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Thu 18th Jul 2019
Event Details
Ardgarton Triathlon Festival - Sprint
Held on: Sat 11th May 2013
Race Details
Race Type:
Swim Open (750m)  /  Bike (20k)  /  Run (5k)

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Ardgartan Hotel, Arrochar, Scotland

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Re: Ardgarton Triathlon Festival - Sprint
Posted by mus2ma
Posted at 23:10:29 13th May 2013
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I took part in this event and it was totally farsical.
- First off there were only 14 people in the sprint race and on the week leading up to the event the water temp was 10 degrees. Should the event even have gone ahead.
- On the day of the event the organisers were hindered with bad wind and rain (obviosly not the organisers fault).
- The cycle route was on the A83. This is a busy and fast road that serves as the main artery road west (Not ideal).
- The sprint route followed the standard route and was a there and back route, meaning that after 10k you were supposed to tun around and cycle back from where ou came from. The standard event continued for another 10k before turning around. However there was no martials in place or any signs to indicate where to tun around resulting in most people cmpleting the standard course instead.
- The same problem occured on the run course. It was agian an out and back course but again there were no marcials or signs indicating where to turn.
It was a shame as potentially this could have been a fantastic event. I will not however be entering another NRG event due to the lack of organisaton that appears to have went into this.