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Wed 29th Jun 2022
Nina McArthur: sink or swim
Posted by: Ninam91
Posted on: Saturday 7th April 2012

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Welcome to a regular new feature on Tri247. At 17 years old, Nina McArthur was a talented and committed triathlete making an impression and winning races at Junior Elite level. And then... she vanished from the triathlon scene. After more than three years away, battling various ups and downs stemming from the complete triathlon focus of her youth, Nina has returned to the sport with a significantly different approach.

Having just launched her own blog ( to track her progress, Nina will also share with Tri247 readers a monthly update on... whatever she wants! We've given her free reign to cover a wide range of issues - including topics that are often kept under wraps or not openly discussed - from her own background, views, thoughts, interviews and more.

As well as bringing some much needed youth to the Tri247 team... Nina is also keen to make coffee a requirement of training! That is something that certainly fits with the Editorial team's approach to the sport, so she is a very welcome addition. Here is her first update.

A month ago, I returned to something that I lived and breathed for nine years. I rejoined the sport of triathlon. If I say my name is Nina McArthur then it might ring a few bells with some of you. From the age of nine I have trained and raced in triathlon, progressing from wearing a swimming costume and big baggy t-shirt, riding a mountain bike to quibbling over which wheel set and carbon forks would suit my Trek bike better, moving up to Junior Elite Level. Then suddenly, at the age of seventeen I disappeared from the triathlon world.

Three years later at the age of 21 and just like a phoenix, I've effectively risen from the ashes and started to write a blog that follows my progress as I start to swim, cycle and run again...for fun. In my three post-triathlon years, I've battled with ups and downs stemming from the difficulties I experienced in my descent from elite level triathlon that I will gradually disclose. As my first blog explains, I'll be thinking about the life of an athlete, the questions I've asked myself both in the past and present and we'll also follow my progress to see whether I sink or swim as I return to the sport with one main motto; swim, bike, run, coffee. Being a caffeine addict I'll be making coffee a compulsory social end to every session I do with fellow athletes from the club where I first plunged head first into this invigorating sport. Manchester Triathlon Club supported me from being an eager youngster to a dedicated stronger athlete and I have and will always remain loyal to such a friendly and inspiring club.

I'll now be writing a monthly article on Tri247 alongside my blog, returning to what I loved to do, having written race reports and articles for my club and this developing unique website when I was a teenager. To now see Tri247 as the established heart of the triathlon community is fantastic and I'm very excited to share my thoughts, feelings, memories, progress, topical issues and interviews with athletes who I feel embody the true spirit of what sport and triathlon should be about.

My first article will be an interview with up-and-coming Junior Elite Athlete Elinor Thorogood who will also be sharing a few of her favourite recipes for recovering from training that keep her smiling. She is an athlete who I have known for a number of years and truly embodies an amazing combination of top level performance with terrific twitter updates and prolific positivity.

Swim, sip, smile, succeed.

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