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Fri 13th Dec 2019
Meet the Outlaws: Russell Cox
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 25th February 2011

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Russ Cox relishes Outlaw's quick course...

Russ Cox has plans to do four iron-distance events this year, on top of the thirteen he's already done! There's talk of fast times at the Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham on 24 July.

The former website builder turned his back on I.T. and trained full time before starting a coaching business. Despite there being no sporting history in the family, Russ has been well supported and is looking forward to racing at home so they can see him race – the Outlaw will be perfect for that, 11,000 people lined the route in 2010!

What decided you to enter the Outlaw?

I heard nothing but good reports from last year's Outlaw. There seemed to be the excitement and atmosphere of a major long course race right from day one. The athlete's experience clearly came first.

A few athletes I coach are keen to give it another go, despite having entered another Ironman three weeks before it. That's a good sign.

Russell Cox in KonaHow does it fit into your overall plans for 2011?

Having spent a few years travelling and racing in different parts of the world I was very keen to do some more home events in 2011. Long distance is my specialism and I like a heavy race season. The timing of the Outlaw is challenging as I am racing Ironman Austria three weeks before. The race was too appealing though so I had to enter.

My focus for 2011 is on a few solid Ironman race performances. Last year I pushed hard, had some good results, but unfortunately also had some injuries. I'd like to avoid that this year, make steady progress and most importantly enjoy some good local races.

What are your aims for the day?

I'll have the same aims I have at every race: to hold the hardest pace I can from start to finish. It's early days to be predicting times. I'd like to recce the course a little first and get a feel for the bike particularly. If I can stay injury free though I'd be aiming to be under 9:30.

A new Ironman PB would be nice actually. Maybe 9:15? I'll have Austria in my legs still so we'll see.

Russell Cox representing GBHow is your preparation going?

It's been a slow start. I took a long break after racing in the Ironman World Champs last year. It was a hard season and I'd had injury issues. Also this is my first cold winter in a couple of years; I had forgotten what they were like!

I'm getting back on track now. I'm focussing on swimming and running at the moment, nothing too long, but regular sessions. As the weather is picking up I'm spending more hours on the bike too. I'll train a lot from now until race day and the focus will always be consistency. Just keep working at it and the results will follow. I blog about my training on

How many long distance triathlons have you done to date?

I've done thirteen Ironman distance races so far, a similar number of half-Ironmans and the odd ITU Long Distance Champs too. This year I'm looking at adding another four Ironmans to that total.

The best experiences all relate to Kona and the Ironman World Champs. Finishing there for the first time in 2009 and in under 10 hours was the highlight.

The worst experience was my first time at Ironman Lanzarote. It's a tough race, but having a saddle sore develop into an abscess in race week made it worse. I have never been so uncomfortable on the bike. In and out of the saddle all day my legs were trashed. I hobbled round the run in my slowest ever marathon. Amazing what you'll do for a T-Shirt and medal.

Have you raced in Nottingham before?

I've never raced in Nottingham. I'm really looking forward to it, the course and venue look fantastic.

Russell CoxDo you think the Outlaw might be really competitive this year?

Lots of people are looking to break ten hours. Half the Ironmen I coach as part of my Coach Cox business certainly have that goal in mind. There's definitely going to be a battle out the front and maybe some head-to-head racing. I just hope people remember the importance of pacing, it can make or break that goal!

I'll admit I looked at last year's results and thought that if I'm fit I could place well. It's not going to be easy, definitely a challenge, there are some good athletes signing up.

What are you most and least looking forward to on the day of the Outlaw?

I hate the swim start - the tension and nerves. Once I'm out there racing I get into the moment and just enjoy the day. Sure it's uncomfortable, but I chose to be there.

The bit I'm most looking forward to is the final kilometre of the run. At that point I'm sure that if worst came to the worst I'd crawl over the line! Actually I love the latter half of the run: you're tired, but there's that sense that the finish is in reach.

What would you say to anyone else considering entering the Outlaw?

Definitely give it a go. There are a lot of big events out there, but it's good to support the newer events and help them grow. More race choice is a good thing for all of us. It can be so hard to get into some events and for long course athletes it's hard to get a full season. The more races out there the better so keep supporting the new guys.

Tell us a bit about your coaching.

I have used my interest in this sport to start a coaching career. I'm very pleased with how things are going though it presents some new challenges. The work is very rewarding and I get to help a great group of athletes achieve their own goals.

For better or worse triathlon is my life! If I'm not training myself I'm helping others to train towards their goals. When I'm not doing either of them I'm usually writing about it for my web site:

If you fancy joining Russ on 24 July, entries are discounted until the end of March at £205. Relay entries are also available. Holme Pierrepont offers great camping facilities, and a great location for your family and friends to see you race! There are also discounted hotel and restaurant deals available through the event website,

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Good to hear from Russ, now, let's have Hywel Davies for March and Jameson for April ;-)
Re: Meet the Outlaws: Russell Cox
Posted by Editor
Posted at 10:14:38 13th Apr 2011
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Will see what we can do!