekly programme.

To contact SportActive call 0044 / (0)28 7136 5997, email them at or visit their website














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