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Thu 24th Oct 2019
Bishop, Rosindale take Toshiba Windsor titles
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Sunday 12th June 2011

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I've always enjoyed the Toshiba Windsor Triathlon. It's a 'local' race to me, I've race many times and have probably watched even more over the past twenty years or so. The only thing I didn't enjoy was, for a change, having my pre-event predictions go completely wrong. Bruises the ego a little to get both races wrong! Still, always good to see some open and interesting racing.

The 2011 edition was both a British Triathlon Super Series event and the British Triathlon Elite Championships, and based on race CV's and recent performances at Strathclyde and Blenheim then we all assumed, in the absence of the Brownlees, Hayes and Clarke that Tim Don would be taking away his third Windsor title, along with another National Championship plus the Super Series for a second year. Sometimes things don't go to plan though, and with the - wait for it - rarely seen cold and wet weather at Windsor, the Don (lack of) body fat didn't seem to function as well as usual.

At T2, all appeared on track. The swim spread athletes out, but there weren't huge gaps, and when the second chase pack including the likes of Mark Buckingham merged with the leaders at around 30km, the typical mens race scenario at Windsor seemed set to be played out. Ireland's Connor Murphy burst out of T2 just ahead of Don and TriGold athlete Mark Buckingham, with Tom Bishop, Aaron Harris, Matt Sharp, Adam Bowden et al all in close contention.

Come the end of lap one the red tri-suit of Don was at the front...except, that wasn't Don, it was the red trisuit of 2010 World Junior Silver medalist Tom Bishop. Aaron Harris was on his shoulder, Matt Sharp a few seconds back with Don and Buckingham in fourth and fifth. One look at Tim's face was enough for me to turn to someone and say "his race (for the win) is over!". Too cold, and later Tim was seen finishing in a jacket he'd managed to pick up en-route. He'll be back, and no long-term damage done.

Bishop and Harris continued battling, sharing the lead as one would slow, and then the other push on, and late into lap three Bishop managed to use his sub-30 minute 10km speed to pull away, and upgrade his 2010 British Junior Championship to his first Senior Elite title. Probably won't be the last either. Harris held strong for second, with Sharp continuing his consistent run of races to take the bronze.

Thomas Bishop and Lois Rosindale

Team Challenger World UK's Lois Rosindale had a breakthrough race at Windsor last season, taking second to Vanessa Raw, and with ITU WCS medal winner Aileen Morrison in the field it appeared, to me at least, that second might be a great target for 2011 too. No such thoughts from Lois.

Abbie Thorrington headed the swim by around 40 seconds, but with Morrsion, Rosindale, Lucy Chittenden, Heather Jackson and co all grouped together behind, that was always looking doubtful to be able to build on that alone on the bike course, which is fast, and not too challenging or technical.

Rosindale and Ireland's Morrsion weren't first out of T2, but they certainly seemed to be the most fluidly running athletes in the early stages. By the midway through the run they were away and clear at the front, and Rosindale was running strongly - her 36:58 split well clear of the 38:03 of the Irish athlete and a relatively comfortable margin of victory. Heather Jackson finished 14 seconds clear of first year senior Lucy Chittenden for third.

Pos Men Women
1st Thomas Bishop 1:52:33 Lois Rosindale 2:06:37
2nd Aaron Harris 1:52:43 Aileen Morrison 2:07:45
3rd Matthew Sharp 1:52:56 Heather Jackson 2:09:29


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