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Sun 14th Aug 2022

The world’s biggest sports drink brand has launched a range of sports nutrition in UK. Gatorade’s G Series Pro offers elite athletes class-leading range before, during and after activity.

Gatorade, the brand that invented sports nutrition in 1965 with the world’s first sports drink, has changed the game again by developing an innovative three step approach to athlete nutrition. While developing G Series Pro, Gatorade scientists collaborated with some of the world’s top athletes and solicited feedback from a comprehensive study of over 10,000 sportsmen and women including a wide-array of sports health professionals to ensure the products met specific needs.

“Building on the insight from these athletes, we applied the institute’s 20 years of expertise in sports nutrition and developed functional products that address the athlete’s needs for performance,” said Professor Asker Jeukendrup, Senior Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

Each product in G Series Pro is designed to meet the distinct nutrition and hydration needs around workout or competition usage – pre (01), during (02), and post (03).

Gatorade Prime 01
Athletes told Gatorade that they are looking for energy to kick-start their activity, but don’t want to feel too full. Gatorade Prime 01 is pre-game liquid fuel in a convenient and functional 118ml pouch that provides real carbohydrate energy, not the perceived energy that comes from highly caffeinated beverages. Designed for use within the 15 minutes before a workout or competition, Gatorade Prime 01 provides fuel by facilitating the availability of carbohydrate energy to muscles. The product contains 24gm of carbohydrates (100 calories) to help prime the muscles, as well as 110mg sodium and 35mg potassium. Gatorade Prime also provides a good source of the B vitamins – Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5) and B6 - that aid energy metabolism as part of a daily diet.

Pre-workout or pre-game fuel supplied as a 118ml pouch: RRP £1.49

  • Carbohydrates: 24 grams of carbohydrates (100 calories)
  • Electrolytes: 110mg sodium and 35mg potassium
  • Vitamins: Good source (15% Daily Value) of the B vitamins – Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), and Pyridoxine (B6) – to help with energy metabolism as part of a daily diet
  • Flavours: Orange and Berry
Gatorade Perform 02
Based on the world’s most researched sports drink formula, Gatorade Perform offers a blend of fluids to help rehydrate, electrolytes to replace sweat loss and carbohydrate energy to fuel working muscles. Gatorade Perform is formulated to taste best when the user is hot and sweaty to encourage voluntary drinking, and contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. Available in ready to drink and powder format.

Trusted, scientifically proven Gatorade helps athletes replace fluids, replenish electrolytes and refuel working muscles during activity. Supplied as a 500ml bottle RRP £1.50. Also available as a powder that makes five litres of Gatorade Perform 02 drink: RRP £8.99.

  • Carbohydrates: 30 grams of carbohydrate (125 calories)
  • Electrolytes: 250mg sodium and 60mg potassium
  • Flavours: Blackcurrant, Lemon and Orange
Gatorade Recover 03
Formulated for use within 30 minutes after activity, Gatorade 03 Recover has the liquid consistency and taste of a sports drink. It contains 16gm of protein to help support muscle recovery, as well as 14gm of carbohydrate, 250mg of sodium, and 95mg of potassium to help athletes fully replace electrolytes lost during training and competition.

A protein and carbohydrate beverage formulated with the consistency of a thirst quencher to provide hydration and muscle recovery benefits after exercise. Supplied as a 500ml bottle: RRP £1.99.

  • Protein: 16 grams of protein
  • Carbohydrates: 14 grams of carbohydrates
  • Electrolytes: 250mg sodium and 95mg potassium
  • Calories: 130
  • Flavour: Berry

World number one triathlete, Alistair Brownlee, said “I’ve been using the G Series Pro for some time and the products have become part of the essential kit I use for training and competition. Simply put – this stuff just works.”.

British Cycling’s Performance Director, David Brailsford, said: “We strive to work with only best in class partners as we know it's the marginal gains that they provide that help us to reach the podium. Gatorade is that partner when it comes to our team’s sports nutrition.”

The new G-Series Pro range of products: 01 Prime, 02 Perform and 03 Recover, are available in stores and online from the end of November 2011 including GNC,,, and

For more information visit the Gatorade website.