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Sat 2nd Jul 2022
Nutrition Advice articles library
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Sunday 10th January 2016

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Welcome to the Tri247 Nutrition Advice area of our Nutrition Section.

We've restructured the Nutrition Section, and particularly this Nutrition Advice sub-section, to make it easier for you to find specific articles to help with your understanding of nutrition, and provide improved racing and training through appropriate fuelling.

Here are some links to key articles which we think you will find very informative collated under the following subject areas:

Nutrition Basics

Not sure where to start with understanding nutrition basics? Well, we'd suggest all of these would be a great first point of call for basics guidance on pre, during and post activity nutrition in the three core sports of triathlon, along with specific tips for race day.

Dr Gary Palmer of Sportstest ( also produced the following series of articles which are great building blocks for your nutrition knowledge.



Ironman Nutrition

Ironman may well be one of the ultimate tests of nutrition, as much as physical application. Check out these articles for more on conquering the distance:

Improving Performance

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