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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #1 2011
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 28th April 2011

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his first update of the year from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring, please direct them to: [email protected].

The cold winter has long gone, the early-season duathlons have all been concluded, and the triathlon season is almost upon us. All the duathlons have now been scored excepting Limerick, which will be scored when more of the entries for this, the 18th year of the UK League, have been received. With the deadline for entries set at June 1st, some clubs do tend to leave finalising their entries until they have seen what their early form is like. So, with entries still coming in, the results discussed in this report must be regarded as provisional.

Our season got under way on 27th February at Emberton Park. The weather wasn't encouraging, and no League club fielded a full team. Peter Wheddon of BAD Tri was the highest-placed leaguer. Darren Riddout of Derby Tri, Sarah Thomas and N. Butler of Army Tri also scored. What a pity the two Army ladies didn't have a third, of either gender, to collect the first League team score of the year. The following week we had the British Duathlon Age Group Champs at Clumber Park, and the weather wasn't much better. Peter Wheddon showed very good form again, and was well supported by P. Woodward, but like the Army the previous week, they lacked a third and so again a team score went begging. Both the BAD Tri competitors were outpointed by Chris Nicoll of Derby Tri, who was well supported by Andy Thornton, Naomi Warr, and A. Sheldon, with Chris, Andy, and Naomi achieving the first League team score of the season with 460.358 points. Army Tri had two competitors at Clumber Park with Kevin Pritchard scoring well. Kevin was supported by L. Ferguson, but like Tri London, who were also there, they lacked a third for a team score.

So Army Tri have twice missed the chance of a team score, but to some extent they made up for this at the Dambuster Duathlon where Kevin Pritchard and T. Courage scored well, and were supported by A. Williams, who together achieved a team score of 452.792, which enabled them to beat a Derby Tri team of Andy Thornton, Darren Riddout, and Simon Oldacre by just over three points. Tri London were also at the Dambuster Duathlon and achieved their first score of the League season, courtesy of G. Francis, Amy Forshaw, and Olivia Hetreed, which totalled 433.222 points. At the 2nd Big Cow Winter Duathlon Tri London also had one competitor, T. O'Loughlin, who was also the only leaguer present. What a pity T. O'L wasn't supported because he finished in third place overall, scoring 159.050 from a tariff of 170 points.

At the Ashbourne Duathlon on 9th April, Derby Tri once again revealed their mastery of this tough event, where Mark Couldwell, Thomas Peoples, and Tom Swift, supported by Naomi Warr and several other Derby leaguers, achieved the highest duathlon League score of the season so far with 489.707 points. This highest score didn't stand for long, however, because at the Spring Ballbuster, an even tougher event than the Ashbourne Duathlon, Ful-on Tri entered the League fray for 2011 and achieved a score of 508.109 points, with N. Malynn, N. Altmann, and F. Leatham (F) taking the honours. The Ful-on-Tri score kept them well clear of the Army Tri competitors T. Conley, L. James, D. Bosher, and C. McNamara, the first three of these competitors scoring 439.829 points. With Limerick excepted, there remained only one more event to be scored before Easter. This was the Cambridge Duathlon, where the Army Tri scored its second League victory of the season. Their top scorer, in second place overall, was Richard Hunt, who achieved 168.304 against a tariff of 170 points, a distinguished performance against non-leaguer Julian Lings who has been going like a train in duathlons so far this year. Richard was supported by P. Clark, D. Larkin, and C. Yarroll (F), and the team scored 480.208 points, ahead of Tri London's 469.503 points, achieved by Robert Baldock, Jamie Hernando, and Amy Forshaw.

So the (provisional) team scores at the present time are as follows:

  • Derby Tri, with two victories and one second place have a total of 1399.583 points;
  • Army Tri with two victories and one second place have a total of 1373.329 points;
  • Tri London with one second place and one third place have 902.725 points;
  • Ful-on- Tri have one victory and have a total of 508.109 points.

Provisional indications for individuals in the Duathlon Competition (which is part of the larger General League Classification, and requires competitors to complete three duathlons AND one triathlon) are interesting. Peter Wheddon (BAD Tri) leads Kevin Pritchard (Army) by .823 of one point which, in terms of a multi sport, is hardly different from a dead heat! As someone who has had some experience of the military life I can just imagine, if Kevin happens to be a non-swimmer, somebody in authority saying to him: 'Right, Protchard, get yourself down to the pool and get swimming !!!' But there is time, I assure non-swimmers, to learn at least a basic breaststroke between now and September, and then the whole world of triathlon will be there waiting for you by the summer of 2012. But I digress, and of course it's by no means certain that the current leaders in duathlon will win our League competition. Peter Wheddon has 321.694 points and Kevin Pritchard has 320.871, but Andy Thornton of Derby Tri has 311.010, Darren Riddout of Derby Tri has 300.282; Amy Forshaw (Tri London) and Naomi Warr (Derby Tri) lead the ladies with 297.094 and 289.412 respectively. Furthermore, athletes with a single but high duathlon score at present can still meet the 3 + 1 requirement by the end of the season: these include N. Malynn and N. Altmann of Ful-on-Tri, Richard Hunt and T. Conley (Army), Chris Nicholl (Derby Tri), P. Clark (Army), F. Leatham (F) (Ful-on-Tri), Robert Baldock (Tri London), Jamie Hernando (Tri London), Peter Woodward (BAD Tri), T. Courage (Tri London), T. O'Loughlin (Tri London), and G. Francis (Tri London).

That's all for now. Well done to all leaguers who braved the early weather. My next report will appear on Tri247 sometime around the end of May/early June. All clubs who want to compete in this year's UK League should have their names of competitors and fees with me by that time.

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