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Tue 23rd Jul 2019
Stuart Lumb: Another year, another season, another race!
Posted by: jetsetsupervet
Posted on: Wednesday 20th April 2011

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Stuart Lumb, our resident Jet Set Super Vet (JSSV) may be another year older (is possibly not another year wiser), but that isn't going to stop him getting his 2011 season off to an early start.

Earlier this month Stuart raced at the Craft Humber Sprint in South Hunsley, Yorkshire as he prepares for the inaugural ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships later this month.

I'm lucky enough to live only about half a mile from my gym so have no excuse to put the training hours in over winter, plus I can watch soccer on tv whilst sweating away... I have ventured out on my bike more often than during the 2009/10 winter plus our very mild April meant no excuses on the weather front (ahem...). Plus, I have tried to run a bit more as touch wood my body is not complaining too much.

My good buddy Karl Jackson puts on a great local race series and the Craft Humber Sprint Event held on April 3rd attracted a good turn out. Karl has changed the route slightly from previous years although this race did follow the same route as last October's event, which meant that times could be meaningfully compared. I train in a 20m pool so racing in a 33m one means a slight adjustment plus only have to count to 12 (for 400m), as we're trusted to count correctly.

Stuart at the Craft Humber Sprint

My swim time was within seconds of last October's so was pleased about that. The weather was delightful – no wind – which made the biking very pleasant. One of my Barracuda buddies had told me she'd only been out once on her bike over winter. She's a good swimmer so started after me in the pool. Surprise surprise – half way round the bike split she came steaming past me... maybe not much outdoor biking but she omitted to tell me she'd probably done about 2000k on a gym bike! It was nip and tuck as we passed and re-passed each other three times so that made the bike split exciting and I was about 30secs faster than last October's time. Given that we'd raced in a monsoon last autumn and I aquaplaned (!) down the steep hill into South Cave...quite scary...I expected a better bike time, although I was slowed up by a car down that same descent so that's my excuse re my split.

Off on the run, which was out-and-back twice, alongside the A63. Last October we all got drenched as the standing water got sprayed on to us by passing trucks and cars, but this time it was bone dry so can't blame the weather for my slightly slower run time, although I am six months older (not necessarily wiser), and I guess run times do get progressively slower with age - at least mine do!

I was relieved to survive without pulling anything and that was another box ticked. A lady friend of mine was racing for the first time and I was delighted to see that she (and her training buddy) both finished, so well done Tina and mate and see you at Driffield next month! I've a work colleague who I advise on triathlon and who has a very expensive bike but who has yet to compete in a race. I think she's worried about being the Lanterne Rouge but as I say to her, it's just as big an achievement as winning. I'm often tail-end Charlie - so what, it's no disgrace being least you finish!

I'm in Northern Italy as I write, attending a trade fair but will go for a run this evening. I managed a run on Tuesday evening. It was delightful – about 20°c, the sun was low in the sky and lighting up the snow covered Alps. Don't get carried away though, guys. I'm up at 4am tomorrow to catch a train to Milan and all being well will get home after 12 hours of travelling.

When I get home I have to swap my road bike for my MTB and get some last minute training in as I'm competing in the first ever ITU World Off Road/ Cross Tri which takes place in Extremadura, west of Madrid on April 30. The GB squad is just over 20 strong. The American team is pretty large, based around their XTERRA athletes. The Spanish entry is pretty big so it should be a great day. As far as I can figure out the race is super sprint distance which doesn't suit JSSV as it takes a while for him to build up a good head of steam! Anyway, you just go for it and whatever will be will be... I'm in the doghouse as my No 1. groupie and team manager Mrs JSSV is mortified that she might miss the Royal Wedding. Well, I've told SKY to beam in a special satellite link to our hotel and in exchange they can have free advertising on my GB tri suit!

Stuart Lumb About the Author

Stuart Lumb lives in God's County - Yorkshire, where else.. took up triathlon when most of his peers were packing in. Works abroad a lot hence christened "Jet Set Super Vet" by a Barracuda club mate. Also enjoys competing in cross tri / XTERRA events - did I hear "Crazy JSSV"? But, you only live once...

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