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Mon 19th Aug 2019
Event Details
Cambridge Duathlon
Held on: Sun 6th April 1997

Race Details
Race Type:
Run (6k)  /  Bike (30k)  /  Run (6k)

Cambridge Triathlon Club



Report by Tim Grose (16th in 1:45:04)

East Anglia's premier duathlon attached the strongest domestic duathlon field so far this year and competitors were blessed with a sunny and mild day with only a moderate breeze on the traditionally wind-swept bike course. The race was run off in waves with age groups C to E going first, then F and G and then the Vets. This was slightly unfortunate as the leading contenders were split. Surely with the new Elite category, organisers should strive to ensure that waves are seeded.

This did not deter John Taylor from following up his success at the Thames Turbo Classic with another victory. As always he destroyed the opposition on the first run with only David Castle able to stay him. Never the best cyclist, he nevertheless produced a sound ride and was able to coast to victory on the final run. The second wave saw a close battle between Jack Maitland and Ian White with Jack just edging it and almost recording the fastest time. Nigel Arnold had a lonely race to take the Vets prize. The women's race saw a class performance from Sian Brice who recorded an easy win.

The big talking point of the race was the new helmet regulations in transition. Apparently one is supposed to put your helmet on before unracking your bike and to keep it on until the bike is racked at the end of the run. Several fell foul to this rule and suffered a two-minute penalty. The punishment hardly seems to fit the crime but rules are rules and unfortunately, in my opinion, triathlon/duathlon rules seem to getting pettier all the time. Thank goodness there were no traffic lights on this course but that's another story.

1John Taylor1066 Triathletes01:38:33
2Jack MaitlandMercury Tri01:38:49
3Ian WhiteTeam Hargroves01:39:21
1Sian BriceTri UK01:50:31
2Rachel HornCambridge Tri01:52:32
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