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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #3 2010
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Saturday 18th September 2010

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his third update of the year from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring, please direct them to: [email protected].

The 3rd report on the UK League usually covers the month of July, but because for various reasons it has been delayed this year, it is presented here together with details (some provisional) to the end of August. Some of the info relating to August events is not quite complete and, where necessary, this will be added to later. If clubs or individuals know, for example, that they had a third finisher at an event, and that I have only located two, I would like them to provide me with the details. Various event organisers, especially those of ironman events, do not now include club names in their results, so some assistance from club secretaries in identifying complete teams at such events would be greatly appreciated.

However, to the recovered results. League competition for July began with Leeds & Bradford Tri scoring 522.020 points at the Cleveland Steelman, with Richard Howarth, Paul Freeman, and Chris Brooker leading a large squad home. L&B later added to this core with another first-class result at Ripon, where Rob Dunn, Richard Howarth, and Tim Ashelford scored 511.040 points to bring the club into third place in the League table. L&B ladies also recorded their first League score for the season at Ripon with 447.944 points.

Tri London increased their points total by replacing some lower, early-season scores. Steve Thompson, Amy Forshaw, and Olivia Hetreed scored 478.032 points at Athlone, where Bristol (BAD) Tri also recorded their first League score of the season, with Julian Hatcher, Katherine Broomhall, and Jon Greenwood earned 468.405 points. Tri London also scored 489.904 points at the Cowman, where they were the only League club in contention. But Bristol got some revenge for their defeat at Athlone by outpointing Tri London in the Hyde Park event, where TL scored 456.019 points but Bristol, with Matt Newman, Paul Horsfall, Neil Williams, scored 484.837. However, at this point, Tri London's total points for the season had increased to 1936.345, and they still led the League.

There were various Ironman events available in July, but League clubs in general chose not to travel to Switzerland, or to the two Ironman events and the World Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Germany. This may have been because of the economic situation in the UK, or perhaps because League clubs were holding their fire for the two ironman events to be held in the UK in August, or the Copenhagen Challenge to be held at the end of that month. One club, however, Swindon Tri, bucked this trend, an scored superbly at the Swiss Ironman, with Justin Robbins, Claire Smith, and Peter Gilbert scoring 604.706 points for the club's main team, and Claire Smith, Anna Buckingham, and Alison Hardie scoring 524.012 points for the ladies' team. These scores did not propel Swindon Tri into the top three places in the League, or into the lead in the ladies' competition, but they certainly gave an indication of Swindon Tri's potential for 2011. With only two events, Swindon Tri had moved into fourth place in the League table and, if they added another completed event by the end of the season, they might be able to move into the top three. If their ladies added another event, they might be able to overtake Tri London ladies. But as I said in my last report, things can change considerably over the summer months, and so it proved, with August, rather than July, as the month in in which the League Championship would be resolved.

Matters are affected, of course, by what clubs do not do as much as they are by what they do do! In July, Hartlepool Tri had two finishers at the Roth ironman, but I have failed to find a third. I am checking this with the club, but if there was no third, Hartlepool Tri's chances of finishing in the top three in the League will have been seriously diminished because the Club did not finish a team at any of the major events in August, and thus the excellent start to the season it made may have run into the sand.

One club however, that had a rather quiet July, had been biding its time, and if I were to say that the month of August belonged to one club I would have to say that it belonged to champions Derby Tri, who delivered a positively royal, three-pronged attack and moved majestically to the head of the League table! Excuse my rhadsodics, but Derby is not the largest of League clubs, but they certainly knows their business. Their August started with Mark Couldwell, James Cresswell, and novice Simon Rolfs scoring 497.778 points at Blithfield, one of their 'home' events. L&B had two League-registered finishers there, and so did Bristol Tri, but I have not located a third finisher for either club. Then, Derby also finished a team at the 'Outlaw' ironman where Thomas Peoples, Chris Nicoll, and Mark Beighton scored 555.308 points. Naomi Warr of Derby, also provided excellent back-up by finishing in 11 hours 17 mins and 18 seconds to score 172.466 points. One other point of League interest where the 'Outlaw' is concerned is that former top League team Coventry Tri also finished a team and scored 475.725 points, with Martyn Brunt leading their charge, supported by Graham (Joe) Reynolds and Keith Burdett in their journey along memory lane. Long may it continue, you're not dead until you're dead is what I say.

The best individual result at the 'Outlaw' was that of Tom Williams of L&B. Tom finished in 9 hrs 24 mins and 29 secs, but it seems there were no other L&B finishers. If this is not the case, would the Club please inform me. But back to Derby Tri. I mentioned a three-pronged attack, and it concluded with the Club's performance at the Copenhagen Challenge, where James Cresswell, Stu Cordner, and Stu Emerton scored 576.874 points, which enabled the Club to overtake Tri London at the head of affairs. In August, Tri London scored 484.723 points at the National Triathlon Championships at Bedford, but this did not enable them to hold off Derby's spectacular charge. L&B had two finishers at Bedford so did not improve on their third position in the League. At the end of the month, therefore the League table reads as follows, although, as I have stressed, there may be some corrections that have to be made pending information received from the clubs. This particularly applies to Ironman UK, on which I am still working, and will report on later.

1 Derby Tri
2 Tri London
3 Leeds & Bradford Tri
4 Swindon Tri
5 Hartlepool Tri
6 Tri London Ladies
7 Swindon Ladies
8 Coventry Tri
9 Cambridge University Tri
10 L & B Ladies
11 Black Country Tri

In addition to possible tidying up of August results, there are still September and October results to be scored. The September list includes Edinburgh, the Vitruvian, Zofingen, Budapest, and the Derby and Bala triathlons. There could still be further changes at the top. Will the August scores, or the lack of them, have settled things for 2010? Watch this space. My next report will also include more info on the top individuals.

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